How to Make Sweet Coffee?

So you are in the kitchen staring at your coffee maker and deeply thinking what your date sitting in your sofa and watching meant when she said “I want my coffee sweet”. The question that would be roaming in your head is how to make sweet coffee or is there even such a thing, for all you knew was but black coffee or coffee with creamer. Well am here to let you know that yes, there is indeed a sweet coffee and here are some few ways on how to make them.

how to make sweet coffee

There are diverse ways on how to make sweet coffee as each has a different method or ingredient in making it. However, there are always closeness in the making a sweet coffee which includes:

  • The condensed Milk coffee: The key ingredients here on making a sweet coffee is the addition of a sweetened condensed milk. In the making of a condensed milk coffee, you simply add a 1/4 of sweetened condensed milk in a hot black coffee taken right from an espresso or any coffee mixture. You are supposed to gently stir the coffee as you slowly pour the sweetened condensed milk in the thick black coffee till you acquire a uniform mixture, like that of a real black coffee with creamer. Is advisable to measure the amount of condensed milk you pour in your coffee as it may be over sweetened.
Condensed Milk Coffee
  • The Fresh Milk Coffee: The making of this kind of coffee entails the use of 500ml of milk and 5 teaspoons of pure white sugar. Firstly, you blend the coffee creamer and fresh milk in a blender until completely mixed and has attained a uniform mixture. In the same blender you add your own number of coffee spoons and white sugar and blend again for 2 minutes. Taste to make sure it’s to your taste, then either add ice or just serve.
  • The Vanilla extract coffee: This kind of coffee has a great taste if you are a person who likes to try a tasty sweetened coffee. As easy as it sounds, making a vanilla coffee is just by adding a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee with cream already in it. When adding the drops one has to be accurate as adding a few more than you should could easily over sweeten your coffee.
  • The Ice Cream Coffee: Now this is the most commonly trend in coffee shops and cafés. A scoop of ice cream floating on top of coffee does not only sweetens it but also make it more of a dessert than just a simple coffee drink. The making of this coffee is just by adding mostly 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream on your coffee and sip it little by little as the ice cream gradually melts inside even it a uniform taste.
Ice Cream Coffee
  • Caramel Brulee coffee: if there is an ice cream coffee so will there be caramel coffee. Actually this will be my favorite when it comes to how to make a sweet coffee. All you need is coffee, milk, caramel sauce a touch of brown sugar and a whipped cream. Now the combination of these ingredients make the best sweetened coffee you did ever taste. For its preparation, all you have to do is get a small saucepan and stir the milk, caramel sauce and brown sugar while heating it till its foamy and steaming. You then mix a coffee and milk together and lastly add the whipped cream to it.

The very question of how to make tea in a coffee pot brought about man’s desire of having a sweetened coffee. There have been different ways by different people and by different methods on how to sweeten coffee, but when all is said and done a sweetened coffee being it morning or day always tastes great! And helps jump start everyone’s days.

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