How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment

The process of moving into an apartment is not only stressful but can also be extremely time-consuming. One way to make the process easier and faster is by hiring a professional mover. A professional mover will have all the necessary tools and equipment to move furniture and other belongings up or downstairs without any problems (i.e., dollies, ramps, etc.). However, if you are on a budget or would rather save money than pay someone else to do your labor, here are some tips for moving heavy objects into an upstairs apartment. 

How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment

This blog post provides readers with information on how to move furniture into a second floor apartment themselves when they don’t want to hire movers for their second-floor apartment. The blog post includes step-by-step directions on how to move a mattress, box spring, couch, and kitchen table into a second-floor apartment.

Why Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment

There are several reasons why a person might want to move furniture items into a second-floor apartment instead of hiring movers. For example, they could be on a budget or may not have enough space in their vehicle to move large pieces of furniture themselves. Whichever the case may be, it’s always best to do some research before attempting to move furniture into a second-floor apartment.

How to Move a Mattress

If you plan on moving heavy items yourself, it’s best to use your car and some strong ropes or bungee cords. First, make sure the car is large enough to handle the mattress and other pieces of furniture. Check its dimensions before purchasing any supplies needed. Next, make sure the ropes or bungee cords can hold all your items securely.

Moving a Mattress to Second Floor

After you get to the new apartment and get everything ready for carrying up the stairs (i.e., tying down any loose bedding, etc.), grab two of your strongest friends and carefully carry the mattress up the stairs. Make sure its edges are protected with a blanket or towels to prevent it from getting scratched or dirty.

How to Move a Box Spring

If you plan on purchasing a box spring for your new apartment, make sure it isn’t too difficult to carry up the stairs by yourself. Some box springs are extremely heavy and can be very hard to move alone. If this is the case, you can always rent a truck and carry it upstairs yourself. However, if you plan on having friends help you, make sure they are strong enough to handle the box spring alone or with one other friend.

Once at the new apartment, grab two of your strongest friends again and carefully carry the box spring upstairs, making sure its edges are protected with a blanket or towels to prevent it from getting scratched or dirty.

6 Ways on How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment

Step 1: Use a Moving Blanket

To avoid getting any scratches on the furniture, use a moving blanket from your local moving store. Make sure it is wide enough to fit over the piece of furniture and long enough to cover both its front and back. Be careful when placing the heavy items down, ensuring you don’t twist or bend them out of shape.

Step 2: Use Several Blankets and Cushion the Furniture

Before moving a heavy item up the stairs, protect its edges with several blankets. The blankets will help make sure nothing happens to walls, railings, or other fixtures when carrying it up the stairs. Also, cushion any sharp corners to prevent them from getting damaged or from damaging someone else.

Using Blankets to Protect the Edge

Step 3: Use a Cardboard Box and Put Locks on the Drawers

A cardboard box is an excellent tool for carrying heavy items up and down the stairs. If you plan on purchasing a new dresser, make sure to get one with several drawers and pack all your clothes in it before taking them upstairs. Since you can’t take your old dresser with you, make sure to put locks on each drawer so it won’t open while being carried.

Step 4: Use a Dolly for Lighter Items

Smaller items like lamps and end tables are easier to carry up the stairs without assistance. However, if you want to keep them protected during moving day, use a dolly. Make sure to place a moving blanket on top of the dolly and underneath the item before lifting it.

Use a Dolly for Lighter Items

Step 5: Hire Movers

The most practical way to move furniture into a second-floor apartment is to hire professional movers. They will be able to carry large and heavy pieces up and down the stairs without any damage or problems. Plus, they will make sure to take extra precautions when carrying your furniture.

 Step 6: Always Ask for Help

If you are moving to a second-floor apartment by yourself, always ask for help. You mustn’t hurt yourself or cause any damage to the furniture. Ensure that all friends and family members are strong enough to lift heavy items before asking them for help. Also, make sure someone is available at all times just in case something does happen. Moving into a second-floor apartment can be difficult. However, with the right precautions and tools, you will have your furniture moved in before you know it.

Carrying Techniques

Always lift with your legs, not your back. Try to get a firm grip on the furniture using both hands before picking it up. Tighten your abs while picking up the furniture making sure you aren’t bent or twisted when carrying it. Also, make sure to keep tight control of the item while walking through doorways and around corners.

Carrying Heavy Furniture Up Stairs

The biggest problem people face when moving heavy items up the stairs is that they’re afraid of hurting themselves or causing any damage. It would help if you didn’t lift anything too heavy without help from family or friends. Be afraid of this when using the right precautions and equipment.

Use a dolly and get as many people as you can to help move the furniture; never carry anything too heavy. Always ask for help from others because it’s much easier than trying to move everything yourself.

Carrying Heavy Furniture Up Stairs

Make sure that all friends and family members are strong enough to lift the furniture before asking them for help. Also, always be very careful when walking up and down the stairs; never take any chances of dropping or hurting yourself.

Keep tight control of the item while carrying it, and make sure you don’t twist or turn while walking through doorways. Always lift with your legs and never hurt yourself trying to move something too heavy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a dolly for light and medium-sized furniture
  • Ask for help from family and friends to make the process easier.
  • Make sure the item is placed on a moving blanket before placing it on top of any surface such as a dolly, truck, or table.
  • Always lift with your legs; don’t use your back to carry anything.
  • Have a firm grip on the item before picking it up.
  • Keep tight control of the item while carrying throughout doorways and around corners.

If you follow these simple tips, your move into a second-floor apartment will be much easier. And with that said, have a wonderful moving day!

Warnings of How to Move Furniture Into a Second Floor Apartment

  • Don’t lift anything too heavy.
  • Be careful while carrying the furniture through doorways and upstairs
  • Use your legs when carrying any furniture, not your back.
  • Make sure to have a firm grip on all items being carried before picking them up off of the ground.
  • Keep tight control of the item at all times while moving from room to room and through doorways.
  • When possible, try to use a dolly for lighter items.
  • Hire movers or get help from friends and family members to make the process easier. Never attempt any of these moves on your own!
  • Don’t twist or bend your body when lifting anything. Always keep your back straight and your abs tight.
  • Be careful not to bump into any walls, doorways, or corners while you’re carrying something heavy.
  • Keep careful control of the item at all times during the moving day. For example, never take any chances while moving up or down the stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Couch Upstairs?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on the size of the couch and other factors. If you are moving a large couch, it would cost more than if you were moving a small one. Moving upstairs will also be more expensive than moving downstairs.

However, for an average-sized couch that weighs about 40 pounds and is 8 feet long, it would cost about $130 to move it up 3 flights of stairs.

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

Yes, there is a checklist for moving.

  • Create a moving inventory list of all the items you will be taking with you and their corresponding measurements.
  • Plan your route by researching roads and traffic conditions.
  • Set up an appointment to get a home inspection if you are renting or buying a house that has been on the market for some time.
  • Take pictures of your belongings before packing them so that you can have an idea of what it looks like after being packed away.
  • Clean out your old room so that your new place doesn’t smell like stale air and dirty clothes when you move in.
Clean Out the Old Room

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

This is a tough question because packing when moving can be very difficult. Here Are Some Tips to Make Your Packing Easier :

  • Pack in groups, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Label all of your boxes with the contents and destination.
  • Use a checklist to avoid forgetting anything important like medication or identification documents.
  • Fill up boxes with things that take up less space like books, electronics, etc.
  • Take advantage of any moving services offered by friends or family members.

Should You Load Boxes or Furniture First?

If you are loading boxes, make sure that the boxes are secure and strong enough to handle being loaded onto a truck. If they are not, then don’t load them on your truck.

In contrast, if you have furniture to load onto your truck, make sure that the furniture is lightweight and can be easily handled by one person.


If you are moving your furniture up a flight of stairs to move into an apartment on the second floor, take our tips for making it easier. You can make use of sturdy boxes or pieces of cardboard as ramps that will help keep the load balanced and reduce the risk of injury from lifting heavy objects. Use blankets to avoid scratching surfaces with abrasive materials. And stretch before getting started! The last thing you want is to hurl yourself halfway through your hard work because you overexerted yourself in one go. Take care not only for your own safety but also for any fragile items being lifted during this process, so they don’t break under pressure during transport! I hope you enjoyed this article on how to move furniture into a second floor apartment! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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