How to Remove Metal Fireplace Surround

Over time, the heat from your fireplace can cause the metal surround to warp and weaken. This makes it dangerous for you in case of a fire because it could potentially collapse on you. The best way to remove the surround is by using a reciprocating saw with an abrasive blade designed for cutting steel or cast iron.

This will cut through both materials, but be careful since these blades are sharp! You should also wear eye protection, gloves, earplugs, and long sleeves along with other safety gear when working near burning embers or flames. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to remove metal fireplace surround with just one simple trick!

6 Steps to Follow on How to Remove Metal Fireplace Surround 

Step One: Set a Ventilation Mask

Among other tools and supplies needed, a ventilation mask is one of the first things you will need to have in order to do this job effectively. There are many different materials that hot embers from your fireplace generate, including lead paint, as well as asbestos, or other dangerous chemicals that can cause serious harm if inhaled or ingested. That is why you must set a ventilation mask before beginning with the removal process.

Step Two: Remove the Mantle Shelf

Once you have everything in order, start by removing your fireplace’s mantle shelf. This will be the shelf that contains all of your picture frames and other decorative items that may be put upon your fireplace. If you are uncertain how to remove this feature, consult with the person who installed it or the owner’s manual for help on where to begin.

Step Three: Remove the Fireplace Insert

You will now need to take out the actual insert that came with your fireplace. For many people, after removing it, you will see a few screws and a cord that will need to be disconnected. In some cases, air will flow through the chimney flue, which means that you will have open access to it. You can now use a shop-vac or other similar product to clear out the old ashes from your fireplace insert.

Set a Ventilation Mask

Step Four: Carry the Insert Outside

Once you have cleared out all of the ashes, it is now time to bring your insert outside. You can do this by simply carrying it with your hands or setting up a cart that will help move it along safely and easily. Once you are outside, put down some tarps to avoid scratching up your surrounding area.

Step Five: Clean the Fireplace

Before you place your new fireplace insert into place, it will need to be cleaned. A general degreaser or soap and water solution will do the job just fine. However, it would be best if you did not use any bleach solutions as these can cause discoloration in the long run. Once it is clean, make sure to rinse out the fireplace and allow it to dry completely.

Step Six: Put in the New Insert

While there may be some variance between models of inserts, most will require you to place the insert into the fireplace and secure it with screws. You should find these screws somewhere on top or along the side of your fireplace, which is usually where they are also placed when you are installing it.

You will then need to attach the venting pipe that came with your new insert into place, which should be fairly easy considering all of the locations where these can likely go. While this is not necessarily an easy process, it should still be rather easy for you to complete.

Can a Fireplace Insert Be Removed?

A fireplace insert is made to fit inside of an existing fireplace. The reason for this is so that the body has something to attach itself to and provide a surface area on which it can sit securely. Without such a surface, there is nothing solid enough to support the weight of the insert and prevent it from literally falling through the open space. For this reason, it is not possible to remove the insert without destroying the fireplace.

Has Anyone Ever Tried to Remove a Metal Fireplace?

To remove a metal fireplace effectively, people need a way of weakening it in some manner so that the weight is reduced enough not to cause structural damage when removed.

Remove a Metal Fireplace

Contractors have tried various techniques such as cutting around the outside and then prying away sections with a chisel, but all end up leaving obvious damage to anyone who looks at it.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Remove the Fireplace Surround?

Yes, you can remove the fireplace surround. It is very easy to do this. To remove the fireplace surround, you will need a screwdriver and some pliers. There are also many videos online that show how to remove it so that it doesn’t get damaged while removing it.

Can You Remove a Fireplace in The Middle of A Room?

If you are looking to remove a fireplace in the middle of a room, then you need to hire a professional who can do this. It is not something that should be done by anyone at home. This is because removing a fireplace in the middle of a room will require careful planning and expertise, which means it will cost more than hiring someone else to do it for you.

What Is Behind Fireplace Surround?

A fireplace surround is a decorative piece of furniture that surrounds the fireplace. Fireplace surrounds are typically made of metal, stone, or tile and are designed to cover the hearth with either an open or closed design. They may also include glass doors or other decorations like marble mantels, statuary, etc.

Does Removing a Fireplace Decrease Home Value?

In general, removing a fireplace can decrease the value of your home.

Removing a Fireplace  Decrease Home Value

There are two reasons for this:

  1. A standard size living room is about 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep, so it’s impossible to have a large fire without blocking off part of the room. This decreases the usable space in your living room and increases the cost of decorating.
  2. Most people will see a fireplace as an eyesore, which makes them think that the homeowner doesn’t care about their home or just doesn’t have enough money to put into decorating because they had to take out the fireplace for functional purposes.


The fireplace surround is composed of metal, which can often be very difficult to remove. There are many ways to remove this particular type of material, and we will explore a few different options for you below. You should choose the method that best suits your specific needs before beginning any work on the project.

First things first, you’ll want to figure out what kind of surface is underneath the metal fence. If it’s brick or concrete, then there may not be much more work involved than loosening some screws from around the perimeter with a screwdriver and getting rid of any nails holding down brackets from above with pliers or wire cutters. The article has been a good guide on how to remove metal fireplace surround.

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