How to Keep Rug From Rolling Up on Carpet

When you have a rug in your house, the carpet will inevitably start to curl up underneath at one point or another. It can be frustrating when this happens because even though the carpet seems like it’s not attached well enough to stay down, there are simple and easy solutions to implement.

How to Keep Rug From Rolling Up on Carpet

For instance, if you have a rug with tacks on the underside of it, then all you need is something heavy enough to keep it in place. If your carpet has no tacks but simply lays flat against your floor, try using double-sided tape or glue to attach it down so that nothing moves around when people walk across the area where the rug rests.

Either way, there is always a solution for keeping rugs from rolling up on the carpet. This blog post will show you How to Keep Rug From Rolling Up on Carpet.

Step to Follow on How to Keep Rug From Rolling Up on Carpet

Step One: Determine the Type of Carpet

There are various types of carpets and rugs, so first, “how to keep rug from rolling up on carpet” is important to determine which kind of carpet you have. The first thing that will help you out in this step is checking for tags or labels on your carpet. If there are no tags or labels, then it will be impossible to determine the type of carpet.

The second way to go about this is checking out your carpet fibers by using a magnifying glass or digital microscope. Again, if it is a synthetic fiber, there will be no natural light visible. On the contrary, if it is animal hair or plant-based fiber, it will appear more like fibers of your cuticle hair.

Step Two: Locate the Backing of Your Carpet

The backing on some carpets can be found on the underside of the carpet. This is usually done to make the rug reversible for use in all seasons or in different rooms. If there are two layers, then it is likely that your next step must be performed on both layers.

If your rug does not have a back, it can be difficult to keep it rolling up. If this is the case, you must first measure your carpet from end to end. Then cut out a piece of felt that is as long as the width of your carpet and twice as wide as half its length.

Step Three: Attach Felt to Carpet

Once you have located where the backing is on both layers, attach the piece of felt to the underside of one layer. Next, take your carpet and fold it in half so that the felt pieces are lined up together. Finally, use a staple gun or hot glue gun to secure them.

Attach Felt to Carpet

If you do not have either of these tools available, the double-sided tape will also do fine for this particular project. Finally, roll your carpet back up. Your rug should now be virtually impossible to roll up without the needed tools.

Step Four: Attach Felt to Backing

If your carpet has a backing but no felt, it is still possible to keep the rug from rolling up. In this case, use duct tape and firmly attach felt to the backside of your carpet. Then roll it up and place heavy objects on top if you do not want them to roll up.

If you cannot get the tape to stick, use glue or staples to secure it in place. Since the duct tape is designed not to leave behind any residue when removed, this can be done without much issue; however, we still advise against tampering with the rug in such a way if you want it clean and in good condition.

Step Five: Preventing a Rolling Carpet

The best way to keep a rug from rolling up is by purchasing a non-rolling carpet. These carpets are made from static-resistant fibers that do not cling to other materials or themselves, thus keeping your rug from becoming rolled up. Another option for maintaining flat rugs is to purchase a carpet with rubber backing.

This prevents your rug from slipping, which also keeps it from rolling up on the floor. Periodically check the bottom of your rug to ensure it is still flat and not beginning to curl. If you do detect such a curl, then it may be time to replace your rug or invest in one of the methods that keep rugs flat and prevent them from rolling up on the carpet.

Step Six: Using Heavy Objects

Using heavy objects is one of the best methods to keep a rug from rolling up. Position something heavy where your carpet tends to roll up and place it there every time you walk over the area. Make sure that whatever you use is not going to ruin or leave a mark on your carpet in any way.

Typical items include books, bricks, cement blocks, sandbags, even things of your body weight. You can also use a jug of water or something similar to keep the area dry. Just be sure not to let any liquids sit on your carpet for an extended time, as this can cause damage and ruin the rug’s appearance.

Step Seven: Using Double-Sided Tape

If you do not have any heavy objects available or an area where you rarely walk, then the double-sided tape can be used to keep the rug from rolling up. However, keep in mind that once your carpet starts curling, it will continue to do so until you take preventative measures.

Using Double-Sided Tape

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Rug Keep Moving on My Carpet?

The rug is most likely being moved by the vacuum cleaner, as it’s cleaning your carpet. The vacuum cleaner is not strong enough to lift the weight of the rug on its own, so it must be pushed back and forth.

Do Rug Grips Work on Carpet?

No, rug grips do not work on carpet. The adhesive used to make the rug grip stick to your floor is different from the adhesive that is used in carpet. If you attempt to use a rug grip on your carpet, it will not adhere and instead, slide around or pull off.

Is There a Tape That Sticks to Carpet?

If you are wondering whether there is a tape that sticks to the carpet, then the answer is no. There is no such thing as tape that sticks to the carpet because this would require an adhesive layer, and the surfaces of your car’s interior and exterior must be completely clean before sticking anything on them.

Does Velcro Work on Carpet?

Velcro works on the carpet because it is a hook and loop system. It has two parts, the hook side, and the loop side. The hook side grabs onto the loop side, and they stick together so that they don’t come undone.

However, if you are trying to use velcro on a rug or carpet with padding, it will not work because there is no give in these surfaces to grab onto like there would be on a hard surface like wood or tile.

Can You Use Command Strips on Rugs?

If you are wondering whether or not you can use command strips on rugs, the answer is no. The reason is that command strips can be easily removed with your bare hands, so there is a risk of damaging the rug.


You can help to prevent the carpet from rolling up on your rugby using a few simple tricks. One of the most common causes of rolled-up carpet is humidity, which you can resolve with an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

A second cause may be that people are walking over it all day long and compressing the fibers in different ways; this too could be resolved simply by making sure no one walks on it while it’s down or at least not for very long. This blog post has given helpful advice on how to keep rug from rolling up on carpet.

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