How to match an antique carpet with the rest of décor?

An antique rug is not just an old and useless thing that you do not need or use; an ancient rug, when properly used, can add charm and stunning look to your home. With some reading and research, you can learn ways to decorate your home with stylish new decorations ideas or buying the same and even using your old or ancient rugs. An Antique rug contains many features which you need to know so that you can know how it is important for a home.

handmade carpet

Do you know that the price of a handmade carpet increases as the time passes? It means the value and cost of antique carpets are higher than a new brand carpet. An antique area rug is woven using hand-knotted technique on a handloom. If you don’t have knowledge about handmade carpet then you may think that why it is more expensive? Know some facts about hand-knotted antique carpets here-

Antique Rug
  • An antique rug is made in a natural material like pure New Zealand wool, cotton, and silk material. Which is very hard to find and that’s why these are expensive carpet.
  • An antique carpet is woven on a handloom which is the foundation of a wooden beam and operated by hand. ​
  • An antique carpet takes approx. 6-11 months to weave when two or three people work on a single loom.
  • An Antique carpet yarn is dyed using vegetable or natural dye for giving vibrant and beautiful eye-catching color combinations.
  • An old carpet contains memory of ancient people and reflects that how they lived.
  • It is 100% hand washable and highly durable rug and that’s why it is used for more than 70 years.
  • It contains intricate design patterns which have been originated from different countries like Persia, Iran, Afghanistan etc. and woven using approx. 40 colors.

Measure Size 

It is important to match interior of a room by placing a rug. For a good carpet installation, pick a rug that is 2 to 3 feet smaller than your room’s dimension. Otherwise, it will fold from the corner or will crash. When placing a carpet under a dining table, it’s best to choose a rug big enough that one can move their chairs comfortably without the chair legs slipping to the edge of the rug. For the living area, select an antique rug that can well adjust two front legs of your chairs. Put front two legs of the chair on the carpet. For rectangular or oval tables, use rectangular or oval rugs.

Measure Rug Size

Take a wool material rug for high traffic 

If you want to buy an antique rug for your hallway or for family room then take it in wool material. An antique rug is mostly woven in wool material. Wool is the best material for a high traffic area because it works as resistance for dust, soak water and help to hide stain and hair. A wool rug is also can be washed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes an Antique Rug Valuable?

Rugs can be dated as far back as 5,000 BC, but the finest rugs from this period are typically very expensive. Antique rugs from earlier periods may still have great value if they’re in excellent condition, but prices for older rugs tend to be lower than for those made more recently.

Anchor points (the centers of textile circles) are another key factor that determines a rug’s worth. These areas were often painstakingly hand-sewn by expert weavers and their workmanship is usually considered superior to other parts of the rug. Finally, color and design are also significant factors in determining a rug’s worth.

Are Old Carpets Worth Anything?

Old carpets may not be worth anything on the open market, but they could hold sentimental value for you and your family. If this is the case, there are a few things that you can do to assess their value. First, take into account the condition of the carpet: is it faded or damaged? Is there any odors present? Once you have an idea of its condition, next consider how often it has been used: was it primarily used in one room or throughout a whole house? Finally, ask yourself whether anyone else in your family would be interested in owning it. Sometimes familial relationships play a part in determining if someone will want to purchase an old rug as opposed to mothballing it or throwing it away.

If all of these factors check out favorably for you and your loved ones, then by all means go ahead and sell! Be sure to list your carpet with proper documentation so that buyers know what they’re getting themselves into (and make sure to get some decent insurance). There’s no harm in trying – even if nothing comes of selling your old rug- just remember that memories sometimes remain more powerful than physical objects!


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