How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter


A Frigidaire air conditioner (or sometimes simply “air conditioner”) is an Air Conditioning and refrigeration unit made by the Frigidaire division of General Motors. The first Frigidaire AC was introduced in 1927 and was often either floor-standing console units or, more commonly, ceiling-mounted ducted units; both configurations remain available through many generations of production. In this article, I will discuss how to reset frigidaire air conditioner filter. So let us get started.

How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

If you’re tired of your AC filter lasting just a couple of weeks before needing to be replaced and want to get the most out of it, then resetting your air conditioner filter is what you need. Since the blowout process happens right when you turn it on each time, there’s no reason not to do this. In this guide, we’ll show you how simple it is to reset the Frigidaire ac filter in a few quick steps.

 Step 1: Turn off your AC unit

Turn off all power going into your AC unit by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse for that room/area inside the service panel in which the unit is located. Also, make sure that any auxiliary cooling units or fans have been switched off or unplugged before continuing the process.

Step 2: Remove Filter Cover

Once you’ve cleared everything out of the way, open up the unit and pull out the Filter from its slot. Make sure to take note of any existing dust that’s built up between sliding it in and out, as well as how it was seated if you want things to go back to normal once finished. In general, filters should be placed at a 45° angle for best results.

Turn off your AC unit

  Step 3: Prepare Your Blowout

First, remove any debris from around where your intake is located by gently shaking off excess dirt and residue buildup. Next up, make a small incision along this section using a razor blade or knife, but be careful not to go too deep. You also want to make sure that the slit is roughly three inches in length and goes from side to side, vertically.

Remove Filter Cover

Step 4: Blow Out Your Filter

With your incision just below the intake area, blow into the hole you made gently at first and then with slightly more wind speed as it forms a vacuum inside. This will push out any dust and moisture leftover in there since the last use and give better results than what you had previously.

 Step 5: Reset your Filter

Once done with the blowout process, grab duct or electrical tape and tape up the slit so no air can get back in when you turn on your unit. Be sure to place it on there securely so it won’t fall off when the air starts blowing, and you’re good to go! Now switch things back on and get some clean air circulating throughout your area again!

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Precautions While Resetting Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

  1. Make sure your Frigidaire air conditioner is plugged directly into the wall socket, and no other appliances are using the same circuit. If you have a circuit-breaker, switch it to “OFF.”
  2. Turn off all lights in the room where you will be working with the filter reset unit.
  3. Take out all removable parts from inside your Frigidaire air conditioner before proceeding. This will allow for easier access.
  4. Locate the Wireless Filter Reset Button on a Frigidaire air conditioner that is usually located on top of the front panel right above or next to the digital display screen or information center located near the bottom of the unit. You can also find the wireless filter reset button in other locations, depending on your model.

Possible Reasons Why Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Out Cold Air

The wrong Filter Installed

Make sure you have the correct size filter for your unit.

Check Air Filter

Remove and check the air filter first to ensure that it is clean if it’s dirty, clean first before checking other parts.

Extreme Temperatures

If the outside temperature is very hot or cold, your system may be working harder, resulting in lower airflow from the vents. Turn off the unit until temperatures become more regular and then turn back on.

Wrong Setting Used

The ‘Auto’ button should be used when the system runs as a cooling system during the summer months and as a heating system during the winter months. The ‘On’ button should only be used when you need to cool or heat a room without using the thermostat immediately.

Reset Your Filter

Fuse or Circuit Breaker

The fuse/circuit breaker in your home may have blown or tripped.

Dirty Air Filter

If you discover that your air filter is filthy, make sure it is scorched before placing back inside your unit. A wet air filter can damage the blower fan motor in some models. Also, avoid using a vacuum to clean off the Filter as this will tear and ruin the filter material, making it unable to perform its job again of filtering out dirt particles from your incoming airflow. If you want to use a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment, use it on the “High” setting only with low suction power so that you don’t accidentally suck up anything that may puncture or tear the filter material.

Un-necessary Overheating

It is usual for your system to work harder when outside temperatures are very high, but if it’s working so hard that your unit doesn’t seem to be cooling your home at all, try turning off the team until temperatures become more regular, and then turn back on. You can also set your thermostat lower than usual — 78°F/25°C instead of 82°F/28°C — to see if this allows your system to run less often and efficiently. Also, keep in mind that during extreme temperature conditions like these, you should avoid running other electric appliances. They will make things worse and cause unnecessary overloading on circuits which can cause fuses or circuit breakers to blow or trip.

Check all Fuse/Circuit Breaker Boxes

If the fuse/circuit breaker in your home has blown or tripped, make sure to check them all. There is usually one large main fuse box for the entire house or several smaller sub-fuse boxes located throughout the house that control different circuits (electric outlets, switches, etc.). If you don’t know how to determine which one is blown or tripped, then try resetting all of them first before checking individual components like your air conditioner unit itself — especially if it’s still under warranty. You’re calling out a repair technician.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Is the Filter Reset Button on A Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

The filter reset button is located on the back of the unit. The filter needs to be replaced when it has been used too much and cannot keep up with the quality of air coming into your home.

A Frigidaire Air Conditioner

What Does Filter Reset Mean on Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

The filter reset button is located on the side of the air conditioner. It will be used to change the airflow direction in case you need to set it back to its original setting. To reset your filter, make sure that the fan is off, and then press this button for about 10 seconds until a light starts blinking on and off.

Does a Frigidaire Refrigerator Have a Reset Button?

No, a Frigidaire refrigerator does not have a reset button. However, some refrigerators do have some sort of cooling mechanism that can lower the temperature inside the fridge, which may be enough for your needs.

What Happens if You Dont Clean Ac Filter?

If you don’t clean your air conditioning filter, it will not be able to keep the cool air flowing, and the AC unit will overheat. This can cause damage to the unit and increase your energy bills.

There are some things that you should remember while cleaning your AC filter:

  1. Never use water when cleaning an AC filter as this can cause corrosion on the fan motor and corrode metal parts of the unit.
  2. Never vacuum or brush your filters with a broom, as this can dislodge dirt from them and send it back into the air that you are trying to clean out of your house or apartment.
  3. Always turn off power to your unit before beginning any work related to it for it not to overheat during these procedures.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information on how to reset frigidaire air conditioner filter. Thank you and have a nice day!

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