How to Keep Goats From Jumping Fence


The world is full of goats, and the demand for goat meat has increased. The problem is that goats are difficult to contain or control. They can jump over fences, break down gates, and even scale walls if they’re motivated enough. And because it’s easier than ever to transport farm animals across borders these days, goats can escape into cities or other countries – where they might not be welcome at all! This article will discuss how to keep goats from jumping fence so you don’t have any unexpected visitors in your yard.

How to Keep Goats From Jumping Fence

A Detailed Stepwsie Guide on How to Keep Goats From Jumping Fence

First, you need to know that for your goat(s) to jump the fence, and they must already be good at jumping. Most goats naturally don’t want to jump and therefore will not attempt to do so unless they are very sure of their abilities which is unlikely when held back by an electric fence. This section is intended for novice or beginner goats.

Still, it can also apply if you’ve lost a few jump-proficient goats from the group temporarily until they come back around (or even if you may have one such jumper among your current herd). Goats are capable of amazing jumps sometimes! If you have experienced goats, this fencing method still may work, but I would put some hot wires up just in case, as it would be sad to lose your best milkers.

You've Lost a Few Jump-proficient Goats

Goats are more inclined to jump when they get excited or surprised (such as after being chased by dogs or other predators, during the breeding season, when they hear something unexpected like a chainsaw starting up, etc.)

Since goats can do severe damage to themselves if they hit an electric fence at high speed (I lost one goat this way that jumped into the side of her stall), I prefer not to use hot wires on gates or around feeders unless I have no other choice. The trick is in making sure their movements are restricted so they will feel safe staying away from the fences should they try to run through them.

Goats seem drawn towards ramps and flat areas where they can climb easily. Put up a wall to keep them from those areas. When I was training mine, they decided that my wheelbarrow was the most fun thing ever, so I just filled it with dirt and put a brick on top of it. Goats cannot move wheelbarrows.

I prefer hot wires because goats will sometimes run through fences anyway, either purposefully or accidentally, when being chased by something scary. If you have goats accustomed to going inside electric coops, you can leave the hot wires on during the day with no problem (watch for any feet getting caught in the gate).

Goats are more likely to jump if they know what lies beyond their fence. Therefore, do not plant trees/shrubs/etc. Close enough that they can reach over the wall.

I have not tried this, but it is possible that if you can convince your goats that what lies beyond the fence is scarier than being separated from their herd-mates, they may be inclined to avoid jumping. For example, making lots of noise on the other side of the fence when they jump might scare them away from trying again or at least make them think twice about doing so. Another idea would be to put up a fake predator decoy on the other side of the fence, so they are terrified of even looking towards it.

However, I doubt this would work for long-term confinement as goats will likely become curious once they realize nothing is chasing them (like with roadkill or wildlife hanging in trees).

Goats Don't Like  Standing on Rough Surfaces

You can get creative, but I think it’s easiest to make them uncomfortable here. Goats don’t like the feeling of standing on rough surfaces (like rocks or wire), and they don’t like wet areas either (they only really like mud when it’s hot outside). An ideal pen would be one with a woven wire floor without any access to grassy fields or ramps; maybe even bordered by an extra fence with hot wires for added protection. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of keeping them inside their pens should you need to go away for an extended period.

Precautions While Protecting Fences

1. Electric charges on the fence should be at 2,000 volts or more

2. The fence should be more robust than ⅝ inch diameter

3. Use of barbed wire along with electric shocks is an added advantage

4. 3 strands of electrified wires are better than a single strand for protection 

5. Don’t use boards or wooden fences; these easily get destroyed by Horned Goats

6. Use of barb-less hooks may help in attaching wires to posts and trees

7. Wiring the bottom part of the fence will help in protecting it from getting damaged

8. If fencing can not provide security, then plant thorny shrubs outside your garden (these stimulate goats aversion towards them) 

9. Planting prickly cactus plants will also help in saving your garden from goats

10. An arrangement of 4 strands of electrical wires at the top and bottom parts are said to work well for both humans & animals

11. Do not keep any food source inside the fenced area; this includes fruits, garbage, or pet food which attract stray dogs, cows, or even monkeys apart from Goats

12. If all other measures fail, put up a tall fence with barbed wire because it’s better than nothing.

What Are The Advantages of Fence?

There is a fence in your garden, and it is essential. Gardener ties up his goat with the help of this fence so that there will be no danger for the goat. It helps protect them in many ways. It prevents our children from playing on the road and keeps the animals and infants at their homes and in the safety zone.

One can quickly build a fence at his home with the help of some tools. However, a person has to be wise in making it to avoid any accidents.

Safe From Being Damaged by Wild Animals

It provides us with a safe area that is very good for children. It keeps our garden safe from being damaged by wild animals and protects human lives from being harmed. It consists of bamboo fences, boards, lattices made of wood or cemented blocks, or plastic wires. All these materials are used for fencing purposes. They are designed so that they do not look ugly, but they also protect against intruders.

You can check it to Keep Fence Boards From Warping.  


I hope this article has been efficient in providing directions regarding how to keep goats from jumping fence. Thank you and have a nice day!

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