How to Make a Bed Look Like a Couch

The bed is typically the focal point of any bedroom. However, with a few simple tricks, you can make it look like an inviting and comfortable couch for your guests to lounge on while they wait for their room to be ready.

Put a throw blanket over the bed and position pillows around it as if they were sitting together at a coffee shop or dinner table. Then place your guest’s bags near the foot of the bed so that when they come back from exploring, all their belongings are within arm’s reach.

How to Make a Bed Look Like a Couch

Once all this has been done, you’ll have an area where people can rest comfortably until it’s time to retire for the night! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to make a bed look like a couch with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Make a Bed Look Like a Couch

Step One: Determine

First, you have to determine if you want a fake couch or a real one. For those that are more creative, they might find this as a fun option. This is also for those that really hate their bed and would rather sleep on the floor. In my case, I’m going for something comfortable and will help me sleep better.

If you’d like, you can take your old couch or bed frame and try to put it through an office shredder. If you are satisfied with the result, you can stop reading. If you are not happy with the result, you will need to purchase a new couch set. If you are on the fence about this, I would recommend going with a new couch set.

You Can Take Old Couch Attached to Bed Frame

Then you will need to determine what style of couch you would like. A leather couch is excellent; however, it is more challenging to make decent. It’s easier to go with a fabric couch, which will be a lot of fun. You can design your couch however you want to, within reason. The less it costs, the more creative you can get with it.

Step Two: Get a Rolled Mattress

A rolled mattress can be purchased at most department stores. This is the piece that will make your bed go from looking like a bed to looking like a couch. Rolled mattresses are different from normal mattresses in that they are wrapped up, so only the actual mattress size is shown.

They have solid cardboard on one side, but it can be flipped over to have a fabric texture or a solid color. If you want to make sure it will work for your specific bed size, make sure you measure your bed before purchasing it. The rolled mattress will only work on a full or a queen-sized bed because of its size.

Step Three: Match the Mattress to Your Frame

If you already have a frame for your rolled mattress, make sure it matches. It should be about the same size; however, there can be some leeway on this one. If you already have a wooden bed frame, try to get a fabric couch set. This will help to hide the fact that it is not leather.

You can also get away with buying a fabric couch set for this purpose if you already have an old wooden bed frame. If you need to buy a new bed frame, I recommend getting one in black or brown to match your current room design. This will be the most expensive part of the project.

Now it’s time for the fun part. It’s time to make your couch set look like an excellent leather couch. You can buy fabric that matches your room, or you can get some old brown fabric and then dye it with coffee or tea. These steps should help you in learning how to make a bed look like a couch.

Step Four: Make Your Fake Couch

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start assembling your faux leather couch. First, lay out the fabric and then lay out the rolled mattress on top of it. Then use glue and tape to keep it in place. Be generous with this part because there is no going back without destroying your couch once it is glued.

Next, wrap the fabric around it and tape or glue it to itself so that there are no open parts. This will prevent any bugs from crawling into your couch set and eating you alive as you sleep on it at night. If you like, you can also add pillows to help with the disguise.

Make Your Fake Couch

You can buy some cheap pillows at the store, or you can make your own. Just buy some felt and cut it into a square to make it look like a pillow. This is also where the creativity comes in for this project. You can make your couch set look like whatever you want it to look like.

Step Five: Place Your Couch in an Appropriate Location

If you want to make your couch look like an actual leather couch, place it somewhere in your house where there is nothing else around. This will give the illusion that it is genuine and not just some old mattress on top of the fabric. You can even place anything you want around it so that it looks like a living room.

If you’re more interested in making it look like a coffee table, place some magazines on top of the couch set or put a coaster underneath your drinks on top of your coffee table. Then, with some creativity, you can make something that looks exactly like a leather-looking couch.

It will look so good that nobody will question it. You can even sit and watch TV on your fake leather couch if you want to. It will be just as good as the real thing, and you’ll have spent less money. This will help in how to make a bed look like a couch.

Step Six: Maintain Your Faux Leather Couch

If you want it to continue to look like leather and not some old thrown together couch, you will need to keep up with it. Vacuum it once a month and dust it with a dry or damp cloth when needed; if you want to go the extra mile, add in some potpourris or cooking spices between the pillows so that it smells like leather when people sit on them.

It will also help if you use a fabric spray to keep it fresh and clean and give the illusion that your couch is actual. Then, now that you’ve finished, show off your new faux leather couch set to all of your friends and see what they think about it. Most likely, no one will ever be able to guess that it is an old mattress.

Maintain Your Faux Leather Couch

Now, if you want to know how to make a bed look like a couch, several factors explain this process. The first is the quality of your craftsmanship and the amount of money you are willing to spend on materials. This will help determine if you should use real or fake leather.

Step Seven: Hiding the Mattress

There are two factors involved in hiding the mattress. One of which is an actual mattress cover, and the other factor involves using some old sheets that you have or new ones that you’ve made. You can buy a sturdy sheet from any store, but if it doesn’t fit your mattress very well, then you might have to sew a new one yourself.

This is the trickiest part of this whole project because it will require you to measure and cut out a piece of fabric that is the exact size for your mattress. After you have successfully covered your bed, place it on top of the couch set and cover it with the pillows and anything else you might want to add for decoration.

Then, you will need to use a staple gun and attach the mattress cover to the couch. This might require you to take off all of your pillows temporarily, but it is worth it in the end. You can also add a little bit of fabric glue for extra support if you want.

If you don’t have a staple gun or access to one, you can also place some tape on the corners of the sheet and use it to temporarily hold the sheet in place. The last step is to add a little bit of fabric glue so that the corners stick together and your bed will stay in place properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Turn a Mattress Into a Couch?

A mattress can be turned into a couch, but it is not recommended because the quality of the couch will be significantly lower than that of a new mattress. To turn a mattress into a couch, you need to purchase some extra furniture such as cushions and pillows to make up for the less comfortable surface area.

What Can You Use an Old Mattress for?

You Can Use an Old Mattress for Many Things Like :

  • A playpen for your children.
  • A trampoline.
  • A doormat or shoe mat.
  • As a deck chair cover.

What Can I Make Out of an Old Bed Frame?

You can make a lot of things out of an old bed frame. For example, if you have a small garden, you can use it as a planter or add some bricks and grow your vegetables. This is perfect if you want to make something for the outside, like a bench or even a swing. You can also turn it into something else if you don’t want to be limited by what it’s made out of.

Alternatively, if you are creative enough, you could paint it and make it into another piece of furniture.

How Old Is Safe for Bunk Beds?

The age of a bunk bed is usually determined by the weight capacity. There are two types of bunk beds, twin and full size.

If your child’s weight is less than 70 pounds, then it can be used on a twin bed without any problems. However, if your child weighs more than 70 pounds, you should consult with the manufacturer to see their maximum capacity before using it on a full-size bed.


If you are looking for a way to transform your bedroom into an inviting space by taking advantage of unused floor space, this article may have the solution. It’s always good to be creative in living spaces and find ways that provide more functionality in what can sometimes feel like limited square footage.

With this easy DIY project, you’ll find out how you can use pillows as cushions on top of blankets or any other soft surface material under a sheet to give the appearance of a couch. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to make a bed look like a couch.

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