How to Keep Squirrels Off Patio Screen

Squirrels love to find their way onto patios and decks, but there are some easy ways to keep these rodents from invading your space. One of the best methods is using a squirrel baffle; this device keeps them from climbing up the screen door frame.

Squirrels will try to jump over screens, so make sure they cannot get at any food sources like bird feeders or outdoor trash cans by placing those items on tables or hooks that squirrels can’t reach.

How to Keep Squirrels Off Patio Screen

You may also want to reconsider planting low-hanging plants near your patio, as these provide excellent cover for squirrels during their raiding missions! This article will teach you how to keep squirrels off patio screens with a few simple methods. 

Step to Follow on How to Keep Squirrels Off Patio Screen

Step One: Determine the Problem

Before you can solve a problem, it is important to identify and recognize the nature of the problem. In this case, you need to understand what type of damage squirrels do and how they go about doing it.

Once you have identified the problems associated with squirrels in your backyard, you are better equipped to create a solution and pass on the solution to friends and family.

Step Two: Create a Plan of Action

Once you have identified the problem, it is important to determine how confident you feel in eliminating squirrels from your backyard. If you are not very confident, you should consider calling in an expert or doing some research on animal control techniques.

You can do this by searching online for information on how to keep squirrels off your patio screen with pesticides, poison devices, electronic devices, loud noises, all of the above, or something else entirely. The idea is to create a plan of action that will help you achieve the goal of getting rid of squirrels.

Step Three: If All Else Fails, Try Persuasion

If you have tried to create a plan of action and are still having problems with squirrels chewing through your patio screen, there may be no other option than simply asking them to leave. However, there are many ways you can convince squirrels that they do not want to live near your home or chew on your patio screen.

Providing Alternative Food Source

Here are some things you can do to convince squirrels to go elsewhere: Provide an alternative food source. You can accomplish this by not using bird feeders or hanging your trash bags in plain sight of the tree. Also, it may be a good idea to stop feeding the birds because they will attract hungry squirrels.

Step Four: Keep Squirrels Out

If you keep the squirrels off your patio screen, you should not have to worry about further damage. While it is unlikely that they will chew all of the ways through your patio screen, you may want to consider putting up another layer of protection like hardware cloth or wire mesh.

You can do this by replacing the old patio screen with a new one or using wire mesh. You can attach it to your current screen with nails or staples and by drilling small holes into the corners of each end of the wire meshing for securing purposes.

Step Five: Prevent Future Problems.

Once you have successfully kept squirrels off your patio screen, it is important to take preventative measures, so the problem does not recur. This can be done by turning off outdoor lights at night. If you must use outdoor lights, consider using spotlights on the porch or over the garage that are motion activated.

Keeping All Trash Into Tight Sealed Container

Keep all trash and food sources in tightly sealed containers and keep bird feeders away from tree limbs that squirrels could access. They may try a little more to get into your garbage this way, but it is better than having them tear through your patio screen.

Step Six: Prevent Future Problems With Pets

For squirrels not to become a nuisance in the future, you should also make sure that your pets are kept inside at night. Pets love playing outside no matter what time, and they can easily scare off squirrels and other pests.

Also, you should consider keeping your cats indoors because if a cat catches a squirrel inside the house or under the porch, there is no way to retrieve it alive. A cat will kill anything that moves, even if it’s simply playing with its prey. This will help in how to keep squirrels off patio screen.

Step Seven: Maintain Your Animal Control Techniques

Once you have successfully kept squirrels off your patio screen for an extended time, it is recommended that you continue to use whatever method was most successful, so the problem does not recur.

This will save you time and frustration in the future. Suppose you need to purchase any new materials or supplies, do so on an as-needed basis rather than stockpiling unnecessary items. If not all of the above techniques are currently being used, feel free to experiment with each until you find the most efficient solution.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your New Space.

Once you have successfully kept squirrels off your patio screen, you will notice an improvement in the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. It will be easier to relax outside knowing that no furry creatures are chewing their way through your home or trying to get into it at night.

Enjoy Your New Space

You can lighten up with friends and family while enjoying meals and other activities in the comfort of your new outdoor area. This is not a way to solve problems when you have already put up a fence and mesh to keep squirrels off the patio screen, but that they continue chewing their way through it.

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If you have a squirrel problem, call in the professionals. Squirrels are cute, but they can be destructive and dangerous if not dealt with properly. They can cause an incredible amount of damage to your property by chewing on wiring or insulation, creating openings for insects and other vermin into your home, and destroying landscaping around your house which will make it look unsightly at best.

The good news is that there’s no need to worry about these furry little creatures when you contact us for help! The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to keep squirrels off patio screens.

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