How to Keep Your Dog Cool in a Hot Apartment

The summer months are one of the most challenging times for pet owners. Not only must people deal with rising temperatures in their own homes, but they also have to provide their pets with a comfortable home during this time as well.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in a Hot Apartment

While many dogs will adapt to the warmer weather conditions, it is still important that dog owners keep an eye on them and make sure they are having fun outside while staying cool at home. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to keep your dog cool in a hot apartment with just one simple trick!

8 Steps to Follow on How to Keep Your Dog Cool in a Hot Apartment

Step One: Determine

First, you must determine if your dog is indeed too hot. Take note of his breathing and the color of his gums, which you should be able to see even if he is very furry. If they are dark or purple, the dog is not getting enough oxygen into his system and needs to cool down immediately.

Determining the Dog Is Indeed Too Hot

If his gums are pink or he is panting excessively but appears otherwise well in all other respects, he is probably very hot, but not dangerously so. You can then proceed to step two, considering that this might be a matter of life and death for your furry friend.

Then, you should walk outside with him and take note of the temperature. If it is close to or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you should be concerned. If it is below 90 degrees, but it feels extremely hot to you, so much so that you would not want to be outside in the heat for an extended time, this means that your dog might get too hot if he spends too much time outdoors.

Step Two: Provide Shade and Water

Next, you should provide shade for your dog. Whether this means keeping him indoors or providing a shelter with a roof and walls outside, such as a doghouse, it is important that he has someplace to retreat from direct sunlight if he wants to cool down.

If there is no such place available, you can drape a sheet or blanket over a wall or solid fence and secure it so that your dog can shelter underneath. However, you will want to make sure that the shelter provides ample shade, not only for when your dog is lying down but also when he is standing up and moving around.

Providing Shade

If his body is blocked from the sun by the walls, but his head is not, he will still be overheating and will likely die an excruciating death. Also, make sure that he has access to fresh water at all times, whether indoor or outdoor. You can use a heavy bowl so that it does not tip over easily if your dog tries to drink quickly.

Step Three: Reduce Your Dog’s Activity

Next, you should try to reduce the amount of energy that your dog expends. While there is no need to confine him to a small space or crate, you should ask him to complete fewer strenuous activities while it is so hot outside. For example, if he loves to run around in the yard, you should ask him to play fetch with a ball or stick instead.

Also, if he is used to going for walks several times a day, you should reduce this activity. Even if your dog is not accustomed to staying inside during the day, he will likely appreciate that he is not being taken on walks or playing in the yard while it is so hot.

Then, it would help if you worked up limiting your dog’s exercise gradually, allowing him at least a week or two to get used to the new schedule. These steps should help you in learning how to keep your dog cool in a hot apartment.

Step Four: Reducing Stress and Exertion

Next, you should try to reduce your dog’s stress and exertion levels. Even though reducing his activity level will help, it is also essential that he not be exposed to stressful situations during the hot weather.

If he tends to get nervous when people approach him or touch him, for example, it might be best to avoid taking him to crowded or busy areas while it is so hot outside, at least for the first couple of days. You could also try giving your dog whiskey or rubbing alcohol mixed with water on his paws and belly.

Reducing the Dog's Stress

However, this should only be done in emergencies since these substances are toxic if over-consumed. Also, make sure that your dog is not exposed to loud noises or emotionally stressful situations, as these can contribute to heat-related stress.

Step Five: Take Your Dog for a Swim

Finally, it would help if you took your dog for a swim in pools, ponds, lakes, or rivers. This will cool him down the most out of any other method that you have attempted so far. Furthermore, it is also an excellent exercise that will allow him to expend some of his pent-up energy without putting extra strain on his body.

However, you should be careful about taking him to too many crowded areas such as beaches and swimming pools if he is not used to large groups of people. Also, make sure that your dog does not drink the water before you let him swim in it; otherwise, he might become sick with serious gastrointestinal problems.

These are the steps you can take to keep your dog cool during the hot weather. In most cases, these methods will be sufficient for keeping him safe and healthy until the heatwave passes. This will help in how to keep your dog cool in a hot apartment.

Step Six: What to Do if Your Dog’s Temperature Gets High

If you think that your dog’s temperature is getting too high, you should take him to a vet right away. Some signs that his body may be overheating include panting heavily and excessively, becoming disoriented, vomiting, seizures, and tremors. You can also tell by the color of his gums; if they are pink, you should be concerned about a potential heatstroke.

Also, look for signs of skin redness or irritation around the feet or at the base of his tail. When your dog is overheated, he might have trouble walking straight and sticking his tongue out to his pants. If this occurs, place him in a tub with lukewarm water and put a fan nearby.

As always, you should seek help from a professional if he looks pretty uncomfortable or agitated. If this is the case, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible rather than waiting for him to cool down first. Remember that heatstroke can be life-threatening, so you should not wait for symptoms to appear before going to a vet.

Step Seven: Remember That Heatstroke Is Severe.

Finally, remember that heatstroke can be life-threatening, and it is essential to keep your dog safe by placing the tips in this article. If he signs becoming overheated or if his temperature seems to be abnormally high, you should take him to a vet as soon as possible.

You can also contact your local emergency veterinary clinic to talk about your pet’s specific situation and how best to deal with the heatwave to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. Remember that dogs rely on humans to help them stay cool and comfortable during hot weather.

If necessary, you should call a professional or take him to the vet if he seems unwell-tempered or uncomfortable due to the heatwave. If you use the steps outlined above for how to keep your dog cool in a hot apartment, you can do it yourself.

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Step Eight: Maintain a Safe Environment

As always, it is important to maintain a safe environment for your dog by ensuring that he cannot escape or injure himself. Also, during the heatwave, it is best to keep him home with access to plenty of fresh water and fans. Keep him clean, cool, comfortable, and hydrated by following these steps.

Furthermore, remember that if you have to go out with your dog in the heatwave, refrain from taking him to crowded public areas with lots of people. Although these are great ways for your dog to cool off, they may be too crowded for his comfort. Also, take care not to exert him or let him become excessively tired or play too roughly when it is hot out.

This article has given you eight helpful tips to keep your dog cool during the heatwave, even if he lives indoors. Remember that the best way to keep your dog safe and comfortable is by preventing him from becoming overheated in the first place, so be sure to follow these steps before leaving him alone or playing with him outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Dog Be Ok in Hot Apartment?

Every dog is different and will react differently to the heat. Some may become overheated and develop panting or breathing problems, while others may become restless and destructive. If you’re concerned about your dog’s safety, it’s best to bring them in for a short break every few hours or move them to a cooler location. Be sure to consult with a veterinarian if your dog exhibits any unusual symptoms.

How Can I Cool My Dogs Room Down?

Some of the most popular include using an air conditioning unit, opening windows, or setting up fans. It is important to choose a method that is comfortable for both you and your pet and will provide enough ventilation. Make sure to monitor the temperature in the room regularly so that it remains at a comfortable level.

Is It Ok to Put a Fan on a Dog?

Some people believe that it is ok to put a fan on a dog, while others advise against it. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and how you plan on using the fan. If you are going to use the fan for ventilation purposes only, then it might not be considered harmful. However, if you intend on using the fan as part of an ultrasonic noise machine or some other type of behavioral modification device, then there may be safety concerns involved. In these cases, always consult with your veterinarian before implementing any new treatments into your pet’s life.

Is 85 Degrees Too Hot for a Dog?

The weather has been getting hotter and hotter. The short answer is that, as long as your dog is properly hydrated and wears appropriate attire when outside in hot weather, they should be just fine.

When it comes to dogs, their body temperature is regulated primarily by their hypothalamus – which is located above the brain – and their rectum and bladder. The hypothalamus controls things like thirst and hunger, while the rectum and bladder regulate urination and defecation.

Generally, when the outside temperature rises above what is comfortable for a dog, their hypothalamus will activate the sympathetic nervous system to help them cool down. This can lead to increased activity, panting, thirst, and hunger. If your dog feels overheated or uncomfortable in any way, it’s always best to take them inside or find them a shady spot to rest.


In addition to providing your dog with a cool place to rest, you should take care of their needs for exercise and water. If the temperature outside is too high or if it’s raining or snowing, always bring them inside. Dogs need shade just as much as humans do, so make sure they have access to some form of relief from direct sunlight at all times.

Remember that dogs can suffer heatstroke, dehydration, and other medical issues when exposed to excessive temperatures. So making sure your pup stays hydrated will keep them healthy in the long run! This blog post has given helpful advice on how to keep your dog cool in a hot apartment.

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