How to Unlock a Push and Twist Door Lock

Your front door is locked, but you need to get into your apartment. Unfortunately, you have no key, and the deadbolt above the doorknob prevents you from opening it. What can you do? With a push-and-twist lock, there are several ways that you can unlock this type of lock without having a key. If these methods don’t work for your door or lock, contact an emergency locksmith immediately! 

How to Unlock a Push and Twist Door Lock

If your front door has a push-and-twist style doorknob on it, then this post will be helpful to read! Push and twist locks are not as common as traditional knobs with keys; however, they still serve their purpose in keeping people out when they shouldn’t be inside. Therefore, it is essential to know how to unlock a push and twist door lock.

Step to Follow on How to Unlock a Push and Twist Door Lock

Step One: Determine the Best Angle

The biggest gap between the door and the frame will determine the initial position for unlocking a push and twist door lock. Generally, this should be the angle at which the door closes to. This should limit how much pressure can build up inside of the door where it is difficult to open it without breaking anything.

It is important to note that it will be difficult to determine this angle of approach when the door closes and the screen is locked. Check your surroundings and make sure no one else is in sight. Consider the implications of what you are about to do before you proceed.

Step Two: Insert Flathead Pry Bar

Take a flat head screwdriver and stick it into the gap between the door and the frame. This can be not easy due to how tightly closed they are together. If you have a pry bar from a car, this will work better as it is stronger and sturdier than a mere flat head screwdriver.

Insert Flathead Pry Bar

In addition, if you have flexible enough not to break, it will work much better. This can make getting into an apartment or home much easier and faster than trying to stick a screwdriver through the gap between them and deal with how sturdy they can be closed.

Step Three: Pry Bar Attack Level

Once you have access to the inside of the door, look at how much pressure you have to apply. If you are using a screwdriver, it is too thick and far too sturdy for this job. Use either something smaller or more flexible instead. If the bend of the pry bar doesn’t work directly against the door latch, try to find one that does.

If you can get it, so the pry bar is pushing with a downward force, it will be much easier to unlock than if you were using another angle or direction of approach. Likewise, if you can get the pry bar inside of the door, it will be a lot easier to unlock as well.

Step Four: Pull-Apart

Once you have inserted the pry bar, pull it apart slowly. If you remove the door open slightly while unlocking the push and twist lock, it will be much easier to unlock. The best type of pry bars is the ones that are thin enough for you to get your fingers on either side of them and close them slightly.

Inserted the Pry Bar, Pull It Apart Slowly

This makes it easier to pry open the push and twist door lock mechanism and keep it locked into place so you can unlock it. This will be much easier than trying to do this with just one hand or using the pry bar as a lever with the top of the door frame.

Step Five: Use Leverage

Once you have a pry bar inside, use it to open the door by applying leverage with the top of the frame. Generally, most doors are slightly off-center, so there will be more pressure on one side than another. This makes it easier to unlock a push and twist door lock when you use this approach.

Once the door starts to open, pull it out and turn it inwards so that the push and twist-lock will disengage and be able to work again. You can then go inside and hope no one saw what you did or had done if someone else is home. This works because the push-and-twist door lock is not meant to be held in place while unlocked.

Step Six: Unlocking

Once you have unlocked the door, you can then use this method to open it and let other people in. The better your technique while trying to get into a place is and the more practice you practice using a pry bar for leverage working against a push and twist-lock mechanism, the easier it will be for you.

Unlocked door

This may take a few tries if you start, but it will become easier the more often you do this. You can then use this method to get in when no one is home, make sure nothing gets stolen while you are not around, or open up a door for someone else who needs to access your home. This will help in how to unlock a push and twist door lock.

Step Seven: Maintenance

Make sure to keep your pry bar in good condition so that it will not break. Try to avoid using screwdrivers as they are much too fragile for this type of work and flat head ones as their edges can break off and inside the inside of the lock mechanism, making it impossible to unlock.

Spending a little extra money on quality products will make this much easier to do in the long term. If you are doing this for someone else or have a key, remember that they will need to get inside their home when you are not around, so try to go over how this works.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can You Pick a Lock With a Paperclip?

Yes, you can. There are many types of locks that require a key to open. The paperclip is not strong enough to be able to pick the locks on these doors.

Are Lock Picking Tools Illegal?

Lock picking tools are not illegal in most countries. However, some states do have laws against them, and there is a good chance you could be arrested if caught with these tools. If you are still unsure whether lock picking tools are legal in your country, it is best to ask an attorney or a law enforcement officer for clarification.

Are Bump Keys Illegal?

Bump keys are illegal to use to open a lock. However, bump keys can be used to test if a lock is locked or not. When using bump keys, it is important that you do not leave any marks on the door frame and lock itself after you have tested them.

There are many types of bump keys available in the market today, but some work better than others, and some may even cause damage to your property or locks themselves.


You can learn how to unlock a push and twist door lock by following these steps. First, insert the key into the hole in the middle of your lock perpendicular to one side of your door. Next, push down on both ends of the metal rod that sticks out from either side of the bolt at an angle away from each other until they are flush with each other.

Twist hard enough to remove any slack between them but not too much where they break off or become stuck together. If done correctly, the lock should disengage, and you can then open the door inwards to get in. Keep practicing in different positions until you are good enough in every direction.

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