How to Install Brick Skirting on Mobile Home

One of the best ways to give your mobile home a more permanent and up-to-date look is by installing brick skirting. Brick Skirting is one of the most popular additions because it can be used as an exterior and interior design detail that will make your house feel like a real home.

how to install brick skirting on mobile home

The blog post will walk you through how to install brick skirting on mobile home, step by step. First, measure for the height and width of the area where you want to install brick skirting using a tape measure or other measuring device; a chalk line may also work.

This measurement should include any existing elements such as windows, doors, vents, etc., which could interfere with installation. Next, find out how far below ground level the bottom of the brick skirting will be.

Materials You Needed

  1. Mortar mix
  2. Bricks
  3. A shovel
  4. A ruler or tape measure
  5. A brick wet saw
  6. Safety Goggles and gloves, for obvious reasons.  

Step by Step Guide How to Install Brick Skirting on Mobile Home

Step One: Preparing the Foundation

Before you install a brick skirt on a mobile home, you need to set up the foundation. First, you will need to dig a perimeter trench around the mobile home base that is about three feet wide and three inches deep. Then lay down crushed stone in the trench you set up around the base of your mobile home.

You Need to Set Up the Foundation

Step Two: Setting Up the Wood Bracing

You will need to use four-by-four beams and set them up around the bottom of your mobile home. You will need to put a beam underneath every other joist and can use extra beams to reinforce certain joists that seem weak. Drill five quarter-inch holes through each beam, spacing them evenly apart, and pound rebar rods through each hole and into the crushed stone.

Step Three: Setting Up the Concrete Piers

You need to put some wood bracing down first, and then use concrete pier blocks that are four inches high. You’ll need to fill each block with about 600 pounds of concrete. Once you have the blocks in place, make sure they are spaced evenly apart around the foundation of your mobile home, and leave a few inches in between each pier block.

Step Four: Laying Rebar

After you have set up your concrete piers, you will need to fill the spaces between them with a one-inch layer of gravel mixed into four inches of sand. Next, take five-foot lengths of two-inch by five-inch rebar and lay down three rebar lines in a zigzag pattern.

Step Five: Laying the Concrete

After you have finished laying down your five-foot lengths of two-inch by five-inch rebar, then take four inches of gravel and mix it with six inches of sand. Put down this mixture between each pier block around the base of your mobile home. After that, take four inches by an eight-foot sheet of plywood and lay it across the foundation of your mobile home. Then take a shovel to pack down the gravel between each pier block. Let this layer dry overnight before moving on to the next step.

Step Six: Forming the Skirt

Once you have let the foundation dry overnight, then take the six-inch by four-foot mold you just built around your mobile home and set it up on top of the foundation. First, measure two inches outside each beam and draw a line to mark where the bricks will go. Then cut pieces of one-half-inch by four-inch boards for support beams that are about three feet long.

After that, take the pieces of cut lumber and lay them down on top of your foundation form. Then measure two feet outside of each pier block and mark where you will put up the four boards used as supports for courses three through six. Then place one board against each pier block for every course laid down so far.

Step Seven: Laying Course Three

Now that you have finished setting up your foundation form, it is time to lay down course three of brick skirting on your mobile home. But, first, lay down the one-half-inch plywood sheet across your foundation form.

Lay Down Course Three of Brick Skirting

Then mix eight inches of sand with four inches of gravel, and spread this mixture across the foundation form where you have already laid down course two of brick skirting. After that, take the third course of bricks specified for mobile homes and lay them down on top of the foundation form.

Can You Put Brick Around a Mobile Home?

Yes, you can. If your mobile home meets the requirements to meet zoning codes, it is fine to add brick skirting around the edges of your mobile home.

What are the Requirements for Mobile Home Skirting?

Your mobile home must be on a permanent foundation, it must have proper drainage and water flow away from your mobile home, and you must meet all zoning requirements. Also, in some cases, any accessory buildings, such as storage sheds or gazebos that you will attach skirting to, must be installed by a professional contractor and meet local zoning codes for accessory buildings.

Is Brick Skirting Legal?

Brick skirting is generally legal as long as it meets local zoning codes. Most zoning codes require a 4-inch gap between the brick and your mobile home. If you have an ancient mobile home, you might need to place a vapor barrier under the brick before installing it to comply with modern building codes.

When is Do Install Brick Skirting on Mobile Home?

Before installing brick skirting on mobile homes, you need to know when to install them. When it comes down to skirting a house, the most important reason is to protect the exterior from the weather that can damage or ruin your walls and foundation. So next time you notice a certain section of your home has started to detach, it’s most likely because of the water damage.

Installing Brick Skirting on Mobile Homes

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Put Brick Around a Mobile Home?

Yes, you can put brick around a mobile home. This is a good idea because it gives the appearance of a more expensive home and also provides better insulation from the cold weather.

What Is Brick Underpinning?

Brick underpinning is the process of inserting a load-bearing wall, usually made of brick, between two existing buildings. The process is performed by first excavating the area where the new wall will be placed and then pouring concrete into the excavated space to create a foundation for the new wall.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Skirt a Mobile Home?

The cheapest way to skirt a mobile home is to use copper pipe. Anyone can install copper pipe, and the installation cost will be low compared to other materials like PVC or CPVC.

Copper pipe is easy to work with, and the piping costs less than half that of plastic tubing.

How Much Does It Cost to Skirt a Mobile Home?

The cost of a mobile home can vary depending on the size and quality. The average cost for an 8′ x 20′ is about $100,000.

However, some cheaper options may be less expensive but not as safe and sturdy. If you are looking to save money, it is best to go with a modular home that does not require much work to install.

How Long Does It Take to Put Skirting on A Mobile Home?

It takes about 1-2 hours to put skirting on a mobile home.

There are three main steps involved in putting skirting on a mobile home:

  1. Uncover the siding, remove nails and screws from the underside of the roof, remove top plates and battens where necessary.
  2. Apply the first layer of plasterboard using adhesive strips (cement is not required).
  3. Apply the second layer of plasterboard using adhesive strips over the top of the first layer and staple it down to battens with 1″ nails at each corner.

Can Cement Board Be Used for Skirting

A cement board is a building material that is used for wall and flooring construction. It can be used as a building skirting material because it is light in weight, easy to install, and does not need any special treatment before use.

Skirting is the part of the building which protects the walls from direct contact with the ground or other elements such as water, dust, or insects. Skirting materials are usually made of cement board or some other lightweight, flexible sheet material that can be easily installed on walls without too much hassle.

Skirting Materials Are Usually Made of Cement Board


Brick Skirting is a great way to add curb appeal and security to your mobile home. If you’re looking for ways to improve the look of your old mobile home, installing brick skirting might be just what you need. The following article will walk you through all the steps required for this DIY project.

Get started by measuring how much space there is on each side of the front door or entranceway at ground level around the house where it meets with the foundation, then buy enough bricks from any hardware store that sells them typically. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to install brick skirting on mobile home with just one simple trick!

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