How To Know That Your Home Needs A Window Replacement?

Window replacement is not something people do every year. A good quality, professionally designed window can last up to 15 to 20 years. Moreover, the vinyl windows which are manufactured today come with a 20 to 25-year warranty. It means that for a very long time you don’t need to worry about the window replacement.

How To Know That Your Home Needs A Window Replacement?

During this time you may expect some repairs and temporary fixes. However, it is possible that your windows need a replacement earlier. But how to determine whether you need proper window replacement or repair?

This article provides a guide about the signs that indicate you need a window replacement.

If You See Any of These Signs Go For Window Replacement:

1-Crack in Window Frame or Window Pane: 

Extreme weather conditions like wind or rainstorm can cause serious damage to the window panes or frames. These damages cannot be fixed with a hardware replacement or a weather strip. A broken, damaged or warped window pane, sash or frame not only reduces the insulation, air conditioning & heating efficiency but also looks untidy and unattractive. Moreover, these cracks can be dangerous too and allow vermin & insects to get inside your house. Many window replacement contractors, such as Marvin Windows Chicago offer quick and effective solutions for cracked windows.

2-Fogged Glass:

Sometimes due to condensation the fog or moisture gets trapped inside the window panes. Usually, in a double or triple paned, a hole or small opening causes fog to get in and it slowly starts to accumulate there. Sometimes, it could be very dangerous if your window is near a gas valve or in the kitchen. The gas also gets inside the window panes along with the fog. If your window panes are blurred it indicates gas leakage & accumulation and you surely need a window replacement.

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3-Soft Frame:

The soft frame is a common problem in wooden window frames. Houses that are in extra moisture areas face this problem more often. The moisture causes rotting of the windowsill and it gets soft. This situation sometimes gets worse when it is filled with insects. If you notice soft windows, immediately replace it, or otherwise, it could break anytime.

Soft Frame

4- Stuck Windows:

Operable windows especially the sliding windows often get stuck and are difficult to open. It is because of rusting or dirt build-up inside the tracks. Moreover, opening and closing of windows creates divots and tiny grooves that hinder the movement of window panes. As a result, there is more stress on windows when you try to open or close it. It can cause your window to break. Or the windows stay open and let insects and vermin inside. An open, stuck window can cause a number of other problems. Therefore it is important to replace the stuck windows. Get more information about window replacement from Marvin Windows Chicago.

These are some of the prominent damages which can only be fixed with a window replacement. You can consult a contractor for a window replacement service to get better and cost-effective solutions.

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