How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key

If you are locked outside your house without a key, the last thing you want to do is call someone to unlock the door. Luckily, there is another way that does not require any keys at all! Magnetic locks can be opened with just about anything metal and strong enough.

How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key

All you need to do is find something that will conduct electricity or magnetism well enough for it to act as an electromagnet and use this object’s magnetic field against the lock’s magnetic field. Of course, this will cause them both to repel each other until one of them gives in and opens up, so your door swings open freely! In this blog post, we will go over how to open magnetic lock without keys.

Step to Follow on How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key 

Step One: Cut the Magnetic Cord

Generally, there is a magnetic cord running through the center of all magnetic locks. It’s vital to cut this cord before attempting to remove the lock from its housing. Often these cords are braided with several wires containing both copper and steel fibers.

Keep in mind that if you tear off metal components of your lock, they may cause damage to the cord and prevent it from opening correctly. Therefore, it is best to slice the cord carefully with a sharp knife or razor blade.

Step Two: Remove the Magnetic Lock

After cutting the magnetic cord, grab both sides of your lock and try to wiggle it free from its cradle. Remember that you might have to pull a bit harder on one side if there is more resistance than usual. You will find that some locks can be pulled right out, while others may take a little bit more effort to get free.

Remove the Magnetic Lock

Remember that it is essential not to lose any of the pieces, so be sure to set your lockout on a table or against the wall while you work with it. You may find that locking mechanisms like this one are more complex than keyless locks because standard tools cannot be manipulated.

Step Three: Take Apart Your Lock’s Components

Now take apart all of the components of your lock without losing any parts. Many magnetic locks are held together with plastic pieces that snap in place; others may require you to screw pieces together. You will find that various components within your assembly must be taken apart to release the lock.

The most challenging piece maybe your magnetic core. You will need to cut through this metal structure with an angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade or use a saws-all. This can be very dangerous, so make sure you use all necessary safety equipment before attempting any heavy cutting.

Step Four: Reassemble Your Lock

Now that your lock components are laid out on a table, you can start reassembling the entire thing again. If possible, try putting everything together in the opposite way that you took it apart. For example, if you needed to take apart two pieces and screw two others together before removing them from their housing, take those two pieces and screw them back together before reconstructing the lock.

Make sure you are not missing any parts. If something doesn’t seem to fit together the way it had before, try using some electrical tape or superglue to hold everything in place. Once you have reassembled your lock, cut the magnetic cord again and try pulling on all components. If one part of your lock still won’t pull out, ensure you have not accidentally taped it together.

Step Five: Test Your Lock

Place your lock back into its cradle and attach the magnetic cord back onto it. Now try pulling on all of the components. If you notice that your lock will not pull apart, try cutting the cord again and reassembling it. If this does not fix the problem, you may have to return your magnetic lock to its manufacturer for repairs or replacement.

Test Your Lock

If it still does not pull apart after reassembling your lock, you may have to replace some parts. You can try taking your lock apart and reassembling again with different components. If you find that not all of the pieces fit together, then those parts must be replaced. It’s essential to ensure no excess pressure on your magnetic core before using your lock again.

Step Six: Replace Your Lock’s Components

If you find that your lock will pull apart but only after a lot of effort, you may need to replace some components. You can try calling the manufacturer of your magnetic lock and describing the problem you are having. The company should be able to send replacement pieces to most locations within a few days.

However, call the manufacturer before cutting your magnetic cord. New components might already have been placed on your lock when manufactured, so do not cut any cords until you know it is necessary. This will help in how to open magnetic lock without key.

Step Seven:  Swap Out Your Lock

If you have found that all parts of your lockout must be replaced, or if the manufacturer does not supply replacement parts for your lock, most companies will allow customers to swap out their locks. This means you can pay a small fee and get another magnetic lock without paying for installation. In addition, new locks are similar in price to old ones, and most locks can be installed in minutes.

If you have a broken magnetic lock, contact your lock company to get a replacement or have it serviced. You also may have to return your old lockout for recycling. If you have a broken magnetic lock, contact your lock company to get a replacement or have it serviced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Magnetic Door Locks Secure?

Magnetic door locks are considered one of the most secure types of locks. The reason is that they have no keyhole and cannot be picked or cut open with a pair of bolt cutters.

However, it has been shown that magnetic door locks can still be compromised by attacking them from outside the building.

This is due to how these systems work: magnetic codes must be entered on a single device before opening any other device in the system. This means if someone hacks into your security system, they can then get access to all other devices in your office or home just by changing their code.

Can You Bypass Magnetic Door Locks?

You can’t bypass a magnetic door lock. However, you can get around it by using the Mag Lock Removal Tool. This device can bypass the power of most magnetic locks in seconds and give you access to your property again.

Use the Mag Lock Removal Tool

Do Magnetic Locks Work without Power?

No. Magnetic locks need the power to function properly. Locks with a battery backup, such as Schlage Primus, can work without power, but most other magnetic locks require electricity in order to operate.

If you have a traditional mechanical lock on your door and want to avoid using a key or electronic access control, then you will need an electromagnetic lock for the best results.


If you’re locked out of your house and don’t have a key, there are many ways to get back in. Some people try to break open the door with their shoulder or kick it down; others use crowbars or screwdrivers.

But if you want to keep damage at bay, one option is to find an old-fashioned metal coat hanger or similar object that’s thin enough for you to slip into the lock slot on the top or side of your door without damaging its surface. The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to open magnetic lock without keys.

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