How to Place Sloped Roof Ark

If you’re in the market for a new house but are concerned about how to place sloped roof arks on your future property, this blog post is for you. First, we will go over what sloped roof arks are and why they are so popular with home builders today. Sloped roof arks are an excellent way to create extra space or add value to your home without taking up too much room around the house’s perimeter.

How to Place Sloped Roof Ark

They can be used as additional rooms, bathrooms, closets, or patios. Sloping roofs have always been popular among architects due to their unique ability to take up less room than traditional flat roofs would while still covering more area than a gabled roof would provide. Nowadays, people are putting sloped ceilings on their garages, basements, and even living rooms. 

10 Steps to Follow on How to Place Sloped Roof Ark 

Step One: Unlocking the Ark

To unlock the Ark, you need to have a Hand Shovel or an Uzi. Anything else will not allow you to open it. Once opened, there are two chests within which contain different items. The contents of the chests are random, with each start of a world.

You can find items ranging from stone to diamonds, gold, armor sets, saddles and more. The contents of the chests are shared between your single-player worlds. So if you have an unlocked ark on one world, it is unlocked for all your worlds!

Step Two: Basic Items You May Have Received 

You may have received some items already. This includes the items in the chests, not including saddles or armor because it depends on what you spawned next to. For example, if you have received coal, you should make torches immediately.

If you have received flint, make a campfire. If you have pumpkin seeds, plant them immediately. Also, if you have diamonds, break them down into their ore form to smelt later on in the game for more valuable items.

Step Three: Gather Wood and Stone

Depending on how much wood you have obtained from the Ark, chop down trees using your ax until you have a full stack. If you have stone, break it down into cobblestone to use for tools or buildings going forward. Gather stone and wood that you see lying around for future use, but do not use it just yet. You should not need it at this point if you have a good supply from the Ark.

Unlocking the Ark

Step Four: Start Building a Shelter

You will need to start building a shelter. First, use your cobblestone and wood to create the foundation for this shelter, making it at least 4×5. If you have any extra supplies from the Ark or dirt lying around, use that as well! Then cover with leaves if possible.  Next, create a door using wood and cobblestone.

Then place a wooden chest in the structure to store items. If you have any extra cobblestone, use it sparingly to make one or two more internal walls inside your basic shelter. It is recommended that you do not turn this into an extravagant mansion at this time, even though you may be tempted!

Step Five: Killing Passive Mobs

Around this time, you should have a sword and a few pieces of armor. You can now go out and begin killing passive mobs to obtain food for your character as well as more resources. You can also search for wool from sheep to create a bed for sleeping at night to save your game or go into the menu and sleep.

You can also craft tools as you kill these mobs, like a stone pickaxe for faster mining. Finally, if you come across any hostile mobs, take them out using your sword! Please do not attempt to parry their attack; they do too much damage and will deplete your food and health quickly.

Step Six:  Farming

Eventually, you will need to start farming trees and wheat. Use your seeds from earlier to plant them in a farmland area 4 blocks long by three blocks wide. This is usually enough space for both tree and wheat farms if placed correctly. You can place fences around these farms or build a structure on top of it if desired.

Use Your Seeds From Earlier

Around this time, you will also need to start killing and looking for ocelots. If you see an ocelot, make sure to kill it and obtain the raw fish it drops. You can cook this raw fish with a crafting table or furnace to obtain cooked fish, which gives twice as much food as the raw version!

Step Seven: Obtaining Flint and Making a Fire

You will eventually need to obtain flint. You can find this in the dirt or gravel around you, so search there using your hands. Once you do have some flint, craft four sticks and ten pieces of wood into a stone pickaxe with your crafting table.

Next, go out, killing mobs in search of pigs. When you come across one, kill it using your sword and cook the raw porkchop with a furnace or crafting table to obtain cooked porkchop.

Are There Half Walls in Ark?

Yes. Half walls have been in the game since it was first released, but players have had difficulty placing them on sloped roofs. When you select the half wall, it will turn green over a flat section of land. If that flat section is not on a level plane/horizontal with other flat sections of land, then the half wall will either appear above or below that slanted roof, and it does not align properly to lead into stairs or anything else.

If done this way, you can have half walls with stairs leading up to them on slanted roofs. This is not an easy technique and takes some patience, but it does work. If you want to find out more about how to place sloped roof ark, keep reading.

The Game Since It Was First Released


Sloped roofs are common in the architecture of many countries, including Egypt. The Egyptians were one of the first people to use this type of roofing technique, and they used it for their grand tombs. A sloping roof is also known as an ark that goes all around a building or structure with no opening on the lower side.

This protects what is inside from rain or other moisture that would enter through any openings. To build your own ark you need four beams running vertically up either side at equal distances apart, so when viewed from above, form two square shapes; these will be called “the ribs.” This blog post has given helpful advice on how to place sloped roof ark.

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