How to Make Cafe Bustelo?

Sometimes the best coffees you might have tasted is not from the finest café in the city, with all that fancy espresso machines they use in making their coffees. Sometimes the best coffees are tasted right here at home, where you could easily fix up a few stuffs with your coffee and make it taste like one of the finest coffee in the world. If you are looking to make your own fine coffee at home or mostly can’t make it to a café in the mornings to get a good cup of coffee before heading to work, then you definitely got to know how to make café bustelo.

How to Make Cafe Bustelo

Café Bustelo’s types of cappuccino normally does not require one to have a fancy or an expensive espresso maker to make and enjoy. Even with its dark roast coffee blend, Café Bustelo’s can be brewed just like any other coffee and still have that classic Italian taste. As hard as it may seem to make, a few steps and with the right ingredients as well as technique, you could easily make one, without any expensive espresso coffee machines. The steps below teach you on how to make cafe bustelo in a drip coffee maker but can also be perfectly done with a stove top drip coffee maker.

Step-1 : Now just like the making of any coffee, you get your drip coffee maker or any standard coffee maker which makes use of a disposable coffee filter or a washable one. Having a permanent coffee filter would be better as you might have to try the making of your Bustelo till it reaches a taste you like, and having a paper coffee filter will make your work difficult.

Step-2 : Once your coffee maker is ready, you place a rounded tablespoon of café Bustelo Cappuccino ground coffee into your coffee makers filter. The amount of grounded coffee will totally depend on you and how you did like your café Bustelo, but always make sure it is not too much for your filter to handle and it would be best to start with a tablespoon for a first timer as you might not know whether it tastes nice or not.

How to Make Cafe Bustelo

Step-3 : Using your cappuccino cup or any other medium size coffee mugs, pour water in to your coffeemaker’s water tank. You fill it with the number of cups you see fit to make your coffee but should be an accurate measurement, as you do want to make coffee and not just add a different taste to water.

Step-4 : Now once all your 3 steps are done right and your measurement of water is accurate, you hit the switch button on your coffee maker to activate the brewing process. As normal requires, it will take about 6 to 12 minutes for your coffee to brew, but again this will depend on the coffee machine that you are using and amount of water placed in it.

Step-5 : Once coffee is done brewing, your pour it in to a coffee mug or any cappuccino cups. You then top each cup with warm milk or whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and drink away.

Pour coffee in mug

Measurement is to be made when pouring your warm milk or whipped cream, it shouldn’t over shadow your coffee’s taste and the cinnamon should also not be too much, however this will depend on your kind of taste in coffee. Some also do not like the sprinkling of cinnamon at this stage.

Café Bustelo is an excellent cup of coffee rich in flavor that allows you to have the feel of the Latin culture when drinking. Making of it is simple, but should always remember to refrigerate it to maintain its freshness and should always make use of fresh cold water in the brewing of the coffee grounds.

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