How to Test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove

If you are looking for a way to test your auger motor in your Pellet Stove, the following video should help. The first step is to turn off the power and unplug the stove from its outlet. Next, locate the exhaust pipe at the top of your pellet stove and remove it by loosening the screws with a screwdriver or wrench. 

How to Test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove

Then use an adjustable wrench to loosen up any other pipes connected to your auger motor. Be sure not to forget about any pipes that may be attached on both sides of this assembly! 

Once all pipes have been removed, you can now access your auger motor through one side where there will be two nuts holding it in place – undo these nuts using an adjustable wrench as well. This article will teach you how to test auger motor in pellet stove with a few simple methods. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove

Step One: Pull Off the Motor Cover

To find out if your auger motor is broken, you should start by pulling it apart. First, you’ll need to pull off the motor cover of the pellet stove. This is done by removing any screws holding this area down and then sliding it upward until there’s enough space to slip your hand in.

Step Two: Test the Motor

Now that you’ve removed the motor cover, it’s time to test the auger. To do this, press down on the tab that holds the auger in place and lift it up. Keep in mind that it will be harder to do this if your stove is still hot. If you can lift the auger out, you’ll need to take it apart and inspect it.

It's Time to Test the Auger

Step Three: Test the Motor’s Wiring

While testing your stove’s wiring is not as important as checking for any damage, it still needs to be done and can reveal a lot of information about whether or not your auger motor is broken. The best way to do this is by using a multimeter.

Once you’ve turned your multimeter on, place one of the probes on the ground pin and the other one on the power pin. If it gives you any reading at all, that’s an indication that there is still some power running through the system.

Step Four: Replace Your Auger Motor.

If you find that your stove’s auger motor is broken, it’s not worth trying to fix it. Instead, you should take measures to replace the motor entirely. Before doing this, however, it’s important to note that many pellet stoves require specific types of motors or at least ones with similar dimensions.

If you don’t have an extra auger motor, you’ll need to take your entire stove apart so that you can see the specific type of motor it requires. After doing this, go online or to a store specializing in parts for pellet stoves and buy one that looks like the original.

Step Five: Reassemble Your Stove.

Once you have a new motor, it’s time to put the rest of your stove together. To do this, reverse what you did when taking it apart except for putting in the motor cover. After this step, go online or into a store specializing in pellet stove parts and buy a replacement auger motor.

Step Seven: Clean Your Stove

If you don’t properly clean your pellet stove after replacing the auger motor, you’ll likely end up with a whole new problem. First, remove all of the ashes that have settled on the bottom of your stove, and then use warm water to scrub off any that are still stuck. It would help if you ever considered buying a special brush designed specifically to clean pellet stoves.

Clean Your Stove

Step Six: Start Your Stove Up

Once you have a new auger motor, it’s time to start your stove up again. To do this, make sure that the holes near the bottom are clear of any debris and jam them full of pellets again. Then, press the “Power On” button on your control panel and put it on the cover.

Once the pellets are on fire, you should start hearing the sound of your motor turning. If it does make this noise, then you’ve successfully fixed your auger motor and are ready to start enjoying your stove again!

Why Does My Pellet Stove Stop Feeding Pellets?

A common problem with pellet stoves is the auger stops turning, making it so you can’t feed pellets to the fire. It may be a temporary issue where the auger motor is not running or a more serious issue that requires professional attention. Before going into repairs, try restarting your stove by cycling the power and clearing a jam in the auger.

If your pellet stove is not running or there is no power getting to the auger motor, then you need to check connections and switch. If you have recently done work on your stove, first try resetting it by cycling the wall switch. Thanks for reading about how to test auger motor in pellet stove.

Why Is the Auger on My Pellet Stove Not Working?

An auger is a long, coiled tube that moves wood pellets from the hopper to the burn pot in your pellet stove. When the pellet stove is turned on, and you move the temperature setting knob, it starts an electric motor that rotates the auger. The auger then feeds one or more wood pellets into a small infrared burner inside the stove.

The burner then heats up, igniting the pellets and allowing them to burn. Most pellet stoves have a safety mechanism that will turn off the auger if it detects an overfeed or insufficient airflow. Each time you move your temperature-setting knob, you are telling your pellet stove how many wood pellets you want to burn.

Controls the Auger  On a Pellet Stove

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Pellet Stove Auger Not Turning?

If your pellet stove auger is not turning, it could be due to a few reasons.

  1. The drive belt is broken or worn out and needs to be replaced.
  2. There may be an obstruction in the auger itself that prevents it from turning properly.
  3. It could also be because of an electrical problem with the motor or control board in the stove that has caused the auger to stop rotating altogether.

What Controls the Auger on a Pellet Stove?

The auger on a pellet stove is the motor that drives the pellets into the firebox.

A Typical Pellet Stove Has Two Augers, One for Pushing the Fuel in and One for Pulling It Out. There Are Three Ways to Control Them:

  1. By hand;
  2. With a switch on top of the burner assembly;
  3. With an electronic controller.

Why does my pellet stove auger keep jamming?

There are a few reasons why the drill may jam. The first is debris in the hopper, and it can’t get through because of the blockage. You will need to remove this obstruction and use a pellet stove cleaner before continuing.

A Few Reasons Why The Drill May Jam

Another reason could be that you have too many pellets in the hopper, which causes them to clump together and create jams. You should only fill your hopper about halfway or less than half full to avoid this.


Now that you know how to test your auger motor give it a try! If the auger is running smoothly and there are no obstructions in the chimney or front of the air intake, then the chances are that everything is fine. However, if you notice any unusual signs like smoke coming out of vents when an attempt was made to start up your stove, be sure to contact us for help with troubleshooting.

The experts at PelletPros can quickly determine what’s wrong and provide cost-effective solutions, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than relaxing by the fire during these cold winter months. The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to test auger motor in pellet stove.

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