How to Keep Birds From Nesting On Porch Columns

Birds are often fascinating to watch as they fly through the air. Their ability to soar high above the ground is incredible, but sometimes their curiosity leads them into places where they shouldn’t be. When birds start nesting on porch columns or other parts of your home, it can become quite frustrating for homeowners who want to keep their homes free of bird droppings and nests.

Birds Nest on Porch Columns

Here’s how you can deter birds from nesting in your home without harming them. Birds are fantastic creatures that love to fly around our yards and gardens, but there are times when we need these winged animals to take flight elsewhere!

This post will teach you simple steps you can take so that birds won’t nest near or on your porch columns anymore! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to keep birds from nesting on porch columns with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Keep Birds From Nesting On Porch Columns

Step One: Examine the Column

Examining is crucial because you will be able to tell if the column is safe for the birds to nest on it. For example, if there are cracks, sharp edges, or other dangerous things present, this means that it’s not safe for the birds, and they shouldn’t be allowed to nest on it.

Examine the Column

Then, you should make sure that there is a safe place for the birds to nest. For example, an untreated roof overhang, a flat roof, or a screened-in porch would be great places for birds to use as a nesting ground. If there is a place like this accessible to the birds, this should be where you allow them to nest.

Step Two: Use Bird Spikes or Some Other Kind of Spike

Using bird spikes or another kind of spike will keep the birds from landing on the column. This means that they shouldn’t build their nests here because there would be no place for them to land. So if you apply this, they shouldn’t build their nests on top of your porch column.

So if you want to keep the birds from landing on the porch column, get some bird spikes for this job. They will prevent the birds from nesting on top of your porch column by making it impossible for them to land on the column.

Step Three: Use a Screens and Netting Approach

A screens and netting approach will work if you think that you can’t install spikes because of your porch design. So this is saying, don’t use bird spikes but instead use some netting or screen to separate the area where the birds would land from the column.

Use a Screens and Netting Approach

This means that if you have a porch with a slanted ceiling, you should use screens or netting to keep the birds from landing on that slanted section of your porch. So this is something that will work for people who don’t have a flat overhang but instead have a slanted ceiling and no other options.

Step Three: Use Cone-Shaped Objects Around Columns

Using cone-shaped objects around columns is another option. You can use cone-shaped objects like statues or plant pots to keep the birds from building their nests on top of your porch columns. So if you have a statue, paint it so that it looks like a predator and then place it next to the column.

You would want this as close as possible to the column without obstructing any walkways. But, then, you would need to place the statue in a way that will scare any birds away from your column. This is because if you put it far enough away, the bird won’t see anything and be fooled into thinking it’s safe to land there.

Step Four: Use Lights

Using lights is another option. If you place a light that shines on top of the column, this will keep birds from nesting because it’ll be very bright where they intended to land. So if you use a spotlight or something like that, this should drive them away.

Use Lights

So if your porch doesn’t have any other options except the column, you can use a light to scare the birds from nesting on top of it. You would need to make sure that the spotlight is bright enough and scares the birds. If this doesn’t work, get another option from this list.

Step Five: Use an Actual Predator

If all else fails, you could try using an actual predator. This means you could try to scare away the birds by putting up a hawk or another kind of bird of prey. You can do this by getting one or two live hawks and having them fly around the porch column.

This would be effective because if it’s done correctly, the birds will see an actual predator in their environment, which will scare them away. So if you don’t like the options above, try this one out if it applies to your porch situation. This will help in how to keep birds from nesting on porch columns.

Step Six: Try Water Sprayers

Using water sprayers is another method that could keep the birds from nesting in your column. This means that you would use a garden hose to scare the birds from your column. The key to doing this is making sure that it’s a hose with a lot of pressure and can spray water very high in the air.

This will make the birds think there’s another predator in their environment, and they’ll fly away. So if you can use this, do so because it could work for you depending on how you have your porch set up. So if you use one of these methods, the birds should fly away and not land on your porch column anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Deters Birds From Nesting?

There are many ways to deter birds from nesting. These include using lights, sounds, and scents to keep them away.

Lights: Bird deterrents such as floodlights or solar-powered lamps can be used.

Sounds: Repellent noises like air horns or a radio playing loud music may help keep birds away.

Scents: Spraying plants with repellent chemicals may also help discourage birds from nesting in the area.

Why Do Birds Keep Building Nests on My Porch?

There are many reasons why birds may be building nests on your porch. It could be that the birds are attracted to the light, a bird feeder, or even a lack of predator in the area.

If you want to prevent this from happening again, then try using bird spikes and nest guards that would keep birds away from your property.

Try Using Bird Spikes and Nest Guards

What Is the Best Bird Deterrent?

There are many bird deterrents that can be used. The first thing to do is to identify the type of birds you have.

If It Is a Nuisance Bird, Then You Need a Bird Repellent Like :

1. Animal Repellents – These are available in many forms such as citronella candles, scent sticks, and spray paint. They work by emitting an odor that predators don’t like. However, these products should not be used for more than a few days because they can become ineffective after a while, and some animals may still try to come around your property even with the repellent being present.

2. Bird Netting – This is one of the most effective methods because it completely covers all areas where birds could enter from and block them from entering your property at all times so they cannot get inside. However, this method requires time and patience as well as skill to install properly which can cost upwards of $100-200 per net depending on the size needed and how much it will cover your property’s surface area (this is especially true if you need large surfaces covered).

How Do I Keep Birds Off My Porch at Night?

There Are Many Ways to Keep Birds Off Your Porch at Night.

Some Methods Include :

  • Building a bird-resistant structure that is inaccessible to birds during the day.
  • Installing motion-sensitive lights and sprinklers, which can deter birds from roosting on the roof or windows.
  • Attaching reflective tape to your roof, so it reflects light in the direction of your home, effectively scaring away nocturnal birds.


If you’ve seen birds nesting in your porch columns and want to know how to keep them away, there are a few steps you can take. First, make sure that the column is not too close to trees or shrubs where they might nest easily.

Next, place some barrier on top of the column- something like an old metal pie plate will work well for this purpose. Finally, cover the lower part of the column with aluminum foil, so it reflects light up into their eyes if they do try coming down from above. The infomercial style has shared information on how to keep birds from nesting on porch columns.

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