How to Replace Blinds in Apartment

I recently moved into my new apartment, and I’m thinking about replacing the blinds. I’ve never replaced blinds before, so I thought it might be helpful to share what I learned when researching how to replace blinds in apartment. 

The first thing that you need is a measuring tape or a ruler. You can use this to measure the width of your window opening and then order the size that will fit best for you. 

Blinds in Apartment

Then all you have left to do is take off your old window treatments and install these! Everyone knows that if you want to get something done the right way, the first step is on how to do it. There’s nothing like learning from another person’s mistakes and watching them handle what could go wrong and save you the headache of running into problems with your project!

Why Replace Blinds in Apartment

There are a couple of reasons to replace your blinds or window treatments. The first is that they’re old and outdated, the second reason is decorating! There’s nothing wrong with changing up your looks from time to time, making it fun and exciting! 

Another reason is that you might just need something new for a change. There’s a big difference between the blinds you had when you first moved into your apartment and what they might look like five years later! 

Just think about how much change that is going to be for anyone, even without all of those funky new styles that have been made in just those couple of years!

 It really makes you wonder why most people don’t replace their blinds even more often! If you’re interested, there are plenty of places to shop for your new window treatments.

8 Steps on How to Replace Blinds in Apartment

Step 1:  Measure the Width of Your Window

The first thing you want to do is measure the width of your window. This will help you determine what size blinds you need. Make sure to take your tape measure and place it against the inside of each side of your window so that it measures from one side, across, and then to the other side. Write down this information so that you can use it later when placing your order!

Step 1  Measure the Width of Window

Step 2:  Measure the Height of Your Window

You’ll need to measure the height of your window as well. Keep in mind whether or not there are any windows above these, which will affect how far down your blinds are placed. The reason for this is so that you can order the size of blinds that will fit your window.

Step 3:  Install Your New Blinds!

After you have ordered your new set of blinds, wait for them to arrive and then place them in your window with ease! It might be worth it to ask someone for some help before attempting this on your own.

Install Your New Blinds

Step 4:  Hang Your Blinds Level

This is not always an easy task to do, but it is important to make sure that your blinds are hung level before you put them up. You can accomplish this by using a bubble level or even just having someone hold the blind up while you make some fine adjustments until it’s level.

Step 5:  Hang Your Blinds Below the Window Frame

While holding your blind up, you’ll want to measure how much space is between the window frame and the top of your blind. You can use a tape measure for this as well. After obtaining this measurement, go back to where you’re placing your order and provide them with this information so that you can get the right size of blinds.

Step 6:  Attach Your Vertical Blind Pull Cord

To attach your vertical cord, you’ll need to find where it is located on your window treatment. Most likely, it will be hanging down from the top center of the left side of your blinds. Once you’ve found it, pull the cord out until you see a rubber piece at the end. This is what will attach to your blind so that you can slide them up and down.

Step 7:  Attach Your Cord Lock

One of the most important steps in this process is making sure that your cord lock attaches properly to your pull cord! It is very important so that you don’t break your blinds when sliding them up and down! If you’ve never used a cord lock before, then this step is the most difficult one of all. Take both pieces into your hand, try to place it on your pull cord, but do not stretch the strap too far because it might snap!

Attach Your Cord Lock

Carefully attach the two pieces and then try again. After attaching it, you should feel tension when pulling on your cord lock, but it should not be too tight and hold the blinds in place after sliding them up and down.

Step 8:  Enjoy Your New Blinds!

After all of that hard work, you deserve to sit back and relax while enjoying your new blinds! If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask your local hardware store.


In conclusion, it is important to get a professional opinion from someone who has done this many times before. As you can see, there is more than one way to replace blinds in your apartment, and the best option for you will depend on what type of window treatments work best with the design of your home. If you’re still unsure which direction would be best for your needs, we recommend talking to an interior designer or contractor specializing in these types of projects.

They should know exactly how much material they need, given the size and shape of each individual window frame. They will also be able to suggest the best tools for this kind of project so that you can complete it safely and efficiently.  I hope you enjoyed this article on how to replace blinds in apartment! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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