How to Take Lock Off Water Meter

The water meter is a key component in the water distribution system. The importance of this device cannot be understated- without it, you can’t measure how much water is being distributed to your home or business. In this blog, we’re going to discuss how to take the lock off a water meter.

How to Take Lock Off Water Meter

In order for the system to work correctly, all meters must have locks on them that prevent tampering and theft. Therefore, when you need to remove a lock from a water meter, it’s essential to know what type of lock you’re dealing with before taking any steps. There are two types of locks: padlock and hexagonal nut and bolt combo.

Why Lock Off Water Meter?

In some cases, you may need to remove a lock from your water meter. In the event of a leak or water main break, for instance, there is a possibility that the area has been shut down and will remain inaccessible to residents and businesses until it’s repaired because the main source of water for the community has been compromised. Once the area has been deemed safe, you may need to access your shut-off valve – but without a key, this can be difficult or impossible.

If there’s no water coming into your home, it could be because of an equipment malfunction in the water distribution system or a power failure that prevents water pumps from operating. If you have a water meter, you may need to take off the water meter lock and turn it off.

How to Remove Water Meter Lock?

If you’ve determined that you need to remove a water meter lock from your property, the first thing you need to do is find out what type of lock it is. If it’s a padlock, this is relatively simple- any tool that can cut through steel should be able to cut through the shackle on these locks.

Removing a Water Meter Lock From the Property

If your water meter lock is a nut and bolt combo, all you have to do is remove the bolt, and the lock will open.

However, in some cases, you may have a nut and bolt combo in which the fastener is bent. In this case, you’ll need a pair of locking pliers to grip it to remove it.

Stepwise Guides On How to Take Lock Off Water Meter

Step 1 :

To begin, you’ll need to find the lock on your water meter. This may be located underneath a housing that conceals it, or in some cases, it might have its separate housing.

Need to Find the Lock on the Water Meter

Step 2 :

Once you’ve found the lock, mark it using chalk so you can see where to cut- keep in mind that cutting locks often causes jagged edges to remain.

Step 3 :

If you want to break a lock, you can use a saw to cut through it. If the lock is a padlock, any type of blade will work. If the lock is a combination of a nut and bolt, you will need to use locking pliers.

Step 4 :

Go to the shut-off valve and make sure it’s in the “off” position. Turn on the water supply so you can ensure there are no leaks in your system when you’ve removed the lock. Use a lock pick to open the lock. Insert the hook on the end of the lock pick into the small hole next to the keyhole and turn.

Apply pressure to the lock with your other hand to make this process easier. Alternatively, insert a drill bit into the keyhole and rotate the drill bit until you feel it stop. Remove the drill bit and continue this process until the lock breaks.

Step 5 :

If there’s no water coming into your home, it could be because of an equipment malfunction in the water distribution system or a power failure that prevents water pumps from operating. If you have a water meter, you may need to take off the water meter lock and turn it off.

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Step 6 :

If you want to check if your water meter is working properly, you can do a leak test. First, turn on the shut-off valve and see if there are any leaks. If there are no leaks, turn off the water supply and move on to testing your main shut-off valve.

Turning on the Shut-off Valve and Checking for Leaks

Step 7 :

Now that you’ve tested both of these devices, you can go back to using your regular system.

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Precations on How to Take Lock Off Water Meter

1. Turn on the main water shut-off to stop all water flow into the building (you can use an outside faucet if its available)

2. Locate the water meter – on European pipes, it has no top. On American pipes, it may have a green top or cover over it.

3. Remove any covers at the meter.

4. Remove any hex nuts that are securing the lock to the pipe above the meter.

5. Use an adjustable wrench or channel locks to remove the band. You may need a screwdriver to pry between the bar and the metal band to separate them.  

6. Put everything back together in reverse order.

7. Turn the water back on at the main shut-off and turn a hose on at a faucet to check for leaks.

8. If you have leaks or water is running into your building, find out which fixture it is coming from and fix that first before going further.  

9. All fixtures must be drained for the meter to be replaced.

10. If there is a water leak somewhere in your house, but you don’t know where it is, the best way to find it is to put a bucket under each water pipe you can find and then wait to see which one fills up with water. 

11. Tighten the lock onto the pipe below the meter. 

Note: The locks are different for copper and galvanized supply piping; if you removed one of the wrong types, it is no problem. Just don’t put it back in place – you can buy another at Home Depot or Lowes for about $1 each.


If your water meter is broken, don’t panic. All you need to do is call the utility company, and they will send someone out to take off the lock for you! Everyone must understand how to take lock off water meter in case this ever happens again. The locks are meant only as an inconvenience for theft or vandalism, not something that should keep anyone from getting their water back on quickly if needed. Take care of yourself by taking care of your home today with these simple tips about what to do when your water meter has been shut off due to nonpayment!

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