How to Peel a Lime?

There are some fruits that are just hard to work around or prepare. A lot of fruits are easy to handle in preparation for its consumption and hence make them an easy pick for fruit juices or other added meals.

Some of these fruits include orange, apple, mango, watermelon, pineapple among others, all of which are easily or can be easily sliced, peeled, or chopped. However, when it comes to how to peel a lime, it tends to beat most on how to go out it. The very topic of how to peel a lime, sparked an internet sensation that social media outlet Twitter had a stand still on the topic where everyone shared his or her opinion. Most users had different reactions on whether if a lime can be peeled or not, but the majority were in wonder on how to peel a lime.

How to Peel a Lime

Well, as many as those who have never seen a peeled lime or want to know if a lime can be peeled, the answer is Yes! As small as limes are they can be peeled, if one makes use of the right instrument and technique. Now depending on what you did be using your lime for, will make you decision on whether to peel, slice it or use a fruit juicer. To peel a lime, one will have to be familiar with the technique of Supreme Citrus.

Supreme citrus, makes use of a paring knife in the removal of the skin, the membrane of the fruit and evenly slicing them. This technique of cutting citrus fruits, makes the fruit perfectly prepared for whatever use you got planned for. Below is a step by step procedure on how to go about it.

Step-1 : First step is to wash your limes, and place it on a cutting board or on your stone surface kitchen counter. With the use of a sharp paring knife, gently trim your lime from top to bottom.

 First Step Is to  Wash Your Limes

Step-2 : Placing the lime vertically, make use of your parking knife to slice the skin off the lime. Caution is to be taken here, as the knife is sharp and a least mistake can lead to you cutting your yourself. However, the sharper the knife the easy your task will be.

Step-3 : Once all the skin is off you examine it further to make sure all the skin of the lime has been indeed sliced off. You then gently slice off any other membranes remaining on it.

Now a side the Supreme Citrus. One could also make use of the hand technique in the peeling off a skin of a lime. Actually, this is the easiest and most efficient way of how to peel a lime.

Step-1 : With the lime placed in your hands, use a sharp but small kitchen knife and gently slice it, but not slicing it deep, just about enough to separate the skin from the fruit itself.

Step-2 : Place down your knife and with the aid of your fingers, slowly separate the skin of the lime from the edible part of the fruit. The technique here is to make use of your thump in tearing the skin apart from the fruit moving in a cycle manner.

 Placing the Lime Vertically

Step-3 : Once step 2 is done, you pick up your knife and gently slice off any remaining membranes surrounding the lime.

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of ways in peeling of a lime, but all of it will highly depend on the user, and what he or she would like to use the lime for. But is to know even with the best lemon juicer at home, one cannot make a good juice without knowing how to peel off citrus fruits properly.

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