How to Jack Up Deck Stairs

When it comes to deck stairs, there are two options you have. The first option is to jack up the stairs and use them as they are. The second option is to replace the steps with new wood stairs. This blog post will talk about how to jack up your deck stairs so that they can be used for a little longer before being replaced entirely.

How to Jack Up Deck Stairs

Jacking up your deck stair begins by finding a place where you can put one of the bottom boards on top of something like cinder blocks or sawhorses. Next, you need someone else who will help lift the other end while standing on top of those same blocks, which should raise that end enough for you to slide another board underneath it; this process needs to be repeated for all of the boards of the stairs. Finally, I’m going to show you how to jack up deck stairs.

15 Steps to Follow on How to Jack Up Deck Stairs 

Step One: Where to Start

Before you start jacking up your deck stairs, decide where to begin. Where one person starts will depend mainly on the individual’s height and how many steps it takes to reach the bottom of the deck stairs.

 Start Jacking Up Your Deck Stairs

You should start at a point close enough so that if and when you raise the deck stairs, it is possible to stand on the bottom step and push against the top of the deck stairs with your hands and arms to guide it into its proper position.

Step Two: Creating Lifting Points

Use a marker or pencil to mark this point on each post where you will be inserting your jacks. This is important because it will make it easier to reposition your jacks and ensure that you are lifting the deck stairs in the correct location.

Before you begin inserting your jacks, it may be necessary to cut through some of the deck boards on one side of the stairs. The boards are usually placed so tightly together that they form a solid base for the stairs. After cutting through some boards, you should be able to lift this part of the stair and insert your jacks into the frame.

Step Three: Inserting Your Jacks

To install a handrail on your deck stairs, start by measuring the distance between the posts near your marker mark. Then, cut a piece of wood to fit that space. Next, insert the first jack on one of the posts near your marker mark.

Make sure that it is placed at a right angle to the surface of the deck stairs, but make sure you do not put it so close to the edge that you risk puncturing or bending part of the frame. Finally, use screws or nails to secure the handrail in place.

If you want to use a hydraulic jack to lift your deck stairs, make sure there is enough fluid in it to do the job. You only need to lift one side of the stairs at a time; once you have raised that half of the stairway, you can use the posts that are already there as one end of the new stairway.

Step Four: Repeat for Other Side of Deck Stairs

Repeat step three for the other side of your stairs, allowing the raised portion-time to come into contact with the posts. You will need a second jack to lift this half of your stairs to create a base that you can begin building on.

After you have raised both sides of your stairs to the same level, it will be possible to begin attaching the frame and creating a base. To connect this frame to the frame that you already have in place, use nails or screws that are rust-resistant and do not come apart easily. This will help in how to jack up deck stairs.

Step Five: Creating a Base for Your Deck Stairs

There are a few ways to build the base for your deck stairs. One way is to create a platform that rests on the bottom step and then starts to go up. Another way is to start with one solid platform and then raise the sides of the stairs. You can also attach the platform to the existing frame before lifting all the stairs.

This will ensure that your deck stairs are positioned correctly before you begin your ascent. You can create this base out of wood, steel or aluminum. Whichever material you decide on using for the foundation of your deck stairs, make sure that it does not suffer from any rust damage and that it is heavy enough so that the deck stairs do not fall over.

Repeat for Other Side of Deck Stairs

Step Six: Creating the Sides of Your Deck Stairs

To create the sides of your deck stairs, attach pieces of wood to the frame of the foundation – whether it is solid or on top of existing posts. Make sure the boards are longer than the width of the foundation but about 2 cm shorter than the distance between the posts.

If you want to make your deck stairs more secure, you can overlap several boards. You can also add some details to the sides of your deck stairs to make them look more aesthetically pleasing and stylish. For example, you can use moldings along the edges or carve out the edges into decorative shapes that complement your existing deck.

Step Seven: Lifting Your Deck Stairs

After creating the sides of your deck stairs, you are now ready to attach the frame. You should be able to lift it with ease by using one jack on each side of your deck stairs. Once it is raised to the desired height, rest it against these posts and drive nails through the base into them to secure your stairs in place.

You can attach the top of this frame with nails or screws, ensuring that you are using rust-resistant materials to prevent any water damage. It would help if you were also very careful not to puncture the boards on the stairway because it could compromise their strength and create unnecessary danger for anyone who walks on them.

Creating the Sides of Your Deck Stairs

How Do You Jack Up a Deck to Level It?

It is possible to jack up your deck stairs to level them! There are two ways of doing this. Let’s first look at the situation where the stair riser support posts are not adjustable, most often found on pre-fabricated stairs. If this scenario sounds like yours, see the first solution below.

If your stair riser support posts are adjustable, you won’t need to jack up the stairs. That’s right. All you’ll have to do is raise the top of your deck landing or porch with a couple of concrete blocks or cinder blocks and some long wood pieces as shims. Then, when you raise the landing area, the stairs will automatically go up. Thanks for reading about how to jack up deck stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Jack Do I Need to Lift My Deck?

The best jack for lifting a deck is the 2-ton hydraulic jack. It can be used for various purposes, such as raising or lowering heavy objects, leveling and positioning decks, etc. Another jack that you should consider is the 1-ton hydraulic jack which has an adjustable height range of 4 feet to 8 feet.

Can You Jack up Deck Stairs?

The first thing you need to do is determine if the stairs are made of wood or metal. If they are made of wood, you can use a jack with wooden spindles to lift them. If the stairs are made of metal, then you will need to buy a jack with metal spindles and set it in place on the floor where it is required. You will also need a block of wood or steel plate that fits underneath the stair steps and helps stabilize them while they are being lifted.

Once this is done, all you have to do is put some weight on top of the jack so that it raises and holds your stairway in place while lifting.

How Do You Jack up Wood Deck Stairs?

To jack up the stairs, you need first to find out what is the height of your stairs. Once you have found out the height, use a level to check if your deck and staircase are at an equal height. If they are not, then you will need to build a platform or raise one side of the staircase.

After leveling both sides, attach a jack stand on each side of the staircase so that it will be level with your deck. Next, you can place another stand under each stair step where it will rest on top of your stair riser. Finally, screw in screws into each riser so that they are tightly held in place by the stands, and finally, use wrenches or ratchets to loosen and tighten nuts holding the stands in place so that they are securely attached.

Lifting Your Deck Stairs

Can You Fix Rotted Stairs?

No, you cannot fix rotted stairs. The best thing to do is to replace the rotten boards and if there are any other structural issues then the whole staircase needs to be replaced.


If you want to jack up deck stairs, there are a few steps you can take. First, make sure the area is well-ventilated and clear of any objects that might be in the way once they’re raised; next, place blocks or planks under each stair, so it doesn’t tip over when lifted with jacks.

Once these precautions have been taken for safety purposes, use your car jack to lift one end at a time until all four risers are off the ground. The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to jack up deck stairs.

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