How to Open a Gas Meter Lock Without Key

Gas meters are a significant part of the natural gas infrastructure. They measure and regulate the flow of natural gas from pipelines into homes and businesses. Unfortunately, the meter can be located in a basement or outside ground level, making it accessible to someone with bad intentions.

How to Open a Gas Meter Lock Without Key

For this not to happen, you must know how to open a lock without a key on your gas meter so you can change the locks if necessary! This post will give you helpful tips on how to open a gas meter lock without key while still getting all its benefits!

Step by Step Guide on How to Open a Gas Meter Lock Without Key 

Step One: Obtain

To open a gas meter lock without the key, you first need to obtain the lock.  There are two main kinds of locks: padlocks and cylinder locks.  Padlocks can be opened with just about anything, but cylinder locks will require more thought.  

Cylinder locks can be picked or drilled out within minutes, but it is always a good idea to know how to open them without picking or drilling as well. Cylinder locks are opened by rotating, and it is best to do this with your bare hands.

Step Two: Locate

Locate the keyhole on the lock, and decide which method you will use to open it.  The keyholes will be at the top of the lock and may look like little metal circles.  It is easiest to locate cylinder locks by feeling for raised bumps on either side of the keyhole.

If the lock is a padlock, it will either be on the top or bottom of the shackle.  It may also be covered by rugged metal plates that must be removed to expose it.  

Step Three: Prepare

Prepare to open the lock by removing any tools that may be in your way. For example, if you are opening a padlock, remove the shackle by pulling it out or cutting it off if needed.  A cylinder lock will have no shackle, but metal plates will be around it, so pull those off as required.  

Also, remove any keys you might have on your person or in your pocket.  If you are using your keys to open the lock, remove them now to prevent confusion.  If you are using a paperclip or wire, now is also the time to prepare them.  Please make sure they are straight and roughly the same size to fit into the keyhole easily.

Step Four: Insert

Insert your tool into the keyhole.  The shackle on a padlock will be open as you insert it, but a cylinder lock will need to be turned, so the hole is at the 12 o’clock position.  In both cases, do not insert your tool all of the way. Instead, leave about 1/4 inch in the keyhole so that you can grab and turn it easily.  

Insert Your Tool Into the Keyhole

Turn your tool gently in a clockwise motion to open the lock.  If this doesn’t work, try turning the device counterclockwise.  Sometimes one direction will be easier than another, especially on cylinder locks.  Please do not force your tool, or you will break it.

Step Five: Check

Check to see if the lock has opened.  If using a padlock, pull on where the shackle was to ensure it is no longer connected. Using a cylinder lock, turn your tool counterclockwise slowly while keeping gentle pressure to see if the lock has been picked or drilled.

If it hasn’t, try again in the opposite direction. When the lock has opened, lift your tool out of the keyhole and open the lock fully by rotating it with your fingers.

Step Six: Enjoy

Enjoy your newly opened gas meter lock without a key!  If you plan to do this again in the future, keep your tool with you.  This method does not work for cylinder locks opened with a key, only those that can be turned by hand.  You will always need to open these locks at the beginning of your shift, so it is best not to look for materials or tools.

Enjoy Your Newly Opened Gas Meter Lock Without a Key

People don’t always take the proper safety precautions when checking gas meters.  You should be careful not to touch the meter dial, turn any knobs, or open the meter box lid until you are certain there is no gas in it.  This way, you can avoid getting burned or harming anyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Turn My Gas on Myself?

Yes, you can turn your gas on yourself. It is not necessary to call a professional. However, if you are uncertain about how to do it, it is best to call a licensed contractor who can come out and turn the gas on for you.

What Happens if You Cut Lock Off Gas Meter?

When You Cut Off the Gas Meter, the Following Will Happen :

  • If there is a leak in the pipeline, you could be fined.
  • The company may decide to fix the pipe and charge for it.
  • If there is no leak, then you may have to pay for your own gas bill if you did not buy it from them.

How Do You Open a Gas Home?

Gas furnaces and heaters have a pilot light or gas valve that must be turned on before the unit can be used.

Turning on the Gas Valve :

1. Turn off all power to the furnace or heater by turning off the circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel.

2. Open up the cover of your heating unit, and locate its gas valve, which is usually located at one end of the device.

3. Turn on your furnace or heater’s burner and let it ignite for a few seconds until you see flames coming out of it, then turn off the burner again.

4. Make sure that you are wearing gloves when handling fuel; if not, wash your hands with soap and water before continuing with this process because fuel is highly flammable (also, wear safety goggles).

5. Hold down the handle of your unit’s gas valve while twisting it clockwise until it clicks into place; hold this position for about 10 seconds before releasing it so that any excess pressure can escape from inside of your unit (it should make a clicking sound as well).

Hold Down the Handle of Your Unit's Gas Valve

Can You Open a Gas Meter Lock without Key?

No, it is not possible to open a gas meter lock without a key. You need the code that comes with the key to open the lock and then use it to turn on the gas meter. If you are unable to find your key, contact your utility company or call them up for help.


To open a gas meter lock without the key, you will need two screwdrivers as well as a Phillips head and flathead. Unscrew the four screws on the inside of the door using your Phillips head screwdriver. Make sure that it is an anti-clockwise motion, so you don’t strip any of them out.

Once they are all removed, push in and twist until it pops off; use caution. You should now see where there is some space between the hinges; use your flathead screwdriver for this next step. The infomercial style has shared information on how to open a gas meter lock without key.

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