How to Open Realtor Lock Box Without Code

If you want to buy a home but don’t have time to go into the office or meet with your real estate agent, you can now open your lockbox without needing the code! This is because of the new Lockbox Keypad.

It allows someone else to enter their code and open it remotely, such as your mortgage broker. The only problem with this system is that there is no way for an owner or realtor to override the keypad’s commands if they suspect fraud.

how to open realtor lock box without code

So be sure not to give out personal information like your social security number when opening your lockbox remotely. This post will give you helpful tips on how to open realtor lock box without code while still getting all its benefits!

10 Steps to Follow on How to Open Realtor Lock Box Without Code

Step One: Determine if the Lockbox Requires a Code for Access.

You can check this by trying to open the lockbox without your credentials. First, look for deadbolts at the end of the shackle that is supported by springs. If there are no deadbolt locks, then look for the letters  ‘KP’, which means you can open it with a key.

If the lockbox has a spring-supported shackle, then you will require codes to open it. These locks are usually located in remote areas where burglars cannot easily access them.

These numbers represent an access code for this lockbox, but you still need to look at the card to determine what order they should enter. Other locks that require codes are combination padlocks and digital locks that use fingerprint or retina scanners. You can also call your local realtor if you’re having trouble finding the access code.

Step Two: Open the Lockbox Using a Magnetic Key Card or Master Code

In some locks, you will have to enter a combination of numbers simultaneously to open them. This is where things get tricky. You can try entering different varieties, but these are usually limited to three consecutive numbers. The best way to open the lockbox is to use a magnetic key card or master code that allows you to input any combination of numbers without restrictions.

You can find out if your realtor uses this system by checking their website for contact details. Then, call them up and tell them you need an access code, but ask if they use a key card or master code first. If they do, the realtor will give you a card that has been programmed with certain numbers.

You can then use this card to open their lockboxes without knowing the specific combination of numbers assigned for each one. You will need to use this card for all of the lockers you need to access because it is reserved just for your use.

Step Three: Drill Through the Codes on a Digital

If the realtor only assigns one combination of numbers for all their lockboxes, then you may not be able to open them without knowing the code. When you come across this problem, the only option is to drill through it by removing the back of the lockbox and entering all possible number combinations until one of them works.

Drill Through It by Removing the Back of the Lockbox and Entering All Possible Number Combinations

If the realtor has assigned different numbers for each lockbox, you can open each one with a drill bit that matches its width. If you don’t know the specific widths, use a wide bit and drill through all possible combinations.

This may take some time, but you should be able to get in eventually by preventing numbers that don’t work from being drilled out. Although this method will damage the lockbox, it may be your only option if you can’t find any other way to open it. This will help in how to open realtor lock box without code.

Step Four: Use a Master Lock Pick

A master lock pick is an essential tool for opening realtor lockboxes. You can use it to enter combinations and reset keys by moving the metal pieces until they align with each other in the plug. This is similar to drilling but without damaging the back of the lockbox.

If you have this tool, use it to enter the code instead of drilling through the front. This will prevent damage and allow you to reopen it with your realtor’s key card or master code after you’re done accessing the lockbox. If you don’t have a master lock pick, you can make one with readily available materials.

You will need guitar wire that is at least 22 gauge, scissors, needle-nosed pliers, some tape, and small metal washers. Cut two pieces of the guitar wire that are around six inches long each. Bend one end of each piece to form a small loop that is approximately half an inch wide. Bend the straight end up into a ninety-degree angle and use pliers to bend it further if necessary.

Step Five: Remove the Lockbox’s Back.

Use pliers to pry open the nut that holds the lockbox’s cover in place. The back of the cover should pop off and reveal a row of steel pins that hold it in place. Use needle-nosed pliers to remove each one by bending them down until they are level with the others.

The back of the lockbox will now be completely loose, but you still have to pry it apart with a screwdriver or knife after removing all of the steel pins. The hinges attached to the front cover should fall off when this happens, so throw them away. When you’re done, there should be nothing left holding the front and back of the lockbox together except the lock itself.

Step Six: Reenter the Realtor’s Combination.

Now that you’ve figured out how to access your realtor’s lockbox enter the combination and open it up. Make sure you memorize the sequence of numbers so that you can’t accidentally reset them if something goes wrong. If you want to be extra cautious, write everything down so that no one can tell what the actual code is if they see your notes.

Use a Screwdriver to close it

Once you are inside, you can either close it back up or use a screwdriver to obliterate the lockbox’s front. Please put all of its contents into a bag and tape it shut before putting it in your car. The lockbox should be empty if you’ve done everything right. If anything is left inside, it is accessible to anyone who finds it and knows how to open it without the realtor’s code.

How Do I Get My Realtor Lockbox Off?

The lockbox on a home will often be left by the real estate agent or potential buyers as they tour a property. This allows them to view the inside while keeping the actual house keys safe and secure. In addition, the lockbox will contain a key that you use to get into the house, and if you’re lucky, there might even be a set of keys for the front door.

The Lockbox Will Contain a Key That You Use to Get Into the House

In most cases, though, it will have a numerical code on it. You can call your real estate agent or previous owner to find out what this number is, but if you can’t get in touch with them, it’s easy to get the code yourself. All you need is access to a WiFi connection and some time. Thanks for reading about how to open realtor lock box without code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Into a Realtor Lock Box?

A lockbox is a tool that realtors use to secure their homes while they are not there. It is also used by insurance companies, banks, and other professionals who require privacy in their homes or office.

It can be opened using an electronic keypad, and it will only allow the individual with the correct code to enter the home. The best part about these boxes is that they do not require keys, so thieves cannot break into them easily.

There Are Many Benefits of Having a Lockbox Like :

  • It protects your property from burglars.
  • It prevents unwanted visitors from coming into your home without permission.
  • If you lose your keys, you can still get into your house even if you don’t have a spare set of keys around you at all times because there’s always someone available to open it for you remotely with a few simple clicks on the computer screen via e-mail or text message!

Is It Hard to Open Realtor Lock Box without Code?

It is not hard to open a realtor lockbox without the code. First, you need to locate the key that goes with your lockbox. You can find this on the outside of your lockbox or inside of it if it has one. If you cannot find the key, then call your locksmith and ask them for help in locating it.

Once you have found the key, use a long flat-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding down your lockbox’s lid. Once these are removed, lift up on either side of the lid and pull it off so that you can access your lockbox’s contents.

Can You Open a Lock Box without A Key?

Yes, you can open a lockbox without a key. The easiest way to do this is by using a paperclip or other thin object that will fit into the keyhole. You then need to twist it around until it makes contact with the metal inside the lockbox and hold it there while you press down on the button.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to take your device apart and get at the metal plate that has your combination written on it. This metal plate is located in between two pieces of plastic which are connected by an axle. Once you’ve found this piece, push one side up so that it presses against the metal plate and turn either clockwise or counterclockwise until you hear a click sound, and then remove the other piece of plastic from between them.

What Is the Best Way to Open Realtor Lock Box without Code?

The best way to open a lockbox without the code is by using a lock pick set. The difference between picking and unlocking is that you can use your tools instead of having to buy new ones.

It is also possible to purchase a keypad from the dealer, but it will be more expensive than picking up your own lock pick set.


In the event of a lost lockbox code, there are ways to open it without damaging it. Some suggestions include using an ice pick or screwdriver, freezing the box for 30 minutes, and then trying again. This tactic often works, hitting at different angles with a rubber mallet to dislodge any debris that may be inside the lockbox or drilling out one side of the latch mechanism on top of where you believe your key would fit.

If none of these tactics work after trying them all, contact us for help! We’re happy to provide assistance getting into your lockbox when you’ve got another set coming in soon. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to open realtor lock box without code.

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