How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall

If you are looking for a way to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from your wall, there are many different ways that you can do so. One of the first steps should be to unscrew it using a screwdriver or drill. The next step is to use either an ice pick or flat-head screwdriver to pry out the plastic anchors on the device’s backside.

How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall

Once these are removed, gently pull off the doorbell and disconnect its power cable by tugging on it until it comes free. Lastly, remove any remaining screws around where you removed them at first and replace them with new ones if needed.

Then reinstall your doorbell in reverse order by connecting power cables first before replacing any screws to ensure everything stays tight and unbroken. In this blog post, we will go over how to remove Vivint doorbell camera from wall.

Step to Follow on How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall 

Step One: Check That Your Doorbell Camera Is Vivint.

The first step to remove the doorbell camera will be to determine if it is indeed a Vivint doorbell camera. To do this, look at the front of your doorbell camera and see if there are any signs of tags or labels on it; usually, you will see an outer sticker that says Vivint. The camera might also tell Vivint the lens itself, or it could have a QR code that will lead you to the official website of Vivint.

Check That Your Doorbell  Camera Is Vivint

If you find any visible signs of tags and labels indicating your doorbell is from Vivint, skip ahead to step two. Otherwise, the camera you are looking at is not your Vivint doorbell, and there is no need to continue to follow this guide for how to remove the doorbell.

Step Two: Disconnect the Wires Running to the Doorbell Camera.

After you have identified that your doorbell is, in fact, a Vivint camera, it’s time to disconnect all of the wires running into the back of your camera. First, turn off the power to your house by flipping off any circuit breakers that lead to where your doorbell camera sits.

As a safety precaution, when disconnecting the Vivint camera wires from your house’s circuit breaker, make sure that no one is standing underneath your doorbell when you go to disconnect the wiring. If anyone is in the way of where the wire hangs down from above, direct them away from their current location under or near your doorbell.

Step Three: Transfer the Wires to Your New Doorbell.

Now, it’s time to transfer all of the wirings from the Vivint doorbell camera to your new doorbell. First, begin with taking down any pictures or paintings hanging near where your old doorbell sat; you will need to use these same nails and screws when setting up your new doorbell camera.

This is the preferred method of mounting any new doorbell you get because it will make it easier to set up. Now that all of your old Vivint doorbell wires are free from where they lived take them and shove them into the back of your new doorbell camera. Make sure that the wire is securely fastened in its slot.

Step Four: Screw Your New Doorbell Camera in Place.

At this point, you should have a new doorbell camera, and all of the wires from your old Vivint camera shoved into the back of it. To make sure that your new Vivint doorbell is mounted correctly, take a drill or screwdriver and use it to screw the doorbell into the wall where your old Vivint camera used to reside.

Wires Running to  The Doorbell Camera

That’s it! You’re ready to power on your new doorbell and begin using it with the rest of the devices in your home connected to your Vivint security system. Now that you’ve gotten rid of your Vivint doorbell, you likely have a blank wall staring back at you. If so, have no fear!

Step Five: Update Your Home Security With a New Doorbell.

Now that you have removed the old Vivint camera, it is a great time to install a new doorbell and update your home security system so that all of your house’s doorbells are protected by Vivint’s most advanced technologies.

Here at Vivint, we not only care about protecting your home, but we also care about keeping the environment clean. That is why we offer Vivint Recycling. If you don’t want to use our recycling program, consider donating your no-longer-used doorbell camera so that others may enjoy its benefits and features as well.

Step Six: Enjoy Your New Vivint Doorbell.

When you install a new Vivint doorbell in place of your old one, you will begin enjoying the benefits of having a high-quality product. On top of just being a doorbell, you can also have it set to give yourself notifications if someone is at your front door when you’re not home.

Your Home Security  With a New Doorbell

Even better yet, the camera comes with a microphone and speaker that allows you to communicate with whoever is at your front door! It’s simple; all you have to do is press the button on the side of your doorbell, and if you need to tell people to go away or if their package actually belongs at your front door, you’re able to. This will help in how to remove Vivint doorbell camera from wall.

How Do I Change the Battery in My Vivint Doorbell Camera?

To change the battery in your Vivint doorbell camera, remove the doorbell from its station and unscrew the two screws underneath the device using a standard Phillips-head screwdriver. Then, place an AA alkaline battery into each of the battery slots, replace the backplate, and screw it back onto the doorbell chime.

Note that the battery is only intended to power the doorbell chime during installation and while you are swapping out the doorbell itself. Once you have installed your Vivint doorbell camera, it will be powered by AC via a hardwired connection.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Vivint Remove Equipment?

The Vivint Smart Home Protection Plan includes home security monitoring and fire, carbon monoxide, and smoke detectors. The plan also includes battery backup devices for your appliances. Vivint does not remove equipment or disconnect wires during the installation process.

What Do You Do With Old Vivint Equipment?

First, you need to determine whether the equipment is still in good condition or not. If it is still in good condition, then there are many ways that you can use it.

Some of these ways include:

  1. You can resell them on eBay or Craigslist.
  2. You can donate them to charities and non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, etc.
  3. You can give them away to friends and family members who might want a new piece of equipment for their home or business needs but don’t have the money to buy one themselves.

What Do I Do With My Vivint Equipment After I Cancel?

If you are having trouble with your Vivint equipment, it is possible that there is a problem with the system. To solve this issue, contact Vivint customer service, and they will be able to help you out.

Vivint Equipment After I Cancel

Can I Still Use My Vivint Camera Without Service?

Yes, you can still use your Vivint camera without service. The Vivint Camera is a wireless home security camera that is connected to the Internet and also connects to your phone or tablet.

However, if you want to view a live video feed from your camera on your device, then you will need internet service.

Does Vivint Doorbell Camera Record All the Time?

Vivint doorbell cameras are connected to the cloud, and they only record when they detect a visitor. They do not record in the background while you are not using them.


The Vivint doorbell camera is a sleek, easy-to-use video doorbell that installs in minutes. You can install it yourself or have an installer do the job for you. If you intend to remove the device from its current location on your wall, follow these steps carefully and ensure you have a Phillips-head screwdriver, an AA alkaline battery, and a doorbell chime from Vivint to complete the process.

Another thing you might need is a replacement Vivint camera or our recycling program. The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to remove Vivint doorbell camera from wall.

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