How to Lock a Sliding Glass Door From the Outside

The sliding glass door is one of the most convenient features in modern homes. It opens up your home to fresh air and allows you to enjoy an outdoor view while still being safe inside. However, there are times when you want this convenience without having someone come into your house uninvited.

How to Lock a Sliding Glass Door From the Outside

This guide will show you two ways that will let you lock a sliding glass door from the outside with or without screws. Homeowners need to know how to protect their families and property by locking a sliding glass door from the outside whenever needed.

The more people who know about these methods, the more people will protect themselves against burglaries. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside with just one simple trick!

10 Steps to Follow on How to Lock a Sliding Glass Door From the Outside

Step One: Ensure the Lock is Installed

Before anything, you should ensure that there is a lock installed on your sliding glass door. If none is present, it may be best to hire a professional to install one for you properly. Once unlocked and open, a sliding glass door will allow intruders into your home, and only a proper lock can prevent this from occurring.

It is essential that the lock is strong and sturdy and should be installed horizontally. If you use a vertical lock, it will be easy for intruders to open the door because all they would have to do is lift the lock for this to occur.

Lock Installing on the Sliding Glass Door

Step Two: Position Your Body in Front of the Door

Once you have ensured that a proper lock has been installed, it is time to position your body in front of the door so that you can use it as an obstacle. First, make sure that your feet are spread apart and that they are pointed toward the fireplace or a wall. Next, place your arms above you and lean against them.

It would help if you also place your legs in front of the door, keeping them spread apart as well. In this position, your legs will serve as a second obstacle to prevent intruders from easily gaining access through the door. These steps should help you in learning how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside.

Step Three: Place Your Butt on the Floor

To prevent an intruder from attempting to push the door open, you should place your butt on the floor as well. It will be impossible for an intruder to lift your body, meaning that they will not be able to open the door. Crouch down on the ground and make sure you are low enough so that no one can attempt to move you.

Place yourself in this position if you hear any strange noises outside or know that someone is attempting to break into your home. If you hear this, it is best to wait and listen closely to ensure that the noise is not just the wind or other factors.

Step Four: Prevent Intruders from Unlocking the Door

When an intruder is trying to unlock your sliding glass door, it may be easy for them to lift the lock and open the door. If this occurs, you should place one foot on top of the lock to prevent them from doing so.  His will only work if the lock is horizontal, so you may wish to remove your body from in front of the door before attempting this.

Once the intruder has lifted the lock and moved it into a vertical position, they will be able to unlock it. If this occurs, you should place both feet on top of the lock and prevent them from opening the door. Keep your feet on top of the lock, and try to shimmy yourself down so that you are closer to the floor.

Step Five: Position Yourself Under the Lock

Once you have prevented an intruder from moving the lock into a vertical position, it is time to move under or behind the lock. This will prevent them from being able to lift the lock and open up your door. When you are in this position, stand on your tiptoes to be as low to the ground as possible.

If you cannot move under or behind the lock, do not worry because you can still prevent an intruder from moving it by stepping on top of it. When your feet are on top of the lock, make sure that they are pointed toward the fireplace or wall to avoid any risk of hurting yourself later on.

Step Six: Prepare for a Struggle

Once you have taken these five steps, an intruder may attempt to push the door open with their body. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your feet and butt are firmly planted on the ground and do not allow them to move you, or they will be able to enter.

You can also lean as close to the door as possible to prevent an intruder from using their body weight against you. Let them struggle with you for a few minutes before they give up or attempt to find another way inside. If you do not want them to know that someone is home, remain quiet and prevent them from entering at all costs.

Step Seven: Leave the Area

Once you have successfully prevented an intruder from entering your home, it is time to leave the area. You will not be able to lift more than one foot at a time while you are under or behind the lock. If this occurs, carefully move so that you can remove your body from underneath the lock.

Once you are out from underneath the lock, place your body in front of it and do not allow any intruders to open it. If you have a phone available, call the police and explain what has happened. This will help in how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside.

Step Eight: Stay Away from the Door

Ensuring to Re-secure the Locks on Home's Door

It is best to stay far away from your home’s door after successfully locking an intruder out. This will ensure that no one has been able to enter and give you time to reflect on everything that occurred and calm down if necessary.

Ensure to re-secure any other locks on your home’s door, and do not allow anyone inside until you know that they are authorized to enter. If you have any pets, get them to remain nearby in case someone tries to get back into your house.

Step Nine: Review What Occurred

Once you have remained far away from your home’s door for a few minutes, take time to reflect on what occurred. If an intruder managed to get inside your home without you knowing it, make sure that they are no longer in the area and do not plan on returning before unlocking the lock.

If this is the case, call the police and explain what happened before entering your house again. It is also possible that you could prevent an intruder from entering your home even if they did try to get in. This allows you to either turn yourself in or let them know that you were home the whole time.

Step Ten: Maintain Safety

Once you have taken these nine steps, it is time to maintain your home’s safety. Although an intruder will most likely not try to break into your home again after one attempt, they may try another day. Ensure that all locks on doors are secure and remain in place by using adhesive-backed Velcro to attach them.

Maintaining  the Home's Safety

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, purchase a secondary lock like the one on top of your door. When installed on the inside of the door, it is impossible to slide open without using some tool to lift it up and out of position. Thanks for reading about how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside.

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How Do You Secure a Glass Door From Burglars?

A sliding glass door is a great way to open up your home and enjoy the fresh air. However, you don’t want burglars entering through this easy access point. If you live in an apartment or rented house, then the chances are that locking the glass door will be difficult if it doesn’t slide easily into place.

You can try a few locks that will help you secure a glass door from burglars. First, use a lock with a key: Buy security locks with keys from any retail store near your home. These locks have metal bars on the inside and outside of the door, which slide into place over one another when you turn the key in the lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sliding Glass Doors Have Outside Locks?

While sliding glass doors typically have locks on the inside, this is not always the case. If you are concerned about your security, it is best to contact the manufacturer and ask about their locking system.

How Do You Lock a Sliding Door Without a Lock?

One way is to use a cable lock. This is a simple lock that uses a cable to connect the door handle to the door jamb. To unlock the door, you simply pull on the cable. Another way to lock a sliding door without a lock is using a padlock. You can buy these locks at most hardware stores. To unlock the door, you first need to pick the correct key for the lock.

Can You Lock a Sliding Patio Door From the Outside?

It is possible to lock a sliding patio door from the outside, but you will need to get access to the locking mechanism. You can do this by turning the handle on the inside of the door and rotating it so that it locks into position. From there, you can use an Allen wrench or keypadlock to secure it. Make sure that you remember your security code in case you have to unlock it later!


To lock a sliding glass door from the outside, you will need to use a flathead screwdriver. First, take off the screen by removing all of the screws with your screwdriver. Next, slide the bottom panel out and remove it by unscrewing more screws on each side.

Finally, remove any remaining hardware holding up either side of the top panel and then slowly push in one edge of that panel until it pops free from its tracks, at which point you can lift it away completely. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to lock a sliding glass door from the outside.

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