How to Remove Paint From Deck Before Staining

The best way to remove paint from a deck before staining. This will ensure that the stain penetrates the wood and paints a uniform color onto your deck. If you’re looking for other ways, try using solvents or an electric sander with a wire brush attachment. 

How to Remove Paint From Deck Before Staining

The essential step in preparing your deck for staining is removing any remaining paint on it – especially if you want to avoid those tell-tale signs of where one part of the deck was painted, and another wasn’t! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to remove paint from deck before staining with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Remove Paint From Deck Before Staining

Step One: Prepare the Area

Before you even start, you want to make sure that all debris has been cleared from the area, such as old paint chips and dust. If there is any dust or dirt on the deck, it will interfere with the staining process after removing the paint.

You can use a broom or a leaf blower to clear away any dust or debris on the deck. However, you can’t just start with a power washer as you will destroy the boards and ruin any chance of removing paint from the wood deck before staining it. If you decide to use a power washer, make sure it’s at its lowest setting and only use water.

Step Two: Apply the Stain Remover

Next, you want to apply a chemical paint remover. As your first step in removing paint from the wood deck before staining it, use an acid-based product that will break down the old paint coating and begin removing it immediately. Once again, you’ll need to use the power washer, so make sure it’s set on its lowest setting.

Chemical Paint Remover Tools

If you are planning on applying a semi-transparent stain, skip this step and move on to step three. Again, for best results in removing paint from the wood deck before staining it with an oil or solid-based product, you will want to obliterate the paint before staining it.

Step Three: Use a Degreaser

Next, use a degreaser to remove any excess paint left on the wood deck after you have used the chemical paint remover. If you don’t do this step, it will affect the final look of your stained deck. The final product may not even come out, or it may appear blotchy.

Saturate the deck thoroughly with a degreaser. Next, use a stiff bristle brush to scrub any excess paint off of the wood. If you are concerned about damaging or removing too much paint, test it on an inconspicuous area first! Then, rinse the wood deck by using a power washer set on its lowest setting.

Step Four: Stain the Wood Deck

At this point, you can go ahead and stain your new stained deck! Make sure to use an oil-based or solid-based product if you want a finished look. You can also opt for a semi-transparent or transparent product to stain your wood deck but still have some of the natural wood tone show through.

After you have stained the wood deck, allow it to dry completely before using it. Follow all safety instructions for your specific product and those included with your power washer’s user manual for safe and effective use. This will help in how to remove paint from deck before staining.

Step Five: Protect the Wood Deck

Finally, you can protect your new stained deck with a sealant. This will help repel water and dirt to give your wood deck a longer lifespan and prevent future staining mishaps like splattering paint! Follow all included safety instructions as well as those on the sealant’s label for the safest application.

Stain Deck With a Sealant

Now that you know how to remove paint from the deck before staining, go out there and give it a try! Remember, the first step is to prepare the surface by removing any debris. Then you want to apply an acid-based product, degreaser, chemical paint remover, and finally, stain your wood deck with either an oil-based or solid-based product.

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Step Six: Sit Back and Relax

Now that you have finished your wood deck staining project sit back with a glass of lemonade on the porch of your newly stained deck! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and enjoy your new deck with family and friends for years to come.

Sealing your newly stained deck is optional but does protect the wood and give it a longer lifespan. Just follow all included safety instructions and those on the sealant’s label for the safest application process.

If you have any questions or concerns with this deck stain project, follow the contact info on your can of deck stain, and a representative will be happy to give you a hand! If that wasn’t helpful enough, here’s a video with more tips: How to Stain Your Deck Without Messing It Up!

Step Seven: Show Off Your Stained Wood Deck

Enjoy your new deck by showing off your staining project to friends and family. Show them how it’s done with advice from this guide on how to stain a wood deck yourself! You can also brag about the many hours you saved without hiring someone else to do it.

After all, you wanted to know how to stain a wood deck, and now you can show off your knowledge. Not only will your new beautiful stained wood deck look fabulous, but you will complete this project all on your own! So toot your own horn and enjoy the praise of friends and family who will be green with envy that you know how to stain a wood deck like a professional.

Step Eight: Clean Up Your Mess

Clean up your mess to prepare for staining the deck again next year. First, sweep up any debris and discard it responsibly in a bag. Then, scrub down all surfaces you used with soapy water and rinse them well. Finally, please take out your power washer to clean it of any bug guts or paint stains that may have splattered on it.

Clean Up Your Deck

Then, spray down any surfaces you used the power washer on to remove stains or paint splatters. Once the deck is clean and dry, your wood deck staining project can be considered done! If you have any further questions, contact the manufacturer of the deck stain you’re using for more advice on how to remove paint from wood before staining.

Step Nine: Enjoy Your Stained Wood Deck

Now that you know how to stain a wood deck, enjoys your new project! Whether you’re hosting a barbeque on the porch or just relaxing in the sun with your favorite book, your newly stained wood deck is sure to be the envy of all who visit. You may also want to consider investing in an outdoor projector.

With the beautiful weather, it’s the perfect time of year for backyard movies! Now that you know how to stain a wood deck go out there and do it yourself! Not only will you be proud of your work, but you will brag about saving hundreds of dollars on hiring someone else to do it for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Stain a Deck That Has Been Painted?

Yes, it is possible to stain a deck that has been painted. However, it will be more difficult to get the stain on the wood than if the deck is still unpainted.

What Is the Best Product to Remove Paint From a Deck?

To remove paint from a deck, you can use a product called Liquid Gold. It is an effective cleaner that can be used on any surface, and it is environmentally friendly.

Liquid Gold works by breaking down the paint into smaller particles which allows them to be easily removed. It also prevents new stains from forming and eliminates any traces of your old paint with just one application. Another great thing about this product is that it does not contain harsh chemicals, so there are no worries about damaging surfaces or having harmful effects on the environment.

Do I Need to Strip My Deck Before Repainting?

Yes, you need to strip your deck before repainting. The only way to make sure that the new paint will not peel or chip is by stripping the old paint first.

What Is the Fastest Way to Remove Paint From a Deck?

The fastest way to remove paint from a deck is by using a pressure washer. This method will help remove the paint and allow you to clean the deck without damaging it.

If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, then there are other ways that you can use to remove paint from your deck.

Will Deck Cleaner Remove Paint?

In general, it is not recommended to use a cleaner that contains abrasives on paint. However, there are some exceptions, such as using a water-based cleaner like dish soap to remove old wax and other residues from the surface of your deck.


The deck should be well sanded and then cleaned with a deglosser before applying the sealant. The sealant should be applied using a brush or roller then allowed to dry for the time stated on the container before using the deck.

Deck restoration service is not only affordable, but it can also save you time in labor as we do most of the work for you. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to remove paint from deck before staining.

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