How to Make Curtain Tie Backs With Beads

It’s a common misconception that curtains are purely decorative. In actuality, they can also be used to provide privacy and block out light. But sometimes, when you have the perfect window treatment in place, it can be challenging to find curtain tiebacks that match your style or decorating scheme.

How to Make Curtain Tie Backs With Beads

That’s why we’ve put together instructions on how to make curtain tie backs with beads! You’ll need craft supplies such as beads of various colors and sizes and a sturdy fabric or ribbon that’s long enough to be your curtain tie back.

Step to Follow on How to Make Curtain Tie Backs With Beads 

Step One: Determine

First, you’ll need to determine how you will hang your curtain titie backs. This is essential because this will help you figure out what kind of supplies and techniques to use to make the curtain titie backs. For example, if they are going to be hanging from a screw in a wall, you can easily create a loop in the thread using pliers, and you can tie a knot in the thread, so no fastener is necessary.

Determining How Will Hang Curtain Titiebacks

But if they are going to be screwing into a wall stud, you will need to either have a second rod from which you attach your curtain tiebacks, something that allows the curtain tiebacks to spin freely. You can do this by using a hardware store; for example, you could use drill bits to make the curtain tiebacks.

You could also make curtain tieback shat hang from nails. For these, you would need long nails enough for your beaded loops to rest on top of them or some other way for your beads to spin freely. Again, these could be curtain tiebacks made to hook onto a rack or some other household item.

Step Two: Materials and Tools

When making curtain titiebacks, you will need just a few supplies. For the most part, these are found in any bead store or craft store. The materials required include Beads, A cord of some sort, Embellishments such as charms or fasteners if desired for your specific type of curtain tieback utters, wire cutters used to cut the cord embellishments, and embellishment wires if using those.

Specific Type of Curtain Tieback

If you are looking for a specific type of curtain tieback, a link below will show you instructions on how to make a curtain tieback hat is made to hook onto a rack. You will also need some tools, depending on the type of project you are making.

These include Pliers if making loops in your cord, Wire cutters, Fabric marker or pencil if you are using a fabric curtain or ribbon, Embroidery floss or thread for embellishments such as charms or fasteners.

Step Three: Making Your Curtain Tieback

The third step is to make your curtain tiebacks. Most of these instructions can be adapted to fit your specific level of experience as a craftsperson, as well as the project itself. You will create a loop on one end of your cord if you don’t already have one.

Making  Curtain Tiebacks

For each type of project, you will need to do different things. You can find general instructions for all these projects below. However, if you click on the links, specific instructions will tell you what materials and tools you will need, how to use the tools, and even give you specific measurements for different types of projects.

While it may seem that there are a lot of steps involved in making these curtain titiebacksOnce you get started, they are quite easy to make. Each one will take just minutes to complete, so if you need a few new curtain tiebacks, you can easily create a few in just one sitting.

Step Four:

Mounting Your Curtain TiTie backnce you have made your curtain tieback, the next step is to mount it if applicable to which project you are making. Depending on what type of projects you’re working on, you will need different types of mounting materials. For the most part, the easiest to use is a curtain rod mounting bracket.

This can simply be screwed into the wall, and your curtain tieback will mount on top of it. However, if you are making a hook-on-style curtain tie back, you will need a small screw and an extra piece of wood or some other type of material if you want it to spin freely.

Screw this into the wall and attach your hook-on-style curtain tieback, and it will spin freely. Some people use nails to mount their beaded curtain tiebacks hough these can damage your wall, you need to be careful with them. All of this information will help you learn how to make curtain tie backs with beads.

Step Five:

Enjoy your New Curtain TiTiebacksfter you have mounted your curtain tieback; it is time to enjoy it. These are relatively easy projects that even children can do once they get the hang of them. So not only will you save money by making your curtain tieback, but you could also use this project as one for children to help with.

This will give them a chance to be creative and learn new skills. Plus, you can choose the color and design of beads for your curtain tiebacks, which is impossible with many purchased items. This gives your home or even your office a decorative touch that few other things can give you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Things That Hold Curtains Back Called?

The Following Are the Things That Hold Curtains Back Called :

  • Personal Background
  • Lack of Experience
  • Poor Planning
  • Weak or No Marketing Strategy

Should Curtain Holdbacks Be Angled?

When You Are Deciding on the Angle of Your Curtain Holdbacks, There Are Three Things That You Need to Consider :

  • You want to create the type of design with your curtains.
  • The space in which they will be used and
  • The amount of light or lack thereof.

What Is the Proper Placement of Curtain Rods?

There are many ways to place curtain rods in your home. For example, you can use the back of a chair, the top of a door frame, or even on top of a cabinet.

However, when choosing where to put your curtain rod, it is important that you know how much space you have and what type of decorating style you have.

For example, if you want to impact your curtains, hanging them from a chair would be the best option because they will stick out like crazy. However, if you want something more subtle like the look of sheer drapes without being too obvious about it, then try putting them on top of a cabinet so they will hang nicely but not get in the way as much.

How Many Inches Should Curtain Rod Be Outside Window?

The number of inches should be based on the size of the window. For example, if you have a window that is 18 inches wide, then the curtain rod should be at least 24 inches long.


If you’re looking for a way to dress up your window, this is one of the easiest ways. You can use any type or color of beads that fit with your decorating scheme, but it would be nice if they were large enough, so they don’t slip through the loops on either side. And as always, measure twice and cut once before cutting all the strings! 

Remember-it takes only 15 minutes to make these curtain tie backs using beads. Depending on how many windows your home need, that could amount to hours saved every year not spent tying back curtains! The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to make curtain tie backs with beads.

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