How to Remove Maynilad Water Meter Lock

Maynilad is one of the country’s water utilities that supply water to Metro Manila. It operates through its concession area, which covers the cities of Makati, Pasay, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Marikina, and Quezon City.

Maynilad has a good service record, but there are instances where you will need to remove your meter lock for various reasons. This article will teach you how to do it easily! The process starts by scrutinizing your lock before removing it from the meter.

How to Remove Maynilad Water Meter Lock

Check if it has any visible signs of tampering or damage before proceeding with the removal process. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to remove Maynilad water meter lock with just one simple trick!

8 Steps to Follow on How to Remove Maynilad Water Meter Lock 

Step One: Find the Water Meter.

First, you need to find your water meter. It’s usually near your house’s electric post, but it can also be on your property wall or at any corner of your home. Once you’ve found it, you can start the process.

Take note that some meters are installed inside the house, so you need to look around there. You may call or visit Maynilad to ask for assistance if you can’t find it.

Step Two: Identify the Lock Model.

Different variations of Maynilad Water Meter Locks are used in different cities and subdivisions. Therefore, you need to identify first what kind of lock is installed with your water meter to know which method will work on your case.

The most common type of lock used by Maynilad is the disc lock. You can take a look at your water meter to know if it is the said model. You are lucky if it has a ring on top of the lock because the removal process will be easier.

Different Variations  Of Maynilad Water Meter

Step Three: Try Removing With Pliers or Wire Cutter.

If possible, try to remove the disc lock with just any common pliers or wire cutters. You can always borrow from a neighbor if you don’t have these tools at home. Next, cut the wire part of the lock that connects to your water meter and remove it carefully.

This step may also need another tool like a bolt cutter if the lock is too sturdy. If it doesn’t work, proceed to other methods at the bottom of the article.

Step Four: Use a Hacksaw.

If it’s successful, proceed to the next step. If not, you need to use another tool that can help cut metal. You can purchase this at any hardware or home improvement store near your place.

Use the hacksaw and apply medium pressure on the lock. Note that different lumber has different pressure, so you need to experiment before cutting the lock.

Step Five: Use the Disc Cutter.

If you have this tool at home, that is another plus factor for you. If not, you can still purchase this at any hardware store near your place. Place the disc lock between the cutter and rotate it to cut through the metal part of the lock.

Use the Disc Cutter

Make sure that as soon as you’ve done cutting, be quick to remove it from the water meter. If not, the lock will go back to its original position.

Step Six: Use a Drill and a Screwdriver Bit.

Purchase at least a good corded drill with an 8mm or 9mm screwdriver bit from any hardware store near your place. Ask the store attendant if they have other drill bits to try. If not, that’s fine as long as you know what size to use. First, drill into the center of the lock, then attempt to open it using a screwdriver bit.

If this doesn’t work, you need another tool called a breaker bar. If you can find one, purchase it and try to insert it into the drill hole. Turn counterclockwise to break the lock open and remove it.

Step Seven: Use a Welder and an Electric Grinder.

Purchase at least an electric welder and a grinding wheel from any hardware store near your place. Ask the store attendant if they have other tools to try. If not, that’s fine as long as you know what size to use.

Use a Welder and  An Electric Grinder

Weld through the metal parts of the lock and use the electric grinder to grind away any metal materials that may block you from opening it. Make sure to be careful while using the welder and electric grinder. This will help in how to remove Maynilad water meter lock.

Step Eight: Apply WD-40.

If you still can’t remove the lock after trying all of these methods, it is time to try your last resort tool, which is (of course) WD-40. First, spray a generous amount of WD-40 on the metal parts of the lock and wait for a few minutes. After that, try to open it again using any of the methods listed above.

If none works, you need to install another water meter by Maynilad in your place, which will mean higher monthly bills. If you think you’re capable of opening it yourself, always use tools with caution, especially if you don’t know how to operate them properly.

How Do You Open a Locked Water Meter Cover?

Some water meters are locked, and if you need access to them, you may need to know how to open a locked Maynilad water meter cover. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds; opening these types of water meter covers is easier than most locks since they have no keyhole! 

You will need a long metal bar with a strong, flat end to open a locked meter cover.  Use this to pry the lock from the front of the meter box. After successfully opening, you must use a wire cutter to cut off any exposed lock parts from around your Maynilad water meter cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take the Lock Off Your Maynilad Water Meter?

No, you cannot take the lock off your Maynilad water meter. The purpose of the lock is to protect the system from theft or vandalism. If there is a problem with your water meter, then you should contact Maynilad’s customer service line at 888-MAYNILAD (888-627-4625) for assistance.

Can I Cut the Lock Off My Water Meter?

It is not recommended to cut the lock off your water meter. There are serious consequences that can happen if you do so.

The most common result of cutting the lock off your water meter is a warning letter from PUC and other utility companies. The letter will explain that the service has been interrupted, which could lead to a shutoff of your service in 24 hours or more.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Maynilad Water Meter Lock?

The first thing you need to do is contact your service provider and inform them about the problem to send someone out to help you remove the lock. If this doesn’t work, then it is time for some DIY hacks.

Remove Maynilad  Water Meter Lock

Here Are Some of the Hacks That May Be Helpful :

  • A pry bar or flathead screwdriver could help open the meter’s locking mechanism if you’re lucky enough to find one in your home or garage – be careful not to damage any internal parts.
  • A small, thin piece of metal can also be used as a lever against one side of the locking mechanism on a “hook” shape, using leverage from an adjacent structure such as an air conditioning unit, cabinet, or even window frame with only one loose panel
  • Use a wire coat hanger (or any other thin wire) as a hook around which to loop-hitch another piece of wire over the entire lock
  • Use binder clips at either end of a longish piece of wire
  • Bend and crimp together two pieces of heavy-duty electrical tape 6. Wrap cloth tightly around both ends
  • Place sticky side up and wrap firmly around each end
  • Stuff paper towels into each end
  • ” Bent paper clip” trick: use pliers and squeeze back legs together, so they bend upwards

Is It Hard to Remove Maynilad Water Meter Lock?

It is a challenging task to remove the Maynilad water meter lock. There are different ways of doing it, such as using force, a screwdriver, and an Allen wrench.

If you do not have any of these tools with you, then you can use your hands or feet to push down on the lock until it pops out.


It is important to note that water meters should be locked as a safety measure. But if you’ve lost your key, the lock can still be removed with relative ease by following these simple steps. The main thing is to remain calm and not get flustered.

When you start the article, write the conclusion paragraph first. This will serve as a guide for writing the rest of the article, and you know exactly where it’ll end. Then, it’ll be easier to write the first paragraph of your first section.

This should also guide you on what information to present in that particular section. This blog post speaks about an issue that most people may not know about: how to remove Maynilad water meter lock.

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