How to Stop Cat From Going Under Couch

Cats love to roam around the house, and they will often find small spaces that make them feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this can include under your couch, which is where many cat owners encounter problems. When a cat goes under a couch, it can be challenging to get them out because they like enclosed spaces and don’t understand what you want from them.

How to Stop Cat From Going Under Couch

However, there are some easy ways for how to stop a cat from going under your couch! Read on for tips on how to keep your kitty off your furniture without breaking their spirit or yours! Learn how to stop cat from going under couch with this blog post!

Step to Follow on How to Stop Cat From Going Under Couch

Step One: Determine the Cause

First, look for signs to determine why your cat is going under the couch. After you discover this information, you will be able to take steps towards resolving the problem and stopping your cat from going under the couch. For example, if your cat is going under the couch because of anxiety, look for symptoms such as drooling, hissing, excess meowing, or hiding.

These are all signs that your cat may be experiencing stress and should be taken to a veterinarian soon. If your cat is going under the couch because of a medical condition, check for difficulty breathing, lack of appetite, or other signs that may indicate a medical condition.

Step Two: Take Your Cat to the Vet

After you determine why your cat is going under the couch, take them to a veterinarian for evaluation. Often, cats go under the couch out of stress, which can be remedied with medication. However, some medical conditions may also cause this behavior, so a veterinarian must get checked.

This way, you can take measures against this behavior without worrying that your cat is sick. In addition, your veterinarian will help with any medical conditions that may be causing this behavior and can recommend medication if your cat is experiencing anxiety.

Step Three: Create a Safe Space

Once you determine why your cat is going under the couch and get help with its medical condition, it’s time to create a safe space. After you have received treatment from a veterinarian, you will want to set up an area for your cat free from stress for more comfortable behavior.

Create a Safe Space

A cat tree placed near the couch where you don’t sit will be a great space for your cat to feel safe. You may also want to provide more litter boxes throughout the house, so your kitty has no reason to roam about except for bathroom needs.

Step Four: Do Not Punish This Behavior

It would help if you didn’t punish this behavior when trying to stop your cat from going under the couch. Cats are curious creatures, and they will explore when they feel like it. Furthermore, punishing your cat because it has gone under the couch can cause more stress, making this issue even worse.

Instead, remove distractions like leaving your shoes out or keeping the laundry basket in an open space. Set up a safe space for your cat near the couch where it can feel at ease and make sure there are no other distractions that may cause this behavior.

Step Five: Create Distractions

After setting up a safe space near the couch and determining why your cat is going under it, create distractions around the area. For example, you can use things like boxes or dog crates to block off part of the room so that your cat does not feel the need to go under the couch.

These things must be arranged in front of the couch so that your cat can easily access them without obstruction. In addition, you want to make the safe space as easy to get to as possible, so your kitty doesn’t feel stressed out when trying to retreat there.

Step Six: Use Proper Training

After you have determined why your cat is going under the couch, set up a safe space for them, and created distractions that are easily accessible, it’s time to use proper training. By using training techniques such as clicker training, leave-behinds, and positive reinforcement, you can manage this behavior better over time.

set up a safe space

Training can help your cat learn that it is okay to go under the couch to get away from stress or anxiety but not okay to go under there when you are home. After practicing these steps every day for only a week, you should see fewer instances of your cat going under the couch. This will help in how to stop cat from going under couch.

Step Seven: Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your cat. It may take some time for them to learn that it is okay to go under the couch but not okay when you are home, but after only a week of training, they will understand. Use positive reinforcement techniques by offering treats or praise every time your cat goes to the safe space, not under the couch.

Train Your Cat

Your cat will learn faster if you make going to its special place fun and rewarding. Positive reinforcement is a great way to train your cat, whether it is for this behavior or any other issue that you would like remedied. As you can see, it’s important to be aware of why your cat is going under the couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Cat Going Under the Couch?

Your cat may be looking for a warm, safe place to sleep. This behavior is known as “house soiling” and can occur when your cat feels insecure or scared. Your cat may be trying to find a way out of the house, or he may have become frightened by an unfamiliar sound.

How Long Will a Cat Stay in Hiding?

A cat will stay in hiding for about 10 minutes. If the cat is frightened, it will run away and hide in a safe place. It might also use its camouflage to blend into its surroundings so that predators cannot see it. If you find your cat after 10 minutes, then it’s probably hiding because of something like an earthquake or some other natural disaster.

Will My New Cat Ever Come Out of Hiding?

In most cases, cats do not like to be handled too much. They may become aggressive or run away. The cat will likely feel threatened by the noise and movement that the new addition to the family brings.

Will a Scared Cat Starve Itself?

A scared cat will not starve itself. A scared cat may choose to run away from a potential threat or hide in fear and feel that it is safer.

The feline may also stop eating due to stress and anxiety about the environment they are in. The difference between starving and running away is the cat has not yet lost any weight, but if the environment becomes more comfortable for them, they will resume their normal diet.


The best way to stop your cat from going under the couch is by giving them a place to feel safe. That could be their favorite chair or even another part of the house where you can monitor them. If there are any windows in this area, cover these with curtains, so they do not see outside and get scared.

You should also make sure that there aren’t any objects on the floor, which would provide an opportunity for your pet to sneak underneath furniture, such as toys or shoes. The article has been a good guide on how to stop cat from going under couch.

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