How to Hide a Key Outside an Apartment

Living in an apartment complex is a great way to cut down on living expenses, but it also limits your sense of privacy. Many people take advantage of hiding a spare key outside their home for emergencies or convenience. This blog will help you to know how to hide a key outside an apartment. While this can be very convenient, there are some safety concerns you should keep in mind when deciding to hide a key outside an apartment.

How to Hide a Key Outside an Apartment

If you have several options available, such as keeping one at work and another with friends who live near your home, then this may not be necessary. However, if you’re certain that these aren’t viable options for whatever reason, read on to find out how to properly hide keys around your apartment without putting yourself or others at risk. 

Reasons to Hide a Key Outside an Apartment

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hide a key outside of your apartment. Here are some common situations in which people decide to keep keys outside their apartment:

Emergency Key.

If you typically keep your extra key in an inside hiding spot, but there’s really no safe way to get to it when the lock breaks (or you forget to grab the hidden key before leaving home).

Keeping  Extra Key in an Inside Hiding Spot

Other People Have Your Key.

If you’ve ever had a friend or family member borrow your apartment key (without asking), then you know how inconvenient it can be for everyone involved when they lose it, break it, etc. This is an especially big problem if their own locks are finicky and they can’t get back into their own home as a result.

Dog-Related Key Issues.

If you have a pet that requires medication or special food at specific times, then it’s unfortunately common to have problems with them chewing through things – including keys – if they’re left outside the apartment too long. If this is an issue you’ve faced before, then hiding a key outside your apartment may be an easy way to avoid the risk of having to replace more keys for this reason.

Ten ways on How to Hide a Key Outside an Apartment

1. Prepare the Key:

If you keep a key under your doormat, try to find an inconspicuous place for it before doing anything else. Make sure that anyone who has seen where you hid it can’t readily access it (or the key to your apartment). If you’ve chosen a good option and can now move on, take a little time to make sure that the key is preparation. This means making sure it’s clean and dry, as well as removing any rust or wear & tear that could cause problems later.

Keeping a Key Under Doormat

2. Find an Appropriate Spot:

You may be tempted to hide a key under the doormat of your apartment, but this is a bad hiding place. The reason for this is that you can bet that at some point in time, someone will either step on it or sweep it up with the rest of their dirt on the way inside. This means that what may have started as a good hiding spot is now compromised, leaving your key somewhere else.

3. Use Your Gut:

Think about what you know about your apartment complex, and then try to figure out where the most inconspicuous place would be to hide a key outside your apartment. Look for places that won’t easily be noticed, even if the person you’re hiding it from knows that it’s there. This will help to ensure that your key remains hidden for as long as possible.

4. Create a Fake Rock or Plant:

You can create your fake rock or plant by taking an object (like a pine cone) and spray painting it to look like either. Then, once it’s dry, you can gently place a small key on top of the painted surface and then sprinkle a little bit of dirt over the top. Voila – a fake rock! Just be sure that if you’re going to use this method, be careful not to crush the “plant” whenever you walk by it, or someone else could easily see the key.

Creating the Fake Rock

5. Use a Water Bottle:

Take an empty water bottle and clean out all of the contents from inside it. Then, flatten the bottom so that you have a smooth surface that’s easy to slide your key across without catching or getting stuck on anything when you move it. This is a great way to hide a key outside your apartment that’s easy to access but unlikely to be seen.

6. Hide the Key Inside Your Mailbox:

If you’re not using your mailbox for incoming packages or letters, then there’s no need to keep it locked and empty. So instead of leaving it open (and risking tampering with anyone who can get their hands on it), you can keep your key in there. It’s safe, secure (unlike under the mat), and easy to access when you need to get back into your apartment later on.

7. Use a Fake Tissue Box:

Tissues are an unexpected place to find a hidden key – unless, of course, you’re hiding it inside a tissue box. Take a tissue and flatten it out, then slide your key into the crease to make sure that it’s not going anywhere. Then, tape up the edges to keep them from coming apart and spilling out of the box.

8. Use a Book:

Books are a classic hiding place for a spare key because they’re not easily accessible or seen when you put them away. You can even keep your key inside the book if it’s something like a diary (which won’t be getting opened by anyone anytime soon). For this method, you’ll need to ensure that the key is secure and then close the book with it inside.

9. Use an Empty Bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner:

If you have empty bottles of shampoo or conditioner lying around, then it’s easy to use one of them to store your spare key outside your apartment. Place the key inside and then screw the lid on, just like you normally would when using it in the shower. If you’re scared that someone may be interested in the bottles you have sitting out, then you can always place them in a plastic bag or paper towels to help protect them.

10. Use a Small Peanut Butter Jar:

Peanut butter jars are another option that makes it easy to hide a spare key outside your apartment without compromising the space (or looking like it’s purposely hidden). Put the key inside and screw on the lid, and then place it in one of your cupboards. Keep in mind that if you aren’t using the jar for food, be sure to label it so that no one else will open it by mistake.

Use a Small Peanut Butter Jar

Tips and Warnings For How to Hide a Key Outside an Apartment


  • If you would like to make it look like your key is hidden outside of your apartment and not inside (in case someone breaks in and looks around), then take the same steps as mentioned above, but place the key underneath a piece of furniture.
  • If you’re using an empty bottle for this method, be sure that there’s no way for the key to fall out or get stuck inside.
  • If you’re having trouble sliding your key through the bottle’s opening, consider using a skewer stick to help it move faster and safer.


  • If you’re using a fake plant to hide your key, be sure that it isn’t going to get crushed.
  • If you’re putting your key inside of a book, make sure that no one will read the book and find the key.
  • Bottles should not be reused for food or other purposes after being used as a key holder.
  • Make sure that the key is secure before you close up your fake tissue box, book, or bottle. Otherwise, it might fall out or get lost.
  • If you cannot find a jar to use for hiding your key, be sure that you label the jar so that no one else uses it by accident.

Ensure that the container you’re using is sturdy and will not take any damage from being outside.

  • Remember to remove your key from the hiding place when you need it – otherwise, it might be a bit challenging to get to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Hide a Key Outside?

You might be wondering if it is safe to hide a key outside. In general, there are no serious risks associated with hiding a key outside. There is also no danger of having your house broken into or your property stolen. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the person who has found the key may not leave it alone and instead try to break into your home or steal something from you while you’re away.

Are Key Safes a Good Idea?

If you are looking for a safe, then key safes are a good idea. They are easy to use and highly secure.

Key Safes Come in Two Different Types : the traditional padlock-style lock used on most home key safes and the digital code-based lock used in offices or businesses with many employees who need access to the same codes.

The disadvantages of using a key safe are that they take up more space than digital locks because there is no wireless device. Additionally, some people may not feel comfortable storing their keys in an unsecured area because they fear someone could steal them from the house or office if left unattended.

Can Key Lock Boxes Be Broken Into?

It is true that key lockboxes can be broken into. However, different types of locks can prevent this from happening.

Some of the Types of Locks Include :

1. Push Button Lock Boxes : These are usually the most secure type of lockbox as they are harder to break into than traditional keys. They also require a digital code for opening the lockbox and can only be opened by using a specific code to avoid unauthorized access.

2. Biometric Lock Boxes : This type uses facial recognition technology or fingerprint scanning to unlock the lockbox, which makes it much more difficult for thieves to break into without being detected by the owner’s family members or employees.


If you’re looking for more of a do-it-yourself solution, the easiest way to hide a key outside an apartment is by using something that’s already in your house. You can store them on or underneath an appliance like the refrigerator, stove, or TV stand. They’ll be out of sight, and no one will know they are there but you! Your local hardware store should have key boxes if you want to get creative with hiding your keys outside.

For anyone looking for an easy answer on where to hide your spare key outside your apartment, then consider doing something like placing it inside of a fake plant or tissue box. These are both classic hiding places that won’t be accidentally found by someone looking around in your home. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to hide a key outside an apartment! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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