How to Keep Snails From Crawling Out of Aquarium

Snails are a common pest in aquariums, and if they crawl out, it can be difficult to catch them. However, if you have an escape artist snail that is always crawling onto the side of your tank or trying to get into the filter system, there are some steps you may take to ensure that how to keep snails from crawling out of aquarium. 

How to Keep Snails From Crawling Out of Aquarium

The first step is to use a cover on your tank. A tight-fitting cover will prevent most snails from getting back inside once they’ve crawled out. Next, try using copper tape around the top of your tank. Copper tape kills snails by creating an electric current that prevents them from moving properly, so it’s very effective at keeping them outside of your aquarium!

Reasons to Keep Snails From Crawling Out of Aquarium:

Snails are generally safe for your fish, but occasionally some varieties of snails can turn into pests in an aquarium. They often eat live plant roots and leave a trail of slime behind them which can foul the water if left untreated (although this is easily dealt with using products like Fluval Clean & Clear).

Snail problems usually start when live aquarium plants are introduced to an aquarium. Snails often hitchhike on the roots and leave as they mature and start breeding. One or two snails can quickly become a full-blown infestation! They reproduce very rapidly, and their population will grow even faster if conditions are favorable (including plenty of food, warmth, and lack of competitors)

Steps on How to Keep Snails From Crawling Out of Aquarium:

Step 1:

Get a glass or plastic tank cover. Snails are less likely to crawl out of your aquarium if they’re having difficulty moving.

Step 2:

Get some copper tape at the hardware store and wrap it around the edge of your tank, but put it just below water level so that the snails can’t reach it.

Use Copper Tape to Wrap Your Tank

Step 3:

Feed your fish well and if you have snails, make sure there are no dead ones left in the tank. The decaying bodies of dead snails are high in ammonia which can stress your fish to the point of illness or even death.

Step 4:

Do regular water changes to keep ammonia levels down. A stale filter full of rotting matter will also cause ammonia levels to rise, and if you don’t clean it, your fish will get sick.

Step 5:

Remove any live plants you have in the tank because snails often feed on live aquarium plants. Instead, keep your fish healthy and happy by feeding them a varied diet of quality flake foods, frozen foods (including regular vegetables), and live foods.

Remove Any Live Plants From Tank

Step 6:

Be aware of the symptoms of fish diseases and illnesses. If you remove a sick fish from an aquarium within 48 hours, it is unlikely that it will infect other fish in the tank. Keeping a clean tank and a healthy immune system will prevent your fish from getting sick

Keeping your fish healthy and happy is the best way on how to keep snails from crawling out of aquarium!

Tips and Warnings:


  • Cover your tank and use copper tape (or another snail deterrent).
  • Make sure there is no decaying matter left in your tank.
  • Feed your fish a balanced, varied diet.
  • Contact a local pet store or aquarium specialist to purchase quality fish food at reasonable prices!
  • Most importantly, be aware of the symptoms of common fish diseases and illnesses.
  • Remove sick fish from your aquarium within 48 hours to prevent disease transmission.
  • Do regular water changes.
  • Before adding plants, snails, or fish to your aquarium, ask a local pet store specialist for advice and read all the relevant information available on that species.  
Materials You Needs to Clean Aquarium


  • Do not use copper-based algaecide or other chemicals to treat algae problems because it could kill all your fish.
  • If you are using tap water, ” condition” the water by letting it sit for 24 hours before adding it to your tank or run it through an aquarium filtration system for several days. This allows the chlorine to dissipate.
  • Never use soap or detergents to clean your tank because it will get into the water and poison your fish!
  • Please keep children away from aquariums, especially when cleaning their tanks or changing their water. The risk of accidental injury or poisoning is too great!
  • If your aquarium doesn’t have a lid, place something across the top of the tank before adding water to prevent accidental drowning.
  • Do not clean your fish tank with any chemicals. If you need to disinfect the tank, use a one-time dose of Poultry Shield (used for cleaning and disinfecting chicken coops and other poultry handling areas). Please do not attempt to scrub or scrape algae off the glass because it may scratch and permanently damage the glass, which can harm your fish.
  • Make sure there is no rotting matter in the tank and check for dead fish or snails that have been left behind.

Materials You Needs:

  • One or more tanks
  • Fishnet
  • Water conditioner
  • Aquarium gravel cleaner
  • Small glass bowl or jar
  • Black marker pen (not felt-tipped)
  • Distilled water
  • Aquarium plants
  • Soda or lime to rub around plants (do not use lemon)
  • Net bag for live fish

What Are the Different Kinds of Fish?

Fish are one of the hardest pets to keep in an aquarium. Unless you have a lot of experience, it’s best to start with easy to care for fish species such as goldfish, guppies, and mollies. If you choose another type of fish, be sure that they need the same conditions as the fish you already have.

How Much Should I Feed My Fish Each Day?

Fish need just as many nutrients as humans, but they only eat part of their food. Overfeeding your fish can cause them to become constipated, which could lead to death. Usually, fish eat two to three times a day. Only one teaspoonful of fish food is necessary per five gallons of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Nerite Snails Live Out of Water?

Nerite snails can live out of water for up to four days if the water is changed every day. If you have a snail tank, make sure that it has some filter in order to keep the water clean and healthy.

What Are the Tiny Snails in My Aquarium?

Tiny snails are a great addition to any aquarium. They Provide Lots of Benefits Such as :

  • Giving your tank some “snail insurance” – they eat all the uneaten food and debris that would otherwise rot in the tank, so you don’t have to clean up after every feeding or filter change.
  • They provide natural protection against harmful algae, so if you decide to switch from an LED light to fluorescent light for your aquarium, these snails will be able to tolerate it better than most fish species can.
  • They help reduce nitrate levels in the water by converting waste into food which is then eaten by other fish species that require more nutrients than snails do (they’re mostly carnivores).

What Do You Do With Aquarium Snails?

Aquarium snails are small and easy to maintain. They can be kept in tanks that range from 10 gallons to 300 gallons, which is quite large for a snail. They are great pets for children because they don’t require any special care or attention and they will stay put in the tank without jumping out of it.

Aquarium snails are small

Another benefit of keeping aquarium snails is that they can help clean your tank, especially if you have a fish tank with algae growing on the walls.

Should I Remove Snails From My Aquarium?

Snails are one of the most popular aquarium inhabitants. However, they may also be a problem for your tank and can cause significant damage to it if left unchecked.

Are Snails Bad for Your Fish Tank?

Snails are a popular pet in the aquarium world. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, some small enough to fit on your fingertip, while others grow to be more than twice the size of your hand.

They can also be kept with fish or other aquatic animals, and they do not eat their tank mates. In fact, they will often hide from any potential predators that may come into their tank as well as from any human interaction, for that matter.

The only downside is that snails can sometimes cause damage to the aquarium equipment by shedding their shells and leaving behind slime trails


Aquariums are wonderful for displaying and caring for your pet snails. However, if you want to keep them safe from hungry predators – like cats or other pets that might be curious about their new tank mates, then it’s essential to make sure they can’t escape! Our blog post will cover some of the best ways on how to keep snails from crawling out of aquarium. These tips include using a screen top on the aquarium as well as ensuring there are no holes in the sides of the container where your snail could crawl out through. If you have any questions about keeping snails  contained in their home, please feel free to contact us.

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