How to Paint a Beer Die Table


A beer paint table is a table that should contain graphic design elements and usually displays or holds glasses, bottles, and sometimes other types of beverage containers. These tables are typically found in bars and pubs and range from simple to elegant designs. In this article, I will discuss how to paint a beer die table. So let us get started.

How to Paint a Beer Die Table

Stepwsie Guide on How to Paint a Beer Die Table

1. The first thing you’ll need is a table to paint! I built this one specifically for this tutorial, but any standard table will do just fine! You could even use an old poker or craps table if you can find one cheap enough!

The First Thing That Will Need is a Table to Paint

2. For the base color of the table, I started with a black primer and covered every inch of the surface evenly. After that dried, I mixed equal parts white latex paint and water. This created a very light gray color, making mistakes much easier later on when painting all the other colors!

3. Now it’s time for browns! Using dry brushing techniques again (dry brushing is explained in step 1), I covered certain sections of the table surface with brown paint. These sections are the sections of wood on actual beer die tables, so it’s essential to get them right! You’ll need some darker browns for this step as well.

4. Now, I started using a different shade of brown to drybrush on top of my previous layer browns! This created an “old, worn” look on the table that I liked. Just remember that your last pass at painting anything should be your lightest pass, while your first pass is always darkest! If you screw up somewhere in between, repaint it and try again! All those layers will eventually blend to create a much better-looking product 🙂

5. Time for reds now! I just used regular red spray paint for this step, and the “reds” on authentic beer die tables are more of a maroon color, but it can be challenging to find a lovely shade of maroon without buying some expensive specialty paint. The spray paint works perfectly for this, though, and it’s a nice bright color as opposed to the usual browns found on wood!

6. Now it’s time to add some touchups! Wherever I added too much brown or other colors, I went back in with my gray/white mix from before and mixed it into those areas until they were lighter again. This is a lot easier than trying to cover up all your mistakes with fresh coats of other colors *and* saves you money by not having to buy as many different types of paint! Doing touchup work like this also helps make your table look more realistic, as tables from pubs typically have chips and nicks all over them because of how much people bang their mugs and other things on the table.

7. Now it’s time for black! I just used a standard black spray paint that can be found at nearly any hardware store or hobby shop, and it works perfectly fine. This step finishes off your table’s “wood” areas by making them look darker than they were before. It also adds to the overall darkness of the image in general, which will help add to the realism you’re going for here.

8. The next step is optional, but if you want an even *more realistic looking beer die table, you can use a brown wash on the table. I just made some regular old black craft paint thinner using some water and added some brown paint to it, then brushed it onto my whole table with a brush. Of course, the more you do this, the “dirtier” your table will appear.

Precautions While Painting a Beer Die Table

1. While doing the painting, make sure that you are wearing a mask. There are chances that you might suffer from breathing problems or headaches after coming in contact with paint chemicals.

2. Make sure that the place where you are painting is well ventilated. If not, it causes nausea and can cause vomiting too.

Make sure that the place  where you are painting is well ventilated.

3. Try to keep different foods, drinks, etc., away from the area you are painting as this can contaminate the colors and taste of paints. Moreover, this could ruin your hard work done on the table by liquid spilling over it, which would ultimately lead to a wastage of time and efforts put into it, losing its charm completely at last!

4. After finishing work, take care that there should be no waste materials of paint on the table as it will stick to clothes, making them dirty and impure!

5. Keep a cloth with you at all times for cleaning purposes, try and cover the whole table with a bed sheet before starting or if not possible then make sure that there is no hard material on which paint can seep into such as wood, etc.

6. Try covering the side edges of the table first and then go for painting its upper portions as this would help prevent any marks on walls due to unintentional droplets of paint falling off from the table’s surface onto them!

How To Clean a Beer DIe Table?

  1. Prepare a bucket filled with 50/50 warm water and Ammonia (very important it is mixed with water, as pure Ammonia will ruin your table)
  2. Using the scrub brush and some elbow grease (get those biceps going – grunt grunty noises help too), start scrubbing your tabletop to remove all dirt and grime. This step is probably the hardest one, but do not fear; we are almost done!
  3. Once you have finished scrubbing your tabletop with the mix of warm water and Ammonia, rinse off the table with clean water from a hose or tap outside.
  4. Let dry completely overnight in the shade if possible or indoors under air conditioning/fan if necessary, depending on the time of year.
  5. Once dry, start sanding with a heavy grit paper (e.g., 80) all over your tabletop to remove any paint splashes or marks from the previous paint job.


I hope this article has been beneficial for providing all the information regarding how to paint a beer die table. Ensure all the precautions while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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