How to Hide Neighbors Ugly Fence

Fences are a great way to add privacy and security to your home. However, in some neighborhoods, people may not want their neighbors’ fences to be the first thing they see when they look outside because it can ruin their property value or make them feel uncomfortable.

Neighbors Ugly Fence

There are several ways you can hide an ugly fence if you have one on your property. Still, before doing anything, you must check with local authorities about any laws regarding building structures next to public roads or sidewalks.

Fences are also helpful for making additions to your house so if there is space behind yours, consider adding another room! This article will teach you how to hide neighbors ugly fences with a few simple methods. 

8 Steps to Follow on How to Hide Neighbors Ugly Fence

Step One: Determine

First, you must determine the depth of your fence. A minimum of 3 feet deep is recommended to keep dogs contained, but this may vary with breed and your local laws. If your walls are close to a property line, ensure that you get both owners’ consent before proceeding because it could be considered an illegal extension.


If you do not own the neighbor’s side of the property, you must approach your neighbor and ask permission to bury a specific section for kennels. This is often much easier than it sounds because most people understand why you need to do this and will be glad to help if they can.

Then, if you have reached an agreement about the fence on your property, notify all residents of the neighborhood. Be sure to state on what side of the property this section will be located and why it is buried. This is an excellent opportunity to get your neighbors involved in your project.

Step Two: Dig

When you are ready to start digging, dig the hole deep enough so that your fence is entirely underground. Make sure there is enough room for both fences. If you are working with concrete posts instead of wooden posts, make sure to take this into account when digging your hole.

Dig Hole

For additional strength, place some support structure beneath the ground before placing the fence in. Continue to add support for twenty-four hours after putting up your fence, just in case it settles into its new position unevenly. After putting up the fence, fill in any space around each post with dirt and gravel.

This will fill in gaps that may have been left when you installed the fence and will prevent your dog from trying to escape. If you have a wooden fence, it is essential to drill holes in each piece of wood before installing so that water can pass through without rotting the posts.

Step Three: Mark the Property Line

The next step in burying your neighbor’s ugly fence is to mark the property line. This will minimize confusion if there are any disputes about where your neighbor’s real fence begins and ends. Next, use chalk to mark the inside and outside of the buried fence and each end post for visual confirmation.

When you do this, be sure to place one mark on each side of the fence that is buried. For example, if there are four posts, put chalk on three of them and an extra piece on your neighbor’s side. Then walk back across your property line parallel to where the post will be placed.

If it hits close to where you just laid the chalk, you know it is not too far off and will likely be exactly where you expect it. If this happens, dig a hole to the exact depth you want each end post to be and then put a stake into the ground. This will help in how to hide neighbors ugly fences.

Step Four: Install the Fence

To install the fence, be sure to have a partner help you lift it into place if it is heavy or very tall. After that, anchor each post firmly in the ground by digging a hole just large enough for the base of your post and filling it with gravel or dirt. Then, install the post into that hole. Use stones, gravel, or cement to hold it in place.

Install the Fence

To secure it, even more, you can place some boards on either side of the fence and tie your stakes together with string. This is an excellent safety feature, especially if others will be working around this area often. It also makes it much less likely that the fence will shift out of place.

After putting up your neighbor’s ugly fence, feel free to start planting flowers or something similar in the area where the original wooden fence was located. You can also use this space for a garden or small pet run if you prefer. If you do not want to plant anything at all, your neighbor will be grateful for the extra bit of yard space and will likely never even notice that his fence is gone.

Step Five: Put Your Fence up

Now that you have buried your neighbor’s fence, it is time to put up the fence of your choosing. Most people choose a wooden picket fence because it adds a classic touch to any property. If this is what you are planning on doing, cut even boards down to four-foot sections so they will fit inside of your fence.

If you are installing a wooden picket fence, make sure to drill holes in the bottom of the wood planks before putting them into place. As with any project with many steps and you do not want to forget anything, refer to an installation diagram as often as possible while putting up your fence.

This will ensure that you do not miss a step and end up with a crooked fence that does not match the posts. To secure it firmly on both sides, you can lay some boards across the top of your fence planks and tie them together at each end post. These steps should help you in learning how to hide neighbors ugly fences.

Step Six: Final Touches

It is now time to put the finishing touches on your project. This includes adding any nails or other fasteners that you would like to use, sweeping up all of the sawdust, and cleaning out the wood shavings from around the finished fence line.

When this step is done, walk along the side of the buried fence to see if you can see any signs of it being there, or at least find some remnants of the chalk lines. If everything looks good, you are finished with your project. Next, remove any extra materials from your yard and take out all nails using pointy pliers so kids will not step on them.

Then use a hammer to tap down any raised nails and to pound in any loose boards. If you installed a picket fence, use a nail gun to secure these boards to the posts. If your neighbor is nice enough to install the same type of wood fence as you, at least one side will match his house.

Step Seven: Maintain the Fence

Use a soft brush to clean away any loose dirt or another residue to maintain your new fence. This will keep your fence in good shape and make it easier for you to remove future stains before they become permanent. To keep out trespassers after dark, be sure to install outdoor lights that are bright enough for this purpose.

If you have a picket fence, you can install a lamppost at one corner and perhaps in the center of the fence line. This will add to the ambiance of your yard and keep it attractive well into twilight when there is no longer any natural lighting present. With this project, you should be able to keep your neighbors’ ugly fence out of your yard permanently.

Install a Lamppost

You will have a nice new fence that is much more appropriate for your property, and you only have to do a little extra work, in the beginning, to make it happen. All of this information will help you learn how to hide neighbors ugly fences.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your New Fence

You now have a fence that is much nicer than the one your neighbor had. This means that you can enjoy more natural light and fresh air on your property for many years to come. The simple steps in hiding an ugly fence will help you create a space on your property where there was previously none.

Since it does not take a lot of time or energy, you should consider using this method for many things, such as hiding unattractive outdoor lighting or an eyesore that your neighbor installed. In addition, it can be used on fences made from different materials, and it will work best with wooden fences that have a picket design.


Fences are a common feature in many neighborhoods, but they can also be an eyesore. If you find yourself living next door to someone with a hideous fence, there’s no need to put up with it for the rest of your life! There are plenty of ways you can camouflage or hide that unsightly boundary between homes.

We’ve compiled some tips to help get started on finding yours below. It might seem like too much work at first glance, but the tricks are easy to apply and can be completed by even a novice do-it-yourselfer. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to hide neighbors ugly fences.

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