How to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling

Every homeowner dreads the day they have to deal with a spider on the ceiling. Even more so, every homeowner hates the idea of killing a spider. But what else can you do when they’re taking up residence in your home! In this article, we’ll go over some steps for how to kill a spider on the ceiling quickly and humanely. Keep reading to learn more!

Spiders are some of the creepiest creatures on Earth. You might not mind them if they just stayed in their place – usually far away from your ceiling and high above you. But sometimes spiders can get into places you’d instead they didn’t, like your home!

How to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling

There Are Three Reasons You Should Kill a Spider

The first reason is if it’s dangerous and you don’t know what type of spider it is. It can be a black widow or brown recluse, and you need to kill it, so the spider doesn’t hurt you.

The second reason is if the Spider has bothered you for a week or two. If this is the case, then, by all means, go ahead and kill it! Again, you don’t have to do any pesticide sprays as these sprays will cause more problems than they’ll solve by getting into your food and harming other insects around your house.

The third reason is if the spider on the ceiling is crawling above an entranceway or walkway that people frequently use, such as a front door or a bedroom door. How often do you look up when walking through a doorway? I’m going out on a limb here, but not very often. So if the spider is in a doorway, many people will likely walk right into or above him and kill him inadvertently.

There Are Three Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Kill Spiders in Your Home:

In all other cases, don’t kill the spider! It’ll only cause more problems than you can imagine.

1. Spiders Are the Best Pest Control You’ve Got

Spiders are some of the most common predators that eat unwanted pests like flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, and bedbugs. They usually come out at night (but can be spotted during the day), naturally reducing your home’s pest population without you having to do anything at all!

2. Spiders Eat Other Spiders

You may have a few spiders in your home, but one spider could devour up to 5 other spiders per year – including its kind! If you remove a spider from your home, it will be replaced by another eventually anyway. Even if you don’t see any spiders outside your window, they’ll be there.

3. Spiders Are Beneficial for the Environment

Spiders are a vital part of indoor and outdoor environments because they perform a valuable service: spider predation! If you remove all the spiders from an area, more flies will come to take their place. It’s straightforward – when you have fewer spiders around to eat them, more pests will hatch and reproduce.

Valuable Service Spider Predation

A Detailed Guide on How to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling

Method 1: Using A Cup And Paper

Using a cup and paper is the best way to kill a spider on the ceiling. It would help if you first grabbed a cup (preferably one that isn’t too big as you don’t want it slipping out of your hand towards your already terrified self). Next, get an index card or piece of paper, something thin enough to go through the cup’s rim.

Hold the cup upside down with this card between its lip and the ceiling. If there’s enough height for it, then slowly bring it down over the top of your nasty eight-legged friend until he gets his footing stuck under the edge of your card; at this point, you can lift slightly until his little legs start crawling up onto the card.

Once the spider is on the card, slowly slide it over to your open window and release him out into nature, where he can live his life in peace once again.

Method 2: Using A Paper Towel Or Other Thin Sheet

If you don’t have access to an index or playing card, then paper towels always work just as well for this situation. Just take two pieces of nearly any kind of paper towel (preferably one not too thick, though) place them against each other, forming a sort of “V” shape at their joined centers; this will allow you to slide the sheets through the air towards your friend without having them touch down on him.

He should hurry up onto one of the sheets before you can slide the other one underneath to carry him out your window.

Method 3: Using A Hanger To Pound Him Out

If you happen to have a small hanger nearby, this is the best method for killing a spider on the ceiling. The first thing you must do here is take the hanger and flatten its end slightly until it forms a thin plane.

Killing a Spider on the Ceiling

Now, take this thin plane and attach it to an index card or thin sheet of paper, as done in Method 2 above. Once everything’s ready, quickly extend your paper up towards your friend so that he crawls onto the plane of the paper before you slam it back down over the top of him and pluck him off and out through your open window.

Method 4: Using Duct Tape

A surprisingly common method for removing spiders or insects is using duct tape; it’s so simple yet so effective. First, grab your roll of tape and quickly lay it flat over the top of your spider, making sure that you keep him in the center of the roll as much as possible.

Once he’s caught, begin slowly rolling him up into the roll itself until all of his legs are sticking out at one end. Now slowly pull this end towards you until he pops out onto a flat surface where you can more easily deal with him before throwing him out your window.

Removing Spiders Using Duct Tape

Method 5: Using A Vacuum

If you’re lucky enough to have a vacuum on hand, this is another simple method for killing a spider on the ceiling. The first thing you must do here is to find your vacuum’s hose attachment; if there isn’t one available, then bring along some rubber kitchen gloves before continuing further.

Once everything’s ready, attach this hose attachment directly onto the end of your vacuum’s hose or wand where it separates from its handle. Next, take hold of your actual vacuum cleaner, then turn it on without turning on the hose itself.

Then, while holding down the hose attachment with your right arm, move your left arm underneath the area of your spider before swiftly yanking it into the air, at which point you can then grab him with any glove and dispose of him outside.

Method 6: Using A Plastic Bag & Cardboard Tube

If none of these methods seem like they’ll work for you or if there’s no way that you can bring yourself to use them against such a small creature, then this is by far the easiest method for killing a spider on the ceiling.

All you must do here is take hold of something cylindrical such as a box cutter or pencil, next extend this object up towards your target so that he crawls onto it, quickly withdrawing your hand down to carry him out with it. At this point, you can take your newly acquired friend out to a nearby open area where he won’t have too much trouble finding his way back home.

Method 7: Spraying Vinegar & Soap

This is a highly effective and dangerous method for killing a spider on the ceiling; proceed with caution. First, you must grab your spray bottle of vinegar and mix it with some water (usually around 1:8), shake it up as necessary, then quickly spray this solution all over your target. Killing a spider on the ceiling should never have been easier!

Spray Bottle of Vinegar

The acidity in the vinegar will either burn him enough that he dies off or weaken him just enough that you can pick him up and throw him out your window. However, the vinegar itself is highly dangerous to humans and animals alike, so be sure to take extra precautions.

Why Spiders Sneak Inside Your Home?

Many people are afraid of spiders. So it is not surprising that most homeowners would like to rid their homes of these eight-legged creatures – especially if they pop up in the ceiling.

Spiders enter our homes for different reasons. Some of these eight-legged creatures may be looking for food, while some want shelter and a tranquil place to lay their eggs.


You can use tape to create an adhesive surface on the ceiling. Next, attract the spider with sugar water and place it in your new home near your electrical outlets! If you’re not into that idea, try spraying them with bug spray or using another natural solution like baking soda and peppermint oil. We hope this article on how to kill a spider on the ceiling will be helpful.

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