How to Start Drinking Coffee?

how to start drinking coffee

Why do people like coffee? What makes it special? and why is it even popular? Is what an everyday person who has not yet tasted or drank his or her first cup of coffee asks or thinks. There is this story of a man who was told from infant that drinking coffee makes you weak in bed and unable to satisfy your partner in bed. He lived with that lie in his head for so long till one day he went on a date with one girl who wanted to only visit a café shop where only coffee was served. Having no choice, he drank his first cup of coffee, went home with his date later that night and until today he has a kitchen cabinet full of coffee beans and other coffee products.

So the question of how to start drinking coffee or how to start appreciating it, is indeed an everyday question. Starting to drink coffee can be an overwhelming feeling and can easily lead to you wanting it no more or creating an addiction in your life, so here a few ways on how to start drinking coffee for first timers:

  • Cream and Sugar: Coffee being made from coffee beans takes up the color of the beans and hence making it black and bitter in taste. Though others prefer drinking it pure and raw it will be good for a beginner to start with cream and sugar. So all you do is add tablespoons of sugar and the cream of your choice, the most popular cream for coffee is the cream all creamer which you can get at your local grocery shop. Once cream and sugar are added you stir to mix till completely mixed then you Sit back and enjoy.

Coffee Cream and Sugar
  • Latte: Lattes are traditionally espresso drink with milk, however this is recommended since it’s coffee, milk, and sugar steamed together. Is one of the popular coffees in most café’s and widely loved and purchased. You could make you own latte by getting one of the espresso coffee machines where it mixes all the ingredient for you or you go to the nearest café’ or coffee shop and order one. A latte will always make a great impression to a non-coffee lover.
Latte Coffee
  • The condensed Milk coffee: A good way of knowing how to drink a hot coffee is by mixing your coffee with condensed milk. The key ingredients here are the addition of a sweetened condensed milk. Simply add a 1/4 of sweetened condensed milk in a hot black coffee taken right from an espresso or any coffee mixture. You are supposed to gently stir the coffee as you slowly pour the sweetened condensed milk in the thick black coffee till you acquire a uniform mixture. Is advisable to measure the amount of condensed milk you pour in your coffee as it may be get too sweetened.
  • Black Coffee: A good way on how to drink black coffee is getting It brewed with a French press. A French press is a coffee pot containing a plunger made of fine mesh with which the grounds of the coffee beans are pushed to the bottom when the coffee is ready to be poured. Black coffee can be served with or without sugar, but if you did like to know how to enjoy black coffee it will be advisable to go without sugar as this allow you to feel the real taste of the coffee bean itself. But the choice of coffee beans is also very important. Check out MyFriendsCoffee to make the right choice.
Black Coffee

So learning how to drink coffee for the first time can be extremely exciting if you do it right to the extent you did be craving coffee every day. Having said that, Studies have also proven that the drinking of coffee can lead to an addiction itself as the coffee contains caffeine and nicotine, both are stimulants that increase alertness and concentration and hence addictive. Nonetheless coffee when drank right can decrease your risk of getting a stroke.

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