How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose?

I am pretty sure that you might have thoughts like what is the benefit of using a vacuum cleaner when it has a breakdown time and again! Many of you have even switched back to the traditional methods of broom and mobs.

how to unclog a vacuum hose

Is it because of the frequent clogging of vacuum tubes which then take a lot of time to repair? Well…well…well….there is a very easy DIY method to revamp this problem. Here’s the solution for how to unclog a vacuum hose :

Materials Required

  1. Wire hanger
  2. A broom/ garden hose
  3. A Dryer Sheets
  4. Scissors
  5. A clean cloth
  6. A broom/ garden hose

Steps on How to Unclog the Vacuum Hose

Step 1: Make Sure That the Cleaner Is Actually Clogged 

Before assuming that there is a clog we must that whether the cleaner bag isn’t full. The vacuum may not also work because of the unclean bag.

Step 2: Remove the Vacuum Tube

If you have a cylindrical cleaner, it is most certain that the place of blockage is in the vacuum tube. Generally, it is quite easier to remove the tube.

Step 3: Examine the Tube

Take the tube and try to see through the hole, try to hold the tube straight. If holding the tube in a straight position is not possible then lay it on the floor and try to look at it in that way. If the tube doesn’t show a clear path the other way, this means there is a blockage.

Step 4: Clean the Vacuum Filter

Cleaning the vacuum filter thoroughly is very important. Rinsing the canister can also be done if needed. Cleaning the filter will also remove all sorts of bad odor from the vacuum tube.

Cleaning the Vacuum Filter

Step 5: Poke the Clogs Gently 

Now straighten a wire hanger and try to poke into the vacuum hose as needed. This is done to unblock the  solid waste which gets locked in the pipe. While poking through the clogs the hands must be used gently so that the hose doesn’t puncture.

Step 6: Dust the Vacuum Hose

Wrap a mob handle or broom with dryer sheets. Tape can be used to wrap the dryer sheets. Now with the help of a broom handle dust the inside of the hose. Try to use smooth movement of your wrist to avoid any crack or damage to vacuum hose.

Step 7: Sanitization

Vinegar is an effective tool for removing the foul smells. Make a solution with 1/3 rd vinegar and 2/3 rd water. Now tape paper towels around broom or cleaning mob. Then damp the broom over the diluted solution and move the broom inside the mob in gentle motions. Now let the vinegar dry completely only then turn on the vacuum.

Note: To know whether the vinegar has dried or not, try to smell the mob. If the mob has no vinegar odor then it means that the solution is dried and the vacuum mob is ready to use.

Step 8: Removing Unwanted Stuff

Moreover, trim out the extra hair, threads, or such things from the beater brush. It can be done either by scissors or cutter. Also we must check whether the belt of the beater brush is broken or cracked. If so try to replace it as soon as possible.

Step 9: Sanitizing Other Auxiliary Parts 

Spray the vinegar solution to the beater brush and other parts and let it dry.

Note: Do not let the vinegar solution on the rubber belt or other rubber composed parts of the vacuum body. This is because the acid can destroy the rubber over time.

Step 10: Wiping Off The Surfaces 

Use a dry cloth to wipe the surfaces of the vacuum and other parts. It must be kept in mind that the cord is unplugged while wiping.

Dry Cloth to Wipe

Note: The electricity connection must be cut off while cleaning the vacuum. Try to clean the vacuum canister time and again to avoid breakdown. Any crack or whole on the vacuum hose can be mended with the help of duct tape.

So homemakers’ unclogging the vacuum tube is made so easy. I promise this whole process would hardly take a gross of 2 hours a severe week. You could save so much for your hard-earned money by following these simple procedures. So, what’s the wait for? Let us get started!

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