How to Keep Pizza Warm?

Pizza is best eaten when hot and the cheese and toppings are all warm in the mouth. The feeling of biting and chewing all that tasty toppings and the cheese melting inside your mouth as you take bite after bite is intoxicating. In fact, most individuals like to eat their pizzas hot as this is the only time you did taste every ingredient used in making the pizza. But once a pizza gets cold, it loses its taste and become just like any bread bought from the groceries. So, how to keep pizza warm comes to mind.

How to Keep Pizza Warm

Keeping a pizza warm after buying it from the pizza shop or after getting it delivered to you and not able to eat every slice at once is a big challenge to most. However, there have been many solutions on how to warm or keep a pizza warm and I will discuss a few of mine:

  • The aluminum foil: A good way on how to keep pizza warm for 3 hours or more is by the use of aluminum foil. You put your slices of cold pizza wrapped around by an aluminum foil and put it in the oven for about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and bake it for about 8- 10 minutes. This will make the whole slice of the pizza hot and tasty just as if it has been baked for the first time. Make sure you set the oven to its accurate degree as a little more than it should be in the oven, can lead to a burnt pizza.
  • The Oven: How to keep a pizza warm in the oven is often asked when one is in search of ways in keep his or her pizza warm. The oven can indeed serve as an excellent place for warming a pizza or just keeping it from getting cold. You pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit while your pizza is still yet to be delivered or when you are still eating some slice and not sure if you did be able to finish all, but will be finishing it later. You then place the pizza with the box inside the oven and reduce the heat of your oven no more than 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit. This will indeed keep your pizza warm for some hours for you to come get back at it again.
Keep Pizza Warm in Oven

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  • Stainless Frying Pan: Another good method is to get a non-sticking frying pan or better still a stainless frying pan, place your pizza in it, wait for about two minutes when the bottom is crispy. Cover the frying pan with a lid and leave the pizza to steam for about a minute. This will allow the tomato sauce on the pizza to heat up and the cheese to melt and the bottom to stay crispy. This method is a great way on how to keep a pizza warm without an oven.
  • Microwave: Most people do not consider this, but microwaves can also be used in keeping a pizza warm. Even though microwaves are mostly used to heat food you can easily keep it regulated to ensure that your food stays warm. Now with a spacious microwave bowl, you place your pizza in it, slice by slice and place back the pizza in the microwave-bowl in to the microwave. You then time the microwave to 15 minutes and wait a 30 minutes interval of microwaving it for another 15 minutes again. This sounds like a stressed-up job, but does keep your pizza warm till you are all set in eating it.

Here’s a DIY method to keep pizza hot, watch yourself!

Keeping a pizza warm to be eaten later on, or just waiting on visitors to come can be a big challenge as eating a cold pizza can be a terrible experience hence the best choice is to always have an oven pre-heated for warming it up.

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