How to Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

You may be wondering how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling. Luckily, several ways to do this don’t require any drilling or hardware. In this article, we’ll outline different methods for you to try. So read on for inspiration, and get your plants up off the ground!

Hanging plants is a great way to create an indoor garden. Instead of letting your plants sit on the floor, elevate them to make for a cleaner look. And since they are promoted, you can use vertical space in exciting and innovative ways.

How to Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

A Detailed Guide on How to Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Method 1: Using An Adhesive Hook

This is one of the best methods to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. It saves your time and your money as there is no need for any equipment. This type is mainly suitable for small-sized potted plants. Here are some simple steps to follow:

First, take the adhesive hook and put it at a position on top of the hanging pot where you want it to be attached and press hard for about 20 seconds so that the adhesive settles and sticks firmly.

Now, place your plant pot there and let it stay there overnight so that the adhesive sets completely and gets dried up before removing the temporary tape holding up your plant pot. Finally, remove both tapes and see how easily your plant stays in its new place without making any holes in the ceiling.

Method 2: Using Clips to Hold Hanging Pots

This method is proper for hanging potted plants of larger sizes than those that can be turned using adhesive hooks.

Use a Clips to Hold Hanging Pots

It will not damage your ceiling as it uses something that easily holds up your hanging pots without damaging them and, at the same time, does not allow them to fall. You need a few small clips and some ropes or strings with you for this trick. Here’s how it’s done:

First, tie the string/rope tightly around your plant pot to hang straight downwards from its top. Now take another piece of rope and wrap it around the string supporting your pot several times to make a sturdy knot. Keep the remaining string hanging down.

You now need to attach this piece of unused string to your ceiling’s hook using another clip just below the section where you have wrapped your two ropes tightly around each other.

Now, move on to the part where you have attached the second rope to the clip holding up your plant pot by sliding it downwards slightly so that there is some distance between pots and clip for catching hold of it.

Rope Holding Up Plant

Slowly push down one side of the pot until it reaches its desired height, and then press it down firmly with your fingers so that both plants are clamped together at their stems, thus preventing them from falling off anytime soon.

Method 3: Using Wire Hooks

This method is suitable for hanging even large potted plants from the ceiling without holes. The best part about this method is that it uses the least amount of money as you’re not required to buy anything else except a few wire hooks and some ties to hold them together.

First, take a piece of string or rope that’s long enough to be wrapped around your plant pot a couple of times and tie a strong knot at both ends to make sure all loops are tight enough.

Now, slide one back through a wire hook and pull downwards until the knot comes in contact with another wire hook placed below by tying them tightly together after sliding each string through each other five or more times.

Finally, attach this wire hook to the point of your ceiling where you want your hanging pot to be placed. Take some tape and put it on top of the hooks to fix them in place once again.

Now, attach another wire hook above this one by sliding one part of the string through it so that your plant hangs downwards from its stem, which is now securely held by these two hooks.

Method 4: Using Suction Cup Hangers

Suction cup hangers are handy when hanging potted plants of small sizes on the ceiling without making any holes. First, you need to clean the surface around where you want your plant pot to be turned, apply some adhesive, and then attach the suction cup hanger by pressing it firmly against that area for about 20 seconds until the glue ends.

First, clean your desired area with a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol or any other strong cleaning agent to wipe off all dust particles from it before applying the paste. Now, place your suction cups close together but make sure there is enough distance between them to hold your pot correctly.

Next, place your potted plant on one of these suction cups and then carefully move the other cup onto it so that both cups contact each other. Finally, press down firmly on top of your hanging pot tightly to stick it in place securely.

Once you have fixed the second cup, pull out the first one by slowly sliding its bottom downwards until your plant starts hanging from its stem, held up safely between two strong suction cups.

Method 5: Use Floating Shelves

This method is suitable for hanging plants of all sizes on the ceiling without making any holes. You need to place floating shelves on your desired wall and then slide pots in between them using a thin piece of rope wrapped around the bottom portion of your plant pot several times or a thick heavy string that can bear the additional load.

First, you’ll have to measure the required height at which you want to place your shelf by sliding it under your pot so that it stays in its center with about 2-3 inches extra space from top to bottom where you have attached some strong rope or string tightly around it.

Now, attach this rope securely to one side of your floated shelf’s handle and pull upwards until it reaches its final height on the wall. Next, remove it downwards until your ceiling starts lifting with that end of the rope attached to your floating shelf.

Floated Shelf's for Home Plant

Finally, ensure that you have used sturdy shelves of proper height if your potted plant is significant, as high winds may topple over them otherwise. Measure all sides of your hanging pots to use floating shelves at suitable levels on each side of your pot to hold it properly in its place.

Method 7: Using S Hooks

S hooks or shepherd’s hooks are long metal loops that work on the same principle as wire grills and allow you to hang potted plants from ceilings without making any holes.

These S-shaped hanging plant holders consist of a top loop attached with a U-shaped bottom portion which can easily fit into each other to give you different sized variations for holding pots of all shapes and sizes at one place using only one set of fixtures placed in your ceiling. Here is how to use it:

First, measure the length of rope required by tightly wrapping it around the neck portion of your pot several times until its end meets that part where the stem starts coming out from the center. Now, wrap this left-st uncovered string around the bottom of your pot several times to give it a tight grip.

Next, attach this string tightly to the hanging wire grill’s open end with an S-hook attached to its tip. Hold one part of this hook in each hand and carefully twist the hooked ends until they get perfectly connected. Finally, hang this grille on any hook present in your ceiling tiles by sliding its U-shaped handle downwards until it secures itself under them perfectly.

Now, slide your potted plant inside this S-shaped hook by tilting it slightly upwards while lifting the bottom portion of its stem with both hands so that it slides easily through the top loop present at the upper side of this S-shaped hook. Once your plant is neatly placed inside it, give a gentle push downwards on its pot to stick it in its place securely.

Use Floating Shelves

Finally, lift this entire grille slowly by sliding down the U-shaped bottom portion of this S-shaped hook carefully until you see your hanging potted plant balancing itself safely with a firm grip right above your head.

Ensure that no part of your greenery protrudes out from the edge of the grille’s top loop, as they may break once the weight is applied. These methods will help in how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling.

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These are some easy, ingenious ways to use all those new spots in your house to keep potted plants without drilling any holes or breaking walls. There are many places where we have different structures or elevations blocking the use of an otherwise good site.

In such cases, the only option is to get out there and find innovative ways through which you can make use of all those vacant spots lying around without breaking walls or making holes. We hope you have learned how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling.

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