How to Open a Deadbolt Lock Without a Key

You’ve locked yourself out of your house, and you don’t have a key. So you’re standing there feeling defeated when it hits you: I bet I can open this deadbolt without a key. Well, if you want to know how to do that, read on! We’ll go over all the steps in detail so that you can get back into your home with no problems. 

How to Open a Deadbolt Lock Without a Key

The author writes for several different websites and has experience with locksmithing. He knows what he’s talking about and will give great instructions on how to pick a lock like an expert. If this sounds interesting, keep reading! This blog post will show you how to open a deadbolt lock without a key.

Step to Follow on How to Open a Deadbolt Lock Without a Key

Step One: Locate the Spindle

A spindle is how you open a deadbolt lock without a key. Every deadbolt, or door lock that requires a key to open, has this component inside the door. When the deadbolt is extended into the door frame, it can be seen through an opening in between where the handle meets with the frame.

Locate the Spindle

The spindle, which is the horizontal piece, will be sticking up through this hole. The spindle is what must be lifted to release the deadbolt. There are two different kinds of deadbolt locks. The first is when the spindle isn’t attached to anything, and it’s held in place by the tension pressure of the bolt.

Step Two: Insert a Flathead Screwdriver

A flathead screwdriver can be used to lift the spindle. The tip of this tool should stick into the gap between where the doorframe meets with the spindle and should direct its point on the spindle. There will probably be a cover plate covering it because it’s not designed to be exposed to the elements.

If there is a cover plate, it will have a screw, so unscrew it and set the plate aside. The flathead screwdriver should then go under the spindle and lift it until you can easily grab onto it with your hands. The spindle needs to be lifted until the door handle is released.

Step Three: Unlock the Deadbolt

When you lift on the spindle, it will release the door handle and allow you to open it without a key. It might take several attempts and some strength to raise it enough for this to happen; use both hands, if necessary. If there’s no cover plate on the deadbolt spindle, you’ll need to use a pair of pliers to pull it up.

When there’s no cover plate, insert the screwdriver under the spindle and lift until it comes out. Then, use the pliers to grab onto it and pull it up. The door will open without a key because the lock has been disengaged. After all, the spindle has been lifted. There is no other way to open a deadbolt lock without a key.

Step Four: Replace the Spindle Cover

All you need to do when you’re done is replace the spindle cover. The door has now been locked again, and only a key will be able to open it. This doesn’t happen accidentally because deadbolts are designed with a heavy-duty security system.

Another way of opening a deadbolt lock without a key is to drill the lockout. However, this method isn’t recommended because it damages your door, plus it’s impossible to replace the lock to how it was before. If you want to be able to open your door again easily, do not drill the deadbolt. It would help if you waited for a locksmith instead.

Step Five: Replace the Door Handle

Another way to open a deadbolt lock without a key is to replace the door handle. The mechanism inside of this part of the door is very similar to that of the spindle cover. It would help if you lifted it for it to disengage and release the deadbolt.

Replace the Door Handle

Before you try replacing the door handle, practice opening it with the flathead screwdriver; if you’re able to lift on the spindle, then this will work for sure. You can also use this method if you don’t want to replace the entire door handle, just the latch part. This will help in how to open a deadbolt lock without a key.

Step Six: Replace Both Locks When Needed

If none of these methods work to open a deadbolt lock without a key, you need to replace the locks completely. An intruder may have forced in the door, or another person might have a key. You can’t use any method of picking the lock because this is often easily visible from the outside of the door.

To get into the home, you’ll need to replace both locks with new ones. If this is your house and there’s no damage to anything, then you can change the locks yourself. Once this has been done, only a key will be able to open the door again.

Step Seven: Replace the Door Frame

Another way to open a deadbolt lock without a key is to replace the door frame. This shouldn’t be done because you could hurt yourself or anyone else, but it can be done if you’re desperate for this specific reason. You need to lift on the entire lock for this work, and it’s not something you will be able to do by yourself.

The best option is to call a locksmith, but there are some things that they won’t be able to help with. For example, if you’re locked out of your home and have no keys at all. There’s almost nothing they can do about this situation except drill the lock or breaking the door. This is expensive and can be dangerous if not done properly.

Step Eight: Replacing the Lock

If you still can’t get into your house or apartment, then it’s time to replace the lock completely. There’s no way around this; you need help to get into your home again. The best thing is to call a locksmith to come and install new deadbolt locks because they’re very easy to use. 

Replacing the Lock

This locksmith will know how to open a deadbolt lock without a key and get you back inside your home. They will also be able to provide you with brand new locks if needed, and they’ll put everything back together for you.

It’s important to maintain your deadbolt locks so that you don’t have to open a lock without a key again. It would help if you cleaned them once every few months, which the locksmith will do as well. Dirt and grime can build up on the inside of these locks if not cleaned out properly.

Grime makes it harder to open deadbolt locks without a key, so be sure to clean them out now and then. Anyone can do this on their own if they have the right equipment, or you can hire a local locksmith to come over and do the job for you.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can You Unlock a Deadbolt With a Credit Card?

Yes, you can unlock a deadbolt with a credit card. You will need to take the credit card and make small cuts in it with a razor blade or Exacto knife so that it can slide through the slot of the deadbolt.

You will then use your credit card as a handle to insert into the slot and turn it until you hear an audible click. Once you have successfully unlocked your door, pull out your credit card to remove it from the deadbolt.

What Household Items Can You Pick a Lock With?

There are many household items that can be used to pick a lock. The most common and simplest one is a wire coat hanger, while others include forks, paper clips, tacks, etc.

A wire coat hanger can easily be bent into a U or O shape to unlock most locks with ease. It also has the advantage of using both hands for more leverage when picking the lock.

What’s the Easiest Way to Pick a Lock?

The easiest way to pick a lock is by using the tension wrench method.

Step 1: Get a tension wrench, which is an Allen key with a hook on one end and a smooth surface on the other.

Step 2: Insert the hook into the lock’s keyway and tighten it down.

Step 3: While holding onto the tension wrench, insert your plugin the hole where you inserted your hook.

Step 4: Using your plug as leverage, turn the tension wrench counterclockwise until it clicks into place.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 for each lock pin until you have successfully picked it open!

Can You Pick a Lock With a Fork?

No, you cannot pick a lock with a fork. This is because the tines of the fork are too thin and do not have enough strength to be able to open a lock.


No one likes the feeling of being locked out. If you are ever in this situation, there are a few ways to open your door without having to take it down or call for help. The first thing that will work is using tape or wire hangers, as shown below. Keep both pieces long enough so they can reach around and be hooked on each side of the doorknob.

Pull them apart with all your might until you feel some give which means the lock has released its hold on your keyhole. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to open a deadbolt lock without a key.

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