How to Turn Off Power to Ring Doorbell

The smart home is becoming more popular each day. One of the features that people are looking for is turning off their Ring Doorbell power when they’re not at home. Some options include installing solar panels, using your car battery, or purchasing an industrial UPS device with enough capacity to run your entire house’s appliances for 15 minutes.

How to Turn Off Power to Ring Doorbell

This blog post will provide information on how you can use the industrial UPS device to turn off power to your Ring Doorbell when you’re not at home. Learning can be tricky. This article will teach you how to turn off power to ring doorbell with a few simple methods. 

10 Steps to Follow on How to Turn Off Power to Ring Doorbell 

Step One: Remove the Doorbell Button

The first step to turning off power to your Ring doorbell is removing the doorbell button. The following steps will be more manageable if you use a screwdriver, but removing the doorbell without one is possible. First, the outer casing will need to be pried open.

Remove the Doorbell Button

Step Two: Unscrew the Doorbell

Here, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the doorbell. Four screws attach the button plaque to the doorbell. Attached to these four screws is an electrical wire. Remove this electrical wire by gripping it firmly and pulling it down until it’s dislodged.

Step Three: Locate the Doorbell Wires

On your Ring doorbell, you’ll notice that there are six wires attached to it. Three of these wires will be attached to screws that have a wire coming out of them. These three wires will need to be removed using a screwdriver to stop power from your doorbell. The other three wires need no action taken on them to disconnect the doorbell.

Step Four: Remove the Other Three Wires

The third black wire will be attached via a screw closest to the back of your doorbell. You’ll want to remove this wire by unscrewing it. The wire attached to the screw closest to the front of your doorbell will not need any action taken on it. This is because this wire is for a light that will only appear when someone rings your doorbell at night.

Locate the Doorbell Wires

Step Five:  Turn Off Power at the Circuit Breaker

Turning off the power to your Ring doorbell is simple. First, you’ll need to turn off the circuit breaker to do so. Make sure to flip the switch on the circuit breaker towards you until it clicks, which will indicate that power has been turned off. You mustn’t turn the circuit breaker back on until you’re finished with your doorbell installation.

Step Six: Reinstall the Doorbell

To put your doorbell back together, start by putting all six of the wires on it. You’ll need to do this one wire at a time to know which wire goes where. Once all of the cables have been attached, use a screwdriver to screw them into place. Now you’ll secure the electrical wire to the screw on the back of your doorbell.

Step Seven: Affix the Button Plaque

Now you’ll need to use a screwdriver to affix the button plaque to your new doorbell by screwing it into place. Once that’s been done, tighten up all of the screws used for this step and put the outer ring casing on your doorbell. You can now push the button and test out your new Ring doorbell!

Step Eight: Turn the Circuit Breaker Back On

The last step in this process is to turn the circuit breaker back on. You’ll need to flip it back towards you until it clicks again, indicating that power has been turned back on to your doorbell. Now you can test out your Ring doorbell once again to make sure that it’s working correctly. This will help in how to turn off power to ring doorbell.

Step Nine: Reinstall the Doorbell Button

To reinstall your doorbell button, you’ll need to pry off the outer casing and unscrew the three screws used for this step. Once that’s been done, attach the electrical wire and tighten up all of these screws. You can now push your doorbell button back into its original spot and attach the outer casing back onto it. You can then press the button to test out your newly reinstalled Ring doorbell!

Step Ten: Enjoy Your Doorbell!

Now that you’ve reinstalled your Ring doorbell enjoy using it! You can now continue to use your Ring app on your phone to see who’s at the door and talk with them without needing to get up from wherever you’re sitting. This is an excellent way for anyone to check on their home or business without having to waste time getting up and down from windows and doors.

Can Ring Cameras Be Jammed?

Earlier this month, Ring was granted a patent for anti-jamming technology, which it notes can be used to prevent the use of a wireless signal jammer against its devices. The company claims that any unauthorized users attempt to gain access and control of Ring products or defeat their purpose, so it developed technology that can detect when a Ring device is being interfered with or manipulated and stop the signal.

Reinstall the Doorbell Button

According to the patent, it works by recognizing certain signals used in Wi-Fi transmissions and jamming devices. This can be successful if at least one authorized user of the system is among those trying to gain access because authorized users would not activate or use such technology against a Ring device.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Turning Off Wifi Disable Ring Camera

Turning off wifi does not disable the ring camera. Wifi is a wireless network, and it has its own internet connection that allows you to access the internet even when your phone is turned off.

Do I Need to Turn Off Power to Change Doorbell Chime

No, the doorbell chime is not affected by the power going off. The only thing that might happen if you have a manual doorbell is that it might make a noise when the power goes out.

Do I Need to Turn Off Power to Install Nest Doorbell

No, you do not need to turn off the power to install the Nest Doorbell. Nest has been engineered with an integrated battery that keeps the doorbell running for up to six months without needing a recharge. The device is designed with energy-efficient technology so it can operate for longer periods of time on a single charge.


When you’ve completed these steps, your Ring doorbell will no longer emit any sound. You can also disable the motion or contact sensors if desired. Suppose this needs to be done often, and it would be easier for you to set up a timer on your circuit breaker panel. In that case, we recommend consulting an electrician about installing a light switch near your front door that has an easy-to-reach manual toggle switch inside it.

This way, all you need to do is flip the switch when someone rings the bell instead of having to go outside and crawl under your porch every time! The final step in disabling the power supply for your Ring Doorbell system is unplugging its AC adapter from both outlets, so there’s no power going to your Ring system at all. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to turn off power to ring doorbell.

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