How to Hang Gutters With Roof Straps

Hanging gutters is a lot like hanging curtains. You can use roof straps to secure them to the rafters or hang them by the gutter hangers already installed on your house. The first option will require an extra set of hands, but it will eliminate any sagging between fasteners and help ensure water drains properly away from your home.

How to Hang Gutters With Roof Straps

Gutter hangers come with two brackets per strap, so installing these shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The benefits of using strapping include not having to worry about nails, screws, or other hardware coming loose over time and saving money since you don’t have to buy additional materials for installation! In this article, we’ll explore how to hang gutters with roof straps.

Step by Step Guide on How to Hang Gutters With Roof Straps

Step One: Hang the Gutter

Pre-fit all your components before tightening anything down. Align the first section of the gutter on the side of your house where it will be installed, making sure there is a straight run from one end to the other. Have an assistant hold the gutter in place while you drive a pair of roofing nails into the fascia board through the pre-punched holes in the gutter.

Pre-fit All Your Components

Use your level to make sure that they are plumb; leave about 1/4″ sticking out of the fascia board once you have done one side, move on to the opposite side and do what you did on the other side. After pre-fit and install both of your first two gutter sections, move on to the end caps.

Drive another nail through each pre-punched hole in each end cap as well as the actual gutters, again using your level as a guide for plumpness. Repeat this process until all gutter sections are installed on both sides of your house.

Step Two: Brace the Gutters

The next step is to brace the gutters; this will keep them from moving if a strong wind should come through your town or city. To do this, you need roofing straps and screws; I suggest using stainless steel due to their rust resistance. Slide the straps down over the gutters and attach them to the roof with screws.

All you need is one screw per strap, but I suggest using two just to be on the safe side. The screws you use should be long enough to go through the roofing strap, gutter, and a little bit of shingle on the underneath side. The braces will help prevent future sagging, which is why you are recommended to install them.

They will also help prevent potential breakage or leaks due to movement in strong winds or during a storm. The braces also give a nice finished look to your gutters, so you can paint over the screw heads and have them blend in with the rest of the gutter.

Step Three: Hang the Downspout

Now it’s on to hang the downspouts. The first step is to attach one end of a downspout section to a gutter using screws and roofing nails, just like you did with the roof straps. If your downspout has a clean-out at its base, then cut that piece off so that the downspout is only one piece. If you have a 90° elbow on your downspout, then go ahead and slide the elbow on now (if it’s not already on).

Cut or bend your connectors to fit between the first gutter section and the end of the downspout. I used mitered ends so that the cut was hidden. Ensure that all joints are tight, and then run a bead of caulk along all seams; this will protect your gutters from any water leaks. Once dry, you can prime and paint your connectors to match the rest of the gutter.

If you previously installed hangers, then go ahead and slide both hangers over the downspout. Next, slide an elbow over each hanger. The last step is to attach l brackets to each flange on the elbows; I used one bracket for each elbow. Once that is done, slide your downspout sections into the hangers until they touch the bottom of the gutter, tighten everything down, and you’re finished, well, almost.

Step Four: Trim it Up.

Now you can go ahead and trim your downspout sections to the right height for your yard. I left mine long so I could slide debris screens in my elbows if they become clogged, but these are sold separately at most home improvement stores.

After everything is cut to size and trimmed up, attach a splash block to the end of each downspout section; this slides on and prevents rainwater from overflowing into your yard. Once everything is installed and looking good, you can paint all new or refurbished screws, bolts, and metal pieces with a rust inhibitor like Sem-Chrome.

This article has been brought to you by, suppliers of high-quality roofing materials. If you want to find out more about how to hang gutters with roof straps, keep reading.

How Do You Hang Gutters Without a Fascia Board?

Hanging gutter straps with roof straps is the perfect solution. Roof straps are built to last for many years and can securely hold your gutters in place. This type of installation also helps prevent water damage, often caused by fascia boards that are not installed correctly or are too narrow to support your rain gutters.

Hanging Gutter Straps With Roof Straps

Gutters should be fastened to fascia boards, which are typically located directly above the exterior walls of your home. When facia boards become too narrow, maintainers frequently try to circumvent the problem by clamping gutter hangers that attach to shingles or shingle tabs. Unfortunately, this type of installation is not only unreliable but also fails to conform to industry standards.

Gutters should be supported by fastening them directly to the fascia boards themselves, not by shingles or shingle tabs. The gutters will stay in place for many years without causing any damage to your home’s exterior walls. In addition, hanging gutter straps with roof straps can prevent water damage and unsightly stains that can occur when faulty installations are permitted to remain in place.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is a Gutter Strap?

A gutter strap is a type of harness or belt that is used to secure the bottom of a kayak. They are made from lightweight, strong materials such as nylon webbing and polyester cord, or sometimes heavy-duty canvas.

It consists of two adjustable straps with one end fixed to the hull and the other wrapped around your waist. The length can be adjusted by sliding the straps up or down on either side of your hips. These are often sold in pairs for use on kayaks that have removable cockpits.

Can You Hang Gutters Without Fascia?

Gutters are usually attached to the house using fascia. This is a piece of wood that connects the two sides of the gutter together. If you have gutters on your home, it will be impossible for you to hang them without fascia because they are attached at both ends and this would make it impossible for them to stay in place.

Gutters Are Attached to the House Using Fascia

What Is the Distance Between Gutter Brackets?

The distance between the two gutter brackets is called the run, and it is measured from the inside edge of one bracket to the inside edge of the other.

What Screws to Use for Gutter Brackets?

A gutter bracket is a metal device that is used to attach gutters to the roof of a building. It should be installed at least 10 feet from the edge of the roof, and it needs to be fastened securely.

There are many types of screws available for installation, but here are some of them:

  1. L-head roofing screws – these have an L-shaped head which makes them very versatile in that they can be screwed into either wood or metal.
  2. Phillips head roofing screws – these have a square head with rounded corners, which make them suitable for use on shingles, plywood, and other soft materials such as fiberglass insulation.
  3. Torx Head Roofing Screws – these have an X-shaped head with sharp points at each end, making them ideal for working on metal surfaces without damaging the surface with burrs or sharp edges while screwing in the screwdriver bit.
Torx Head Roofing Screws


Hanging gutters is an important job. Gutters are responsible for preventing water from coming in contact with the structure of your home, and when you install new gutters, they should be hung correctly to ensure that they will do their job well.

If you want to hang your gutters without hiring a professional roofing company or getting on a ladder yourself, follow these steps carefully-with no mistakes made! Before starting this project, make sure there’s plenty of room around the house so you can work easily. The article has been a good guide on how to hang gutters with roof straps.

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