How to Take Off a Toilet Seat?

Maintaining cleanliness in your bathroom, especially when living with toddlers and teenagers can be a real challenge. One of these challenges is being able to clean the toilet the right way.

Most might not know, but the most vulnerable thing in one’s home that can easily transmit disease from one person to the other is a toilet seat as the toilet is where every one come and pushes out the unwanted stuff from their body and once done and not cleaned properly can easily retain germs which can be passed one.

How to Take Off a Toilet Seat

Cleaning your toilet involves taking off the toilet seat and washing it thoroughly, however, not all know how to take off a toilet seat for cleaning.

 Well, Here Are a Few Methods on How to Remove a Toilet Seat Properly:

  • The very first step before going ahead to remove a toilet seat is to wash the whole water closet (WC) with a suitable general purpose bathroom cleaner and bleach. This will at most wash away some germs on the seat before touching. And is also to know the wearing of gloves and sometimes a nose and mouth mask is highly important.
  • Next step is losing the seat fasteners. You open the blot caps to gain access to the seat fasteners, these are normally located at the back of the seat, where the seat hinges. Some toilets may or may not have plastic covers for the bolts, if yours does then open these covers by prying upwards on them with your finger or screwdriver.

However, it is to caution you to use light amount of pressure when opening the blot covers as generally it takes little pressure to open and applying too much force will permanently damage them.

Toilet Seat hinges
  • Hold the nut fastening the blot firmly. The nut is mostly screwed onto the threaded end of each bolt, with in the shape of a wing nut, allowing you to hold it in place by hand. If the nut is not wing nut shaped or has a weak grip, try gripping it with a pair of pliers. Most toilet fasteners are plastic so it is cautioned to apply gentle pressure when removing them as it might break or get deformed.
  • In most cases and best way on how to take a toilet seat off is getting the right tool. You will need to unscrew bolts with a standard screwdriver. Holding the nut on the threaded end of the blots, insert a screwdriver in to the bolt head and turn it counterclockwise which gently unscrew the blot. Small screwdrivers can cause the blot head to deform, especially when your blot is plastic. It is recommended to use the largest size screwdriver that fits your toilet bolt head to avoid any damages.
Unscrew Bolts With a Standard Screwdriver
  • You collect the nuts, blots, and any other loose plastic or metal hardware that also goes with the seat. Seal all nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and put them in a very safe and open place so they don’t get lost. At this moment your toilet seat is removed, and you can go ahead and install the new one you purchased.

Having been able to change your toilet seat and replacing it with a new one might sometimes not be enough, knowing how to replace a toilet shut off valve is equally important. Most of the time the changing of one means the changing of the other.

It is also advisable to always clean the seat and its hardware regularly as dirtiness and buildup can contribute to the corrosion and degradation of your toilet seat and its hardware. Always clean with a suitable general purpose bathroom cleaner and also check cleaners before using them as some can be abrasive cleaners which can easily damage the toilet sit.

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