How to Stop Chunky Knit Blanket From Shedding

Knitted wool blankets are both warm and cozy, but they also create a lot of mess when the yarn begins to shed. This can make knitting projects take longer than anticipated because working with yarn that sheds all over your workspace is challenging.

How to Stop Chunky Knit Blanket From Shedding

What’s more, the shedding happens no matter how often you wash the blanket! Luckily there are some ways that you can reliably stop chunky knit blanket from shedding so that your project will be easier and faster. 

One option is to use a crochet hook instead of knitting needles to finish your project after binding off stitches at each end. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to stop chunky knit blanket from shedding with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Stop Chunky Knit Blanket From Shedding

Step One: Determine Wool Content

One way to determine the wool content in your knit is to do a burn test. You can have someone else hold one corner or hold it yourself with a paper plate on your lap. Then pass the yarn through the flame of a lighter for 2-3 seconds. The results will tell you what type of fiber you’re working with.

Determine Wool Content

If it turns to ash, the yarn is 100% natural wool. Synthetic fibers will melt and drip like plastic or rubber. You can also take a small bit of yarn and rub it between two fingers until it breaks apart into tiny pieces. The longer the string takes to break apart, usually, the better the wool quality.

Step Two: Launder as usual and Dry with Drying Sheets

Machine wash and dry you’re knit according to its care instructions. I recommend using a drying sheet during this process because synthetic fibers tend to cling together and ruin your knit blanket if it’s not separated correctly after washing. You can also use the sheet to get the blanket even fluffier than it naturally is.

Toss it in the dryer for fifteen minutes or so with a sheet just before you take it out, shaking out any clumps that appear, then lay it flat to finish drying. Another way to give your knit a boost is with a fabric steamer. Mist the blanket lightly, then pass it over iron on low heat to remove any pills or loose fibers from the surface.

Step Three: Brush Regularly

After washing and drying your new chunky knit, use a wire pet brush to separate any matted yarn. I like to lay out a blanket section, then brush a small selection from top to bottom. You can also use your fingers or a comb for this step if you choose. Doing this every couple of weeks will help keep your knit looking new and feeling soft.

Brush Regularly

If a considerable amount of yarn pills is up at once, you can also use a fabric shaver or sweater stone to remove it gently. Be sure not to press too hard because you don’t want to damage the material. Beyond washing and brushing, your best bet for maintaining your chunky knit blanket is by storing it correctly when you’re not using it so that it remains tangle-free.

Step Four: Store Properly

As I mentioned above, chunky knits tend to form over time if they’re not stored properly. Therefore, I recommend rolling them up as soon as you get them out of the wash and drying, then storing them in a cedar chest or large plastic bin where it’s dry and cool.

The dual combination will help keep your knitting from developing the dreaded knit balls. If you fold or ball your knit blanket while it’s still wet, you run a higher risk of creating a tangled mess that is difficult to straighten out. To help fluff up, you’re knit for storage; you can also use a pet brush. This will help in how to stop chunky knit blanket from shedding.

Step Five: Protect it with a Cover

If you’d like to extend your chunky knit’s life as long as possible, protecting it with a cover will stop dirt and skin cells from rubbing against the material over time. It’ll also keep out moths and other bugs that might be prone to nibbling on natural fibers.

You can use a standard pillowcase, but I like to use a burrito sleeping bag because it’s reusable, slightly heavier duty, and machine washable. It’s also not as bulky, which makes it easier for storage. Another nice cover option is a blanket bag that can be found at camping supply stores.

Step Six: Buy the Right Size

Having a big, cozy blanket may be nice, but it’s also important to buy one that’s the right size for you, depending on what you want to use it for. If you’re just using it for decoration, any size will work. But if you want to be able to use it for snuggling, make sure you get one that’s big enough to cover you completely.

Always Buy the Right Size

However, if you’re looking for a throw that you can use while lounging on the couch or in front of the TV, make sure to get one that comes up past your waist when lying down, allowing you to turn over without getting tangled up in it. If you plan on buying a knit blanket as a child’s blanket, make sure to buy one that is roughly half the size of their bed or twin-sized.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Just as your chunky knit blanket will continue to grow fluffier with regular care and washing, so too will your affection for it. Chunky knits are a classic staple that can be used in many ways, from decorating the couch or bed to snuggling in on a chilly day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Wool Blanket Stop Shedding?

No, it will not stop shedding. The best way to stop wool from shedding is to wash it regularly with a gentle detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals.

For example, wool blankets should be washed at least once a week in warm water and dried on low heat settings to prevent felting or pilling.

Can I Wash My Chunky Knit Blanket?

Yes, you can wash your chunky knit blanket. However, if you want to preserve the color and avoid shrinkage, it is recommended that you dry clean it instead of washing it.

Can You Put a Knitted Blanket in the Dryer?

You can put a knitted blanket in the dryer, but it is not recommended. Using the dryer on its lowest setting for no more than 20 minutes at a time is better.

Do You Wash Yarn Before Knitting?

It is important to wash your yarn before knitting because it will help to remove any dirt or chemicals that may have been used in the manufacturing process.

To ensure that you get a good quality product, wash your yarn using warm water and mild soap. Be sure not to use any harsh detergents or cleaning agents as they can damage the fibers of the yarn.

Do Chunky Knit Blankets Shed?

While chunky knit blankets can shed, this usually only happens if the blanket is not properly cared for. It is important to avoid exposing your blanket to direct sunlight or harsh detergents, and instead machine-wash it in cold water with a mild soap. If you still notice shedding after washing, try adding some enzyme powder or silk protein to the wash cycle.

Why Is My Wool Blanket Shedding?

There are a few reasons your wool blanket might be shedding, and the most common is improper care. If your machine washes your wool blanket in cold water, it can shrink and cause the fibers to become taut. This will lead to them pulling away, which is why your blanket may start shedding.

If you vacuum regularly, you may also contribute to fiber shedding by sucking up all loose fibers that have accumulated over time. When these strands reach their original length, they will easily pull out from the blanket’s fabric. To prevent this from happening, try avoiding excessive vacuuming during wet or humid times (when shedding is often at its peak).

You can also help reduce fiber shedding by storing your blankets in a cool, dry place where they are less likely to get tangled up with other belongings. And finally, make sure that you’re washing them correctly – never put Woolite or any color-safe detergent on wool because it could damage the dye}.

Can You Wash a Chunky Knit Blanket?

You should never put any of your delicate clothes in the washing machine. Instead, you should opt for the dryer. Chunky knit blankets are no exception – you should always dry them using the low heat setting. If you do experience any problems with your blanket – such as it shrinking or becoming misshapen – please contact our customer service team for help. We would be more than happy to assist you with a proper solution!

What Chunky Yarn Is Machine Washable?

Be sure to check the label of your yarn before machine washing it! Many chunky yarns are not meant for machines, as they can become tangled and heavy. Instead, hand washes these types of yarn using a gentle detergent and cold water. It’s also important to gently squeeze the wet fabric until all the excess water is gone to avoid mild shrinkage or color loss.


If you’re tired of your chunky knit blanket shedding, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for keeping that luscious softness intact and all around you! Of course, you’ll need to do a little bit of work upfront, but it’s worth it when you see how well this trick works.

All you need is some fabric softener or any other type of laundry care product and an empty spray bottle or container with water. The article has been a good guide on how to stop chunky knit blanket from shedding.

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