How to Hang Planters on Balcony Railing

Hanging planters on the balcony railing is an excellent way to create a green space in your apartment. All you need are some basic supplies and the will to get creative! Many different styles can be used, depending on what type of plants or flowers you want to grow. 

How to Hang Planters on Balcony Railing

For example, if you want something with more height, try attaching pots onto the railings by drilling hooks through the top of each pot or hanging them from chains, so they hang down vertically. If you want something more low-key, try putting containers on their sides, so they sit against the railing horizontally.

Or for somewhere in between, use two smaller pots at opposite ends of the railings and turn one upside down. In this article, we’ll explore how to hang planters on balcony railings.

Step to Follow on How to Hang Planters on Balcony Railing 

Step One: Determine the Weight Capacity

One of the most important things to consider before hanging a planter on your balcony railing is whether or not your railing can hold it. You’ll need to inspect and measure the railing where you want to hang your planters and determine the weight capacity for that specific area.

Determine the Weight Capacity

If you’re not sure exactly how much your railing can hold, err on the side of caution and choose a planter that’s slightly smaller than what you’d like. A good rule of thumb is to hang a planter that weighs one-fourth of the total weight capacity of the railing.

Step Two: Locate the Studs

This is where having a friend comes in handy. You’ll need someone to hold your planter while you aim and pre-drill holes for screws or nails into the studs of where you want to hang it. Because these lamps are designed to be hung off the front porch railing, they’re made with a hook on the front and back.

This way, you can use one hook to hang your planter and the other to attach it to the railing without having to drill through your balcony’s actual railing. If you’re working alone, use a stud finder to locate the two studs in your railing and mark them with a pencil, so you know where to drill your holes.

Step Three: Drill the Holes

After you’ve pre-drilled your holes to avoid splitting or cracking, attach one of the hooks to a stud and start hanging your planter. Then, while your friend holds up your planter in place on the other side, use a drill bit slightly smaller than what you used to pre-drill to drill holes through the other side of the planter and into the second stud.

Drill the Holes on Hang Planters

Drill all the way through so your screws or nails go on both sides, and then use them to attach the planter to the railing of your balcony. By using the pre-drilled holes and screws or nails, you can ensure your planter hangs securely.

Step Four: Decorate Your Planter

Once your planter is hanging securely from your balcony’s railing, you can get to work decorating it. You may find that a few coats of spray paint make it look new, or you may want to attach a plant and leave it as is simply.

Either way, enjoy your new planter and the ambiance it brings to your balcony and the rest of your outdoor space. Did you find this article to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim? You can learn more about our copyright policy here.

Step Five: Use It Often

Planters make the perfect addition to any corner of your home, but they can really come in handy on your balcony. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh flowers all year by growing them together in one planter as this DIYer did. If you’re not into having live plants on your balcony, hanging a planter is still a great way to add a pop of color or texture to your outdoor space.

In the fall, you can even tie pumpkins atop your planter and let them hang there as long as they’re able, and then take them inside when Halloween is over for a festive holiday decoration. The possibilities are endless, with a planter hanging from your balcony railing. This will help in how to hang planters on balcony railing.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Planter

Affordably priced and easy to hang, a new planter makes the perfect addition to any outdoor space. So whether you’re looking for a pop of color on your balcony or want to enjoy some fresh flowers all year long, hanging a planter is an easy way to do it without breaking the bank.

Enjoy Your Planter

These particular ones from Walmart are made from metal, so they’ll hold up through all kinds of weather. Plus, the simple design will blend in with your outdoor space without it looking too cluttered or distracting from any other decor you have going on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Railing Planters Safe?

Railing planters are safe if they are installed correctly. Before installing the railing, check to make sure that the structure is properly supported and doesn’t lean or tilt at all. Make sure that it is also stable before drilling into the wall.

Once you have ensured that everything is safe, it’s time to drill into the wall with a power drill. Use a screwdriver to hold down each of the screws as you insert them, so they don’t slip out while drilling.

How Do You Secure a Planter?

A planter is a container for planting plants. One way to secure a planter is by using the tie wrap method. Place the plant in the bottom of the planter and place one end of a long piece of twine on top of it. Wrap another piece around that, securing both ends tightly together with a knot or twist tie. Then use more twine pieces to securely secure each side to the body of the planter, ensuring that it won’t tip over.

Is It Hard to Hang Planters on Balcony Railing?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a beautiful garden on your balcony, the best way is to use planters.

You can hang planters from the railing of your balcony by using brackets and screws. You should also consider how high you want the planter. If you want it to be about waist height, then use hooks instead of brackets as they are easier to install.

How Much Does a Hang Planters on Balcony Railing Cost?

There are many factors that come into play when determining the cost of a Hang Planters on Balcony Railing. The Following Is a List of Some Important Ones :

  • Material : The most common material used for the construction of this type of railing is metal, which can be made from either aluminum or steel.
  • Design : This particular railing comes in various designs, including round, square, and oval shapes.
  • Size : Depending on your preference and budget, you may choose to have this railing installed on either an interior or exterior balcony area.


If you want to hang planters on your balcony railing, here are some things for you to consider before getting started. Before making any purchases, measure the width of the railing and be sure that it can hold at least one small or medium-sized pot without tipping over.

You also need to consider what type of plants will fill up the pots, so they don’t tip over too easily. Finally, make sure there is enough space between each pot, so they have room to breathe and grow!

And if all else fails, use our easy hanging system with no tools required. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to hang planters on balcony railing.

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