How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

One of the most popular questions in my inbox is how to hide a cat in an apartment. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but I have found that getting creative with your furniture is one of the best options. 

How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

If you have pieces that can be moved around easily, use them! Place a cat tree near a window where they can watch birds or squirrels outside. Put beds behind couches and bookcases, so it looks like there’s nothing back there. If you don’t want any furniture, try putting some plants on top of boxes for hiding spots! The possibilities are endless when trying to make your space more welcoming for cats without sacrificing their safety and security.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Three white storage cubes
  • Two small planter boxes (I used 16 “x8”)
  • 2-4 fake plants (depending on the size of your planter boxes)
  • One Styrofoam ball or sheet (optional)
  • I used a 1-inch Styrofoam ball for this project, but you can use an actual plant instead if you prefer.

Reasons to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

  • Cats are natural hunters who often attack or injure “prey” that have gotten too close to them. Unfortunately, this instinct can be dangerous, as the cat’s behavior can lead to injury to people and pets in your household.Cats Are Natural Hunters
  • Cats need their own space to explore/relax/take a break repeatedly throughout the day. They cannot do this if they are locked away in a bedroom or other room.
  • Cats naturally need to climb objects and be on elevated surfaces to feel safe. They also like to survey their surroundings from above, which is why cat trees exist.
  • Cats are very social animals that need interaction with their human family members. So you should never lock your cat up somewhere where nobody ever goes.
  • When left alone, cats tend to become destructive and aggressive. This is often caused by anxiety related to boredom or loneliness.

8 Ways on How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

Step 1: Assemble the Cubes.

Take the three white storage cubes and assemble them to form a rectangular shape. You can use any brand, but I recommend a brand with a firm base, so it does not collapse on itself. Secure each corner so they are all tightly attached by pushing down firmly on each side. If your cubes have pre-attached plastic stickers, remove the sticker completely before attaching each corner.

Step 2: Add Planter Boxes to the Top of the Cubes

Next, take your two planter boxes and place them on top of one storage cube, so they are stable. Before securing each corner with screws, I recommend using wood glue to create a thicker band, so it’s more stable and less likely to tip over.

Step 3: Add Styrofoam Ball or Sheet for a More Realistic Look

Take some hot glue and attach the styrofoam to the top of one of your storage cubes. It does not need to be covered completely; make sure it is secure and that no white pieces of foam can be seen on top (shown above).

Hot Glue Gan

Step 4: Add Fake Plants to the Top of Your Cubes

Take your styrofoam ball or sheet and shape it into a more realistic-looking plant, so it blends in with all the other greenery on top of your cube. Use hot-glue to hold it securely on one side, then take some wire (I used floral wire) and tie it around the styrofoam to attach it on the other side. Once both sides are secure, you can bend them together to make them look like they are coming out of the planter box.

Step 5: Add Your Cat Tree Near a Window or Against a Wall for Easy Access

For this step, I took my two fake plants and stapled them to the dowel of my tree. If you have a tree without pre-made holes, you can instead attach your plants with wire or string. When it comes to cat trees, the possibilities are endless for this step! You can also add fake greenery to hide any wires that may be visible.

Step 6: Place a Cat Bed Behind a Couch or Bookcase

Take your second storage cube and put a cat bed inside. You can also use a pet bed from IKEA that is the right size for the cubes if you prefer. To make this look more realistic, try to place it in between other furniture where there’s already a gap that you can fit the cubes inside. *If you don’t have any furniture that provides gaps, try placing it up against a wall or in another corner of your apartment where there is already something to it blend in with.

Putting a Cat Bed Inside

Step 7: Place an Opening Side to the Front

Take one of your cubes and ensure that it is facing inwards with the open end at the front. You can attach or detach the two side panels with hinges if you want to be able to access your cat whenever you please, but for this tutorial, I did not attach/detach my panels because I do not plan on accessing my cat often.

Step 8: Add a Door on the Open Side of Your Cube

Take your last storage cube and attach it on one side of your first cube with hinges (or secure it tightly with some glue/tape). You can make this as big or small as you like; I am showing you what I think is a more realistic size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy to Hide a Cat From Landlord?

Yes, it is easy to hide a cat from the landlord. There are many methods of hiding a cat from the landlord.

The first thing that comes into mind is buying an overpriced pet carrier and having your cat stay in there for weeks or months until you find a new place to live. Another option would be going on vacation with your pet, where you will have more privacy than if you had left them at home while they were alone in their apartment.

If all else fails, make sure that your cats do not make any noise while they are trying to escape, as this will alert the landlord to the fact that something is up.

Does Maintenance Report Pets in Apartments?

Yes, Maintenance Report Pets in Apartments is a service that helps people to find the best apartments for their pets.

What Happens if You Sneak a Cat Into an Apartment?

If You Sneak a Cat Into an Apartment, You Can Expect the Following :

  • Your neighbor will complain to your landlord about a “stray” cat in the building.
  • The landlord will most likely have the cat removed by animal control and will bill you for any damages it causes to your property during its stay.
  • You may also be charged with pet abandonment if they find out that you left the cat behind while moving and did not notify them of this beforehand.

Will My Apartment Know if I Have a Cat?

No, your apartment will not know if you have a cat. A cat is a domesticated animal that belongs to the family Felidae. As such, they are often kept as pets or as working animals for their hunting skills and ability to survive on little food.

It is not always easy to tell if someone has a cat because cats have different types of coats which can range from being completely white, black, grey, brown, red or tabby.

Why Do Apartments Not Allow Cats?

The main reason is that it can be a nuisance to the neighbors and other residents. Cats are known to shed hair, which can create unwanted messes.

Apartments may also not allow cats because they require more care than dogs, such as grooming and feeding. The animals can also be expensive to keep, especially if you have several cats in one home.

There are many reasons why apartments don’t allow cats, but the most common ones are listed above.


Cats are wonderful animals. They can provide companionship, be funny and entertaining to watch, make you feel better when you’re feeling down or stressed out, and give your house a cozy vibe that many people love. However, there is one major downside of having cats in an apartment – they have the potential to drive other tenants crazy with their loud meowing during the day!

If this sounds like something that might happen in your building too often if you get a cat (or even think about getting one), read on for some tips on how to hide them, so no one knows they exist until it’s time for playtime. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to hide a cat in an apartment! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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