How to Trim Grass Around Aluminum Fence

I have tried to cut the grass around the outside of my aluminum fence without success. I was about to give up and just let it grow when I came across an article with a solution on how to trim your grass around an aluminum fence. Read on for more information. 

Grass Around Aluminum Fence

Fences often surround the exterior of houses to prevent small children and pets from wandering off. Aluminum fences are especially handy because they are sturdy and they do not need to be painted or maintained very often.

The problem with aluminum fences is that the grass around them grows much faster than grass elsewhere on your property. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to trim grass around aluminum fence with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Trim Grass Around Aluminum Fence

Step One: Determine

The aluminum fence is very sturdy and can help improve the look of your property by defining the perimeter through grass trimming. In addition, the property will look clean and well maintained because of proper spacing between the pickets on the fence.

Use it to Improve the Look

Properly spaced aluminum fencing makes the yard look pleasing to anyone who can view the fencing. It also can be a deterrent to burglary or other criminal activities that might occur on your property. This may encourage a bad person to move along for fear of being discovered.

If you want to use aluminum fencing to beautify your yard, trimming the grass around it is an essential part of maintaining its appearance. You can see where you would like the grass cut by standing up close and looking through the fence at eye level.

Step Two: Tools You May Use

You may use electric or grass-type string trimmers to trim the grass around aluminum fencing. If you use a string trimmer, ensure that it is equipped with a line specified for cutting through thick grass and weeds. Also, be careful not to cut into any of the pickets or posts on your fence while you are trimming the grass around it.

Tools You May Use
Tools You May Use

If your yard is too large to be trimmed with a string trimmer, you may use an electric or gas-powered landscape work vehicle that has a rotary blade attached to the front of its body. The blades usually are adjustable in height and can be used for all levels of cutting.

Ensure you wear safety glasses and hearing protection while operating this vehicle. It can get loud and be hazardous to your hearing if you do not use the appropriate gear. Also, do not operate any of these tools while under the influence of mind-altering drugs or alcohol.

Step Three: Properly Representative

When trimming grass around your perimeter fence, it is always best to have a second person with you. It is also good to have someone watch from inside the yard while doing this work. This way, if you do make any mistakes or accidentally hit the fence with your trimmer, you will not damage your fence or hurt yourself.

The person who watches you should also be reasonable about noticing what another person has done wrong and criticizing what does not look right. For example, they should be able to tell you if your grass looks unkempt or uneven or if it looks like the edges are dying out because of a lack of sun.

If your grass is uneven or looks otherwise unkempt, you may go over it again while looking through the fence for any areas that need to be evened out. Make sure that the front and back of your fence look exactly like they did when you first started working on it. This will help in how to trim grass around aluminum fence.

Step Four: Trim Grass to Corner

The last step for this project is to go around the corners of your fence. You can use a weed wacker with a blade attached that has teeth on it for this purpose. It will help you reach all areas that need to be cut and trim them evenly. You may go back over those areas to ensure they look properly cut.

This also may take two people to accomplish, so you will need someone willing to help you at this point in the project. The person holding the weed wacker should be standing in front or behind you and to your left or right, depending on which side of the fence they are on.

This way, the person holding the weed wacker will cut all angles of the corner. You can hold it straight at this point, but try to move as little as possible, so you do not mess up your work. Once it is cut evenly, you can then start trimming the grass on that side of the fence with a weed wacker or string trimmer.

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Step Five: Maintain Your Aluminum Fence

Maintaining your aluminum fencing will help ensure that it looks its best and helps make sure that you do not have to replace it for a long time. Each season, you should trim the grass around the fence on a regular schedule.

Maintain Your Aluminum Fence

Start in early spring when everything is starting to come back into growth and go on until late fall when there are no leaves left on any trees or bushes planted near your fence. If you need to do this more than once yearly, you should check with your local city ordinances to ensure they allow you to do it.


There are many ways to trim the grass around an aluminum fence. If you want a more traditional look, use garden shears or hedge trimmers and cut the grass at ground level. For a neater appearance, consider using scissors or a weed eater to trim away any stray blades of grass that might poke out from your edges.

The last option is for those who want their lawn perfectly manicured all year long; invest in a rotary cutter like this one and follow along with these tips to keep it looking fresh! In addition, this blog post has given helpful advice on how to trim grass around aluminum fences.

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