How to Rice Potatoes Without a Ricer?

Making of mashed potatoes does indeed need a lot of effort and preparations. For one to be able to achieve a perfect smoothly mashed potato with no lumps in it, there must be the use of the right kitchen tools and of course the technique of how to use them. If a person that loves mashed potatoes or the making of it, then you did know that one of the best tools in mashing a potato to its creamy state for a delicious meal will be with the use of a ricer.

How to Rice Potatoes Without a Ricer

However, what happens if one does not have a ricer or the ricer is damaged? What then can one do. Knowing how to rice potatoes without a ricer is indeed a skill one should know when you love making mashed potatoes or trying to be a professional chef.

How to Rice Potatoes Without a Ricer

A potato ricer being an extrusion kitchen tool that forces boiled potatoes through tiny holes made in them, and giving the potato a mashed and rice-like feature, is the most used tool when it comes to making a meal of mashed potato. Sometimes whiles making of dinner, you find out it would be better to add some mashed potatoes to it, but then realize you do not have a ricer for the job, or your homemade mashed potatoes always ends up with lumps in it.

Well, one could always improvise with the use of a grater and a mill to also get a perfectly smooth mashed up potato. Below are a few steps to on how to mash potatoes without a masher with the use of a grater and a mill:


  • First thing to do is making sure your potatoes is boiled to a good temperature. Most mashed potatoes that do have lumps in it were not boiled to the right temperature hence making it difficult in getting it mashed. So, to get a good mashed potato, make sure to boil it to the limit that, when touched feels soft and easy to press on.
  • Next, peel and cool your potatoes. Of course, you can work with an overly heated potato, so right from the fire, set your potatoes in a clean cold water for a few minutes and gently peel off and discard the peels.
  • Now with the help of the grater, slide the potatoes, holding one end down its length. This should be done gradually but speed should increase so as to work more quickly.
  • Once done, and all the mashed potatoes is inside a bowl, you fluff your grated potatoes using a fork.

Food Mill

  • With a mill, once a potato is boiled and cooled, you choose a medium size option on the mill so as to create some riced potatoes. Some mills can separate the peels of your potatoes but is highly recommended you peel off the skin before putting it in to the mill.
  • Once step 1 has finished, you place your mill over a big bowl, normally a bowl that can contain the potatoes.
  • You then slice your potatoes in to small quarters and carefully insert them one by one, according to the size of your apparatus to the shaft of the mill.
  • With the aid of your hands, and a little amount of pressure, turn the handle clockwise as much as possible until the mashed potatoes exit from the bottom.

When it comes to mashing of your potatoes at home, one could always be flexible and innovative. In-fact with a simple spoon and bowl, could help you mash some potatoes, but in all it will depend on how you did want your mashed potatoes and how quickly you want them done.

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