How to Keep Spiders From Making Webs on Your Porch


Spiders have a lot of creepy qualities that can give people the heebie-jeebies. But if you’re not afraid of them, spiders are also one of nature’s best pest controllers. It’s estimated that they catch about 400 pounds of insects each year! That means fewer bugs in your home and fewer mosquitoes outside. But there is one thing that bothers most people: spiderwebs on their porch or deck.

how to keep spiders from making webs on your porch

And no wonder: They’re gross looking, and they make the place look dirty and neglected even if it isn’t. You might be tempted to rip them down with a broom or vacuum cleaner, but what then? More webs will spring up in their place unless you take care. This article will discuss how to keep spiders from making webs on your porch. So let us get started.

A Detailed Stepwsie Guide on How to Keep Spiders From Making Webs on Your Porch

Step One

Check the landscape around your home for cracks and crevices where spiders can hide (e.g., in siding, cracks between bricks, etc.). Using a caulking gun, apply a bead of caulk along these areas to seal them off as much as possible.

In addition, remove any debris piles you have under the porch, such as wood or brush that is touching or near the foundation of your house. You want at least 12 inches between those areas and the house’s foundation.

Step Two

For further control of spiders around a patio door, install a “spider guard” over each side of the bottom frame of the door with weather-stripping.

Step Three

Inspect the porch ceiling and rafters for cobwebs, and use a broom to sweep them down gently. Be sure to knock any egg sacs (spider eggs) off the top as well.

Step Four

If you have plants on your porch, make sure they are not touching the house. Spiders can easily climb plants and use them as bridges to get onto the house.

Step Five

Trim back any bushes or trees that are close to your home since spiders will often hide in these areas as well.

Step Six

Regularly vacuum all porch surfaces, including under furniture, to remove any spiders or spider webs.

Regularly Vacuum All Porch Surfaces

Step Seven

Install outdoor lighting around your home, as spiders are less likely to thrive in well-lit areas.

Step Eight

If you have an infestation of spiders, contact a pest control professional for assistance.

By following these tips, you can help keep spiders from making webs on your porch and lessen the risk of a spider bite. However, if you do experience a spider bite, seek medical attention immediately. Although most spider bites are not harmful, some species of spiders can cause serious health complications.

So be sure to know the types of spiders that live in your area and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

Precautions While Performing How to Keep Spiders From Making Webs on Your Porch

  1. Always be sure to wear gloves when handling any spiders.
  2. Keep any trash or debris cleaned up off the porch, as this will only attract more spiders.
  3. If possible, try to limit the number of entrances and exits to your porch, as spiders will use these as entry and exit points.
  4. Use a spider repellent spray around the perimeter of your porch to keep spiders away.
  5. Inspect the porch regularly for webs and remove them as soon as possible.
  6. If you find a giant spider web on your porch, carefully remove it using a broom or vacuum cleaner (make sure to dispose of the web properly).
  7. If you are having trouble getting rid of spiders on your porch, consider contacting a professional pest control company.

Reasons Behind Spiders Making Webs

There is one main reason for spiders to make their web on your porch, and that is it usually happens rarely. Spiders do not like dirty environments, and they try their best to avoid such places until they become necessary.

However, there might be many other reasons than just telling the spider that this area isn’t clean enough for them. Therefore, you need to check out all possibilities before you start accusing the spiders of making webs on porches.

Reason for Spiders Making Web

Possible Reasons Behind Spiders Making Its Webs On Porch: If there are so many things behind the making of spiders’ webs on the porch, then let us list some of these probable reasons-

  1. It could be a season for the spiders to make their web, which usually happens in springtime. They will start making webs around their nests, which is mainly found in your yard, garden, or porch
  2. The spider might have waited for a long time before starting to make its web because it finds a suitable environment on porches to do that
  3. One more reason behind why there are so many spiders’ webs made on porches is that these places provide shelter and high humidity during summertime when other areas become too dry
  4. Sometimes, people leave out food scraps and other stuff resulting in insects and bugs inside the porch area, which next thing you know is that there’s plenty of prey and place available where the spider can make its web
  5. The insects and bugs which you see on your porch or garden might have laid eggs there, which then become prey for the spiders to build their nest
  6. If you own pets, then they may bring in some insect or bug inside your house, which again becomes easy prey for the spiders to use as food for their babies
  7. If you have stacked lots of wood or other materials on your porch, then these might become the reason for spiders to make their web there
  8. Sometimes, even mud can be one possible reason behind why spiders start making their nests on porches which usually happens when it’s raining outside, and they’re trying to escape from getting wet

Advantages of Spider Webs

Even though many people are afraid of them, spiders can benefit the environment. They can capture insects that may be harmful to crops or gardens, which helps reduce your need for pesticides. In addition, webs are not just a nuisance—they also provide homes for many tiny insects and other invertebrates.

Advantages of Spider Webs

After mating, female spiders typically build silk egg sacs to lay their eggs. These egg sacs protect the eggs from predators and allow them to develop until they hatch. The spiderlings remain in this protective web structure until they are old enough to go off independently. Some species like cobweb spiders (Theridiidae) spend their lives in silk-lined tube-like facilities known as tangle webs.

So, before you go out and swat that spiderweb away, remember all the good it is doing! Next time you see one, try to appreciate the intricate web it has created. And if you are terrified of spiders, remember that they are more afraid of you than you are of them!

If your porch is attracting spiders and their webs, there are a few things you can do to discourage them. One easy solution is to install a porch roof. This will keep the spiders from building their webs on your porch railing or eaves. If a roof isn’t an option, try spraying the area with a spider repellent. Many different brands are available at most stores, or you can make your own using natural ingredients.

Spiders are afraid of peppermint, so spraying peppermint spray or other products containing the oil onto surfaces will discourage them from building their webs on that specific area. Baking soda can also be a deterrent to keeping spiders off of porches. Sprinkle the baking soda over areas where you see spiderwebs, and it will help prevent further construction in that area.

The Disadvantages of Having Spider Webs on Your Porch

If you have had bad experiences with spiders in the past, then the idea of inviting them into your home may seem at least somewhat alarming. There are thousands of different types of spider species throughout the world, so their appearance alone will differ significantly from one another.

However, most people will not distinguish between the more horrid varieties and the less menacing ones, so if they see a single web on your porch, they may think all kinds of spiders are living there.

Having Spider  Webs on Your Porch

People who have arachnophobia or general fear towards these creatures may view a web as confirmation that you do have a colony rotting beneath it. They could assume that every time they walk by your home, you are allowing numerous eight-legged critters to crawl on them, which is certainly not a pleasant thought.

Webs are also a haven for other flying and crawling pests, so if you have an issue with those as well, then keeping spiders from spinning webs on your porch is of utmost importance.

Why Should You Keep Them Away?

Spiders are not precisely the type of animals you want to have to swarm your home daily, which is why preventing them from spinning webs is very beneficial. They are more likely to wander into your place while looking for food or someplace warm to sleep in rather than stay permanently. That being said, if they could create their living quarters inside, there would be an upset in terms of balance.

The population of spiders within your home will constantly expand until they eventually run out of room or water, leading them to head elsewhere in search of sustenance. Their ability to quickly reproduce means that the occupants of your house may soon find themselves covered in a web and filled with numerous spider eggs.

If you have small children or pets, there is a chance that someone could be bitten by a venomous spider, which can lead to swelling and other symptoms that may cause significant distress.


I hope this article has offered you all the necessary information on how to keep spiders from making webs on your porch. Ensure all the steps are correctly followed. Thank you and have a nice day!

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