How to Hang Curtain on Aluminum Door

Most homeowners want to make their houses as beautiful as possible. If you have an aluminum door, then you can easily add a touch of beauty and elegance without much work by hanging curtains on it! This article will share how to hang curtain on aluminum doors so that your home looks fantastic.

How to Hang Curtain on Aluminum Door

Curtain rods are the most common ways to hang curtains, but it is not your only option. Curtains can also be hung by using Velcro or even attractive nautical clips on a rope! You’ll find that some of these methods are an excellent choice than others for aluminum doors.

If you want to hang your curtains with a rod, you will need to find one suitable for your door. Stainless steel rods are the best option as they do not rust and match aluminum doors perfectly. If you don’t have a stainless steel curtain rod, you should paint the rod with aluminum paint.

Step to Follow on How to Hang Curtain on Aluminum Door

Step One: Determine

First, decide whether you want your curtain to cover the entire window or be a valence only. If you only want it as a valance, make sure you return any extra rod length purchased for the installation. If you want the decorative curtain to hang from ceiling to floor, here is a tip for adding enough fabric.

If the door is shut tight or there’s no space to wedge your fingers in, you’ll need to try another method. There are ways to open a door without damaging it or using too much force. Don’t worry if you use too little graphite, you can always erase it if it’s too thick.

To determine how long your curtain tension rods should be, measure the distance between the ceiling and where you want the rod to be installed along with your window frame, then add at least two feet in length for each of the four rods. For extra guidance, ask an employee at your local hardware store for advice on determining what length pieces you will need so that they are not too short.

Step Two: Mark

That there is enough room to walk on the other side of it. Mark where you will hang your curtain rod with masking tape, pencil, or chalk. Hold up your rod at the spot you have marked and ensure that it doesn’t block any part of the window you want to see once installed.

Installing Screws Hang Curtain

Also, mark where the screws will need to go into the walls if your curtain rod is screwed. Keep in mind that you will need at least one screw on each side of the rod for installation, and installing screws directly into drywall can be quite a bit more work than it is worth, so involve your husband or father if you have one handy before drilling any pilot hole.

If you are hanging your curtain rod with brackets on your window trim, measure the distance between the two windows on either side of the one you want to hang your curtains on so that you can buy or build a bracket at least this tall to cover the gap in between.

Step Three: Drill

Finish your curtain rod installation by drilling pilot or guide holes for the screws where you marked them. If you are using anchors, make sure that they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the curtains and valance combined. We recommend self-drilling glass anchors for this purpose.

If you have a metal door with no trim, mark out the area you want the curtains to cover across your door. With this method, all you have to do is measure the actual width of the door and then cut a piece of fabric that size. You don’t need any curtain brackets or drilling screws until you are ready to attach the rod directly to the ceiling.

Metal Door

Then, measure the distance of the rod from the top at which you will be hanging it and add three inches wide to that number. Be sure to add an extra inch for each round section of your curtain rod or pole that will be included in your measurements.

Step Four: Hang

Hang your curtain rod using the hardware you have chosen, making sure it is high enough to provide the amount of privacy you want but not so high that it looks out of place. For example, if you are using an aluminum door as a window or need to hang curtains on windows, try hanging them with curtain clips instead of drilling screw holes into the drywall window frame.

This will help keep your installation secure and easy. Once the curtain rod is in place, use a screwdriver to attach the curtain clips to your sheer curtain. If you’re using a metal door as a window, make sure the screws don’t touch the door itself, or they could rust when moisture from humidity gets on them.

When installing your curtain rod kit at home, make sure that all of the curtain rod brackets or screws you will be using are sturdy enough to support the amount of weight you wish to hang from it. These steps should help you in learning how to hang curtains on aluminum doors.

Installing Curtain Rod

Step Five: Maintain

To keep your curtains from falling, try using a heavy curtain rod kit or double curtain rod kit. If you have been using an aluminum door as a window, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight, or the interior of the door will get hot and could cause damage to your curtain material.

If you hang your magnetic curtain rods against a wall, make sure that you allow plenty of space for walking and that the wall is not damaged or weak enough to break under any weight. Also, be sure that the screws into the wall are secure and do not interfere with walking past your door either, as this could lead to tripping and injuries.

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The key to hanging favorite curtains on an aluminum door is using a clothesline. You can use the tension of your curtain rod or even two rods, one for each side of the door if it’s extensive. If you have narrow doors, you could try attaching velcro strips at either end and hang them from hooks that are screwed into the wall behind the door panels.

Finally, make sure that your curtain clips are strong enough to hold up against any windy weather by attaching them to something sturdy like a brick planter box outside or by screwing them directly onto studs in drywall inside. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to hang curtain on aluminum door.

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